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  1. Outgoing mission in the mail box this evening..... 15 Nov
  2. A night of terror, Waikato, New Zealand......... follow the glints if you dare!
  3. As this is about exchanging cultural and customs, then I think it is wonderful that you will share Sinterklass! Here the shops have Christmas decorations up - amazing how many decorate with evergreen and imitation snow in the height of summer here!
  4. email sent- Oct 21st name received- Sunday 31 October mission sent- Monday 8th November - cost $40plus for airmail fast, so option for $32 on up to 25 working days delivery - fingers crossed that it arrives before 1 December. mission received- anticipating.....
  5. email sent- Oct 21st name received- Sunday 31 October mission sent- mission received-
  6. Spray painting today - Christmas red.... oh, oh, ho, ho..... I can't wait - when is it midnight in River Cacher country? Tiny items can be so gender specific, so I want to know..... who I'm sending to.... Oh, patience is hard - bedtime soon, then a whole busy Sunday (including caching) so I have to be Patient!
  7. mail send : 26 October - NZ time name recieve : card send : card recieved :
  8. Boston ??? World Rowing champs are in New Zealand next week! Happy anticipation all! Advent = Anticipation of coming event! What fun - trying to source 25 tiny gifts! (Went to the Antartica Centre yesterday, so got some penguins!)
  9. :santa: 1. List the mission, set the boundaries, deadlines and guidelines - remember 70% of participants will be from US, balance from Canada, Europe and Australasia. Deadlines need to be realistic for international postage delivery times - up to 6 weeks in some places. 2. Keep a very good database - on spreadsheet is fine. 3. Accept emails from everyone who wants to join in. 4. Once sign-ups are closed, allocate a recipient for each participant - not pairing the same. Careful here, to ensure each is both sending and receiving a mission (or mulitples) 5. Be aware some will want PET missions too. and they will be also children participants who wish to send to other children. 6. Send each mission participant an email with full details of who to send a mission to. 7. Remember this is a geocoin mission, so geocoins must be part of the mission, but other additional gifts are also encouraged. 8. Tick off on the database when a mission participant receives their mission. 9. Follow up on any missions not received. When I hosted the 2008 mission, there was 2 players not in the full spirit, so expect some disappointments. It's great fun, watching the missions arrive! Most participants will post on the forum, of their excitments. Many will post photos.
  10. email sent- Oct 21st name received- mission sent- mission received- Looking forward to sending sunnytime Christmas to some special person. Overseas mission, naturally!
  11. Why not go to the local NZ forum - that's where most kiwis hang out?
  12. NZD $26 plus postage of at least $5, sorry - too much for me.
  13. #152 arrived in the South Pacific.... Addressed to another, at my addy... Customs declaration of contents meant it was for me! Assimilated
  14. Change the name of the GC to "STOLEN!". Sorry to hear this, but it is a common problem. about 10% of GCs stop travelling every year! When we release a trackable, unfortunately we give control of it over to the wider caching community. In fact, it really becomes public property. Sad, but true.
  15. It's great when I live in the middle of the North Island, to know that a cache is located in one of the South Island regions, as would be an airtrip or ferry trip plus 2 days driving away. New Zealand is a state, a country in it's own right, and is divided into provinces, each of which has a main centre, usually a city. US citizens learn the names and locations of the 50 US states, NZers (kiwis) learn the provinces or regions. This wonderful wee help on our cache listings is much appreciated.
  16. Anyone else noticed that the filters are not working? Want to find nearest caches of the same type, brings up ALL nearest caches, regardless of type? Annoying little bug, that makes for scrolling so many more pages currently.
  17. TB resuce - for geocoins too....
  18. and just the coins.... so spoilt! Thanks Penny & Kona... I cannot say it enough THANK YOU![/s]
  19. Home, and off to visit LITTLE TRAIN NUT today, who told me he ate his sweets all up! No photo, unfortunately, but a lovely pathtag (train) around the neck of a toy dog. Plus a DVD of Thomas, which his Daddy is setting up on his computer so he can watch it, and another geocoin and oakbuck. THANK YOU from LITTLE TRAIN NUT. I'm told he got some PEEPS for sweets. AND, they gave me my mission, which was waiting for me. Thank you Penny&Kona. What a lovely treat - OTT mission - 2 Dark Onyx coins, A Red Morpho, a pink glitter Loved your cache, a Pot-o-Gold AND a Crake geocoin, and more - a pathtag. And to sweeten it even more, PEEPS - three double packs to share with LITTLE TRAIN NUT, peanut butter eggs, a pack of mini eggs AND two pack of gourmet jelly beans. Photos taken, camera played up, hope to post the photos soon. MANY, many thanks for this wonderful, family focused mission.
  20. Logging in from Oz - still over there in the Most Western Island of New Zealand (a local joke) I'm told from home, that a parcel arrived the day after I left and is waiting for me... And LITTLE TRAIN NUT received a package today, with American sweets included. No photos, as 2 yo loved the sweets. But fortunately, not so much that he could not sleep! Many thanks to both senders, hopefully will tell you more in another week. OZ MEGA event - first ever in the Southern Hemisphere was fabulous! Only two other geocoiners there - that I met, but was also gifted a neat coin from BELL WITCH - please recieved a Tasia/ green ribbon coin, a garden gorilla personal and a dark onyx. All special
  21. MISSION ONE: Received Name - 2ND MARCH 2010 (NZ time) Outgoing Mission Sent - this afternoon, after work - 9th March Incoming Mission Received - MISSION TWO: Received Name - 2ND MARCH 2010 (NZ time) Outgoing Mission Sent - this afternoon, after work - 9th March Incoming Mission Received - (to grandson) Both international missions sent International economy - 10 to 15 days travel time, so they say. Fingers X'd, that they will arrive in time! I so enjoyed putting this together, but overpurchased on the chocolate - could not fit it all in.... well, good thing I love chocolate, so it will not perish....
  22. MISSION ONE: Received Name - 2ND MARCH 2010 (NZ time) Outgoing Mission Sent - Incoming Mission Received - MISSION TWO: Received Name - 2ND MARCH 2010 (NZ time) Outgoing Mission Sent - Incoming Mission Received - (to grandson) Advance apologies - incoming missions may not be acknowledged immediately, as will be offshore until mid April. But being sent to an address that will hold them for me. Both outgoing missions have a long way to go...... will get them underway asap! Thanks Zzath - love Easter & Christmas missions!
  23. Life has a habit of sneaking up on us..... Looking forward to getting the names soon, as it's only 3 weeks till I head off shore, and I'm keen to get this mailed asap. (why - because I purchased wee choc eggs ages ago, and they are tempting - must buy more to replace those gone missing!)
  24. Is there a closing date, and a date for participants to receive their mission data, please?
  25. bump - hoping to get mission details soon, as I'm heading offshore for a Mega event in Oz, a couple of weeks early. Need to get my mission off, but it seems there are no many participating. bump!
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