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  1. As a flittering butterfly, located upper North Island of New Zealand, I seem to get about a bit. Happy to place trackables for cachers in Hamilton, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Taupo, Volcanic Plateau (where the recent lahar was!) and maybe further afield. Home base is Hamilton, caching takes me to the other places at least once a month. I am happy for those who sell me geocoins to add their own personal ones to the package. But TBs must not have any organic component, including wood, seeds, etc. Our import regulations are there to protect our country from the other sort of bugs ........ tough, but safe. (be careful of the stuffing in some soft toys - sawdust can be a problem.) Cheers
  2. Oh well... at least no funds have changed hands. (rather changed banks)
  3. Well, I thought I had a pre-order set for these coins.... acknowledged way, way back. Sorry, but it's no longer 2006. Three months have passed since they were meant to be ready. I wonder what happened. Think I'll pass up on this coin now, the Christmas excitment of getting a Christmas coin has now gone. Perhaps winter is soon descending, and I'm quietening now on caching.
  4. Can anyone tell me how to deactivate a geocoin (NOT mark it missing). Bad light etc meant I activated a coin with an "F" when it should have been an "E". (bulk activation codes) I asked GC.com for advise... but got no reply. Basically, I should get rid of all it's history - about 3 caches, someone may have the coin with that tracking #, but has not contacted me.... I have grabbed the coin back, so I can eventually set it on it's way again with the correct #.
  5. Not seen one of these yet in New Zealand. Hope someone drops one off in a cache when visiting here. Neat coins!
  6. What a great idea. Maybe one day (many, many, many days I suspect) we might get to see it down here in the South Pacific. May it travel well, blessing everyone along the way. And, maybe the idea could catch on - I would love to see several projects like this worldwide! Happy caching & coin hunting everyone!
  7. I'm envious...... 1 hour to Auckland, 2 hours sitting in airport and through immigration, 12 hours flight, restless sleep, 1 hour queue in LAX, immigration, bag pick up, customs, 1 hour sitting outside airport at 8am in the shade waiting for the right bus, 1 hour bus, hotel arrival, check in, sleep & shower, then another 2 hours maybe to fest site.... Oh well - maybe next time.... was a little slow off the mark this year. Have fun everyone!
  8. Message sent - 2 coins. Great design. Would love to get one moving here in New Zealand. Cheers
  9. message sent through GC.com Hopeful of 2 also... only just seen the alert.
  10. I may in be interested in a couple - but can only pay via paypal... international postage... (must guarantee air / first class / priority mail) Thanks
  11. Butterfly Lady in New Zealand (NOT Australia) is always happy to place any coins into New Zealand caches for this type of experiment. Contact direct via geocaching.com profile. (butterfly_lady)
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