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  1. Yummy NZ chocolate purchased today - Whittacker brand - only the best for this mission... but will I have to buy replacements? Will it last another 10 days until mail out?
  2. Mission 1 - Butterfly_Lady Signed up: Tuesday 25th October Name Received: - Package Sent - Package Received: - Mission 2 - RadioNut50 Signed up: Tuesday 25th October Name Received: - Package Sent - Package Received: - It will be summertime here when the mission arrives, so please take this into consideration if sending chocolate! Our border control prefers no plant material - including pine cones, leaves, wood, seeds, nuts etc. Package will likely be delayed (or even destroyed) if organic items are included. ho, ho, ho!
  3. Fabulous - as there is now a mission underway, I will be joining in the fun! The Christmas mini mission I suggested will be shelved for now. Thrilled to be involved again this year - love Christmas - great that it is totally international. And that all expectations are totally spelt out at the start!
  4. Ok - we are into Christmas countdown - nine weeks to go. Christmas missions must go out by the end of November to arrive in time (2 to 6 weeks airmail for international) So if anyone is planning one, it really needs to be listed NOW! That gives 4 to 5 weeks to put a mission together. Some of our Christmas mailing cutoff times down here in the Sth Pacific have traditionally been mid October, but this year our NZ Post has dropped the international slow snail mail. It cost over $70 today to ship a 4kg package to the US. So ...... If there is no mission posted by the end of my holiday weekend - next Sunday - then I'll list the mini mission. Be aware though, that you will need to be a regular forum participant to be part of the mission. One year, we had someone send just a pressed autumn leaf for a gift, and another just totally abusive of the mission organiser. So all who sign up will be openly listed on the forum, and all will need to post when the mission is received. One of my caterpillars is getting married in November, so I will be busy, so it will be a quick sign up period. It will not be a direct exchange, but a mystery sender mission.
  5. I too enjoyed the Advent mission, but realise it is far too late to organise now, even with airmail postage. Many of us have only international participation options. Others just can't afford it. If anyone is planning a Christmas mission, could they post soon...... as I have a mini Christmas (limited to exact quantities of extras) in mind - it will be international, but small in size. Oh, and for some of us - - - it is not a winter mission!
  6. But did you get even more excited to see them win against Tonga?
  7. Aha - another to watch - but seems it still has to say it's farewells at home. It's no fixed abode at present. I posted it nearly 6 weeks ago. How long does it usually take for things to get from UK to NZ? depends on the postal rate chosen. 6 to 8 weeks, economy parcel post, 10 days fast airmail to 3 days international courier post. It may just be that the receipent has not logged it yet.
  8. Aha - another to watch - but seems it still has to say it's farewells at home.
  9. That one still has a long way to travel. Popped it onto the watchlist, and hopefully we will see in the north as well as Keewee's south
  10. It still has much travlling to do, but it is now on my watchlist!
  11. Wales is being hosted in my home city - with 2 games here! I will seek out TBs and GCs listed in this forum, if I'm able to. Please post a link to their page,.... oh, and..... GO KIWIS - Go BLACK!
  12. Finally - it's here! The Party starts in NEW ZEALAND today and the whole world is watching! So tell us about any geocoins you have out there, travelling to NZ. Especially if they are RUGBY missions! Tell us what team is yours! And bring your party items to the forum.
  13. I checked your profile and see you have been caching only a few months, which really does not give you much time for mission experience either. Recommendation from myself, and possibly others is to participate in a few missions before co-ordinating one. Running a mission is a huge task, from taking sign ups, assigning mission dispatches, following up on any truancies, ensuring all receive a mission, including being prepared to send extras out yourself when someone misses out. Missions are fun - it brings a wealth of international people together in a common arena. everyone anticipates preparing a fun mission and receiving one. I wonder if you maybe have mixed up geocoin forum missions for your out there caching experience. Do participate in some missions ! Enjoy the community and generally have FUN!
  14. Firstly - this does not seem so much of a trading mission, but rather a travelling cache - it's even got a logbook. Such caches were discouraged five or more years ago. Secondly - you are limiting this ?mission to those who have personal geocoins. That really narrows down the field of participants. I like the idea that you are attempting to make trackables travelling, but honestly, this one just does not grab me, and it appears others are not attracted, given it's been several days without replies. Missions tend to be a group of people, co-ordinated by one person, with a form of mysterious trading going on. Everyone gives, everyone receives if all play equally. I hope you can refine this mission so it becomes more attractive. Good luck!
  15. 14 month old grand daughter visited, picked up each yellow duck, and put them in her bag to take home!
  16. Managed to grab a moment to update my photo file... So here's some pics... There once was a book, called the Ugly Duckling, mailed in a mission to the South Pacific isle of New Zealand.... and with the book came instructions... One beautiful white or yellow package to open as the story progress... Oh, what fun! There was an ugly duckling - a black duckling - both a rubber one, and a geocoin! And a whole family of yellow ducklings with mama duck! And a whole bunch of friends, a geotag and a travelling Florida rubber duck, who may have forgotten it's winter here! And the ugly duckling, well..... if you look long and hard you will see a GOLDEN swan nestled in a white satin nest! Great mission - obviously a lot of thought gone into making it a progressive mission. A it included so many things I love - soft toys and rubber ducks especially. Many thanks!
  17. Managed to grab a moment to update my photo file... So here's some pics... whoops - edited and ended up with a double post - see next post
  18. What's inside - who's peeking out? WONDERFUL ! Thanks all.
  19. Winter! oh you TEASE!!!! We have just set a record here for the hottest day since like 1938! Yeah, I know..... breaking rules ---- my third post, but I HAVE to reply Parts of New Zealand set records yesterday for the COLDEST recorded days. Ok, only 1 C yesterday in Wellington. Snow all over the South Island, and many, many parts of the North Island too.... And they call this the South Pacific - island nations in the sun!
  20. Once upon a time..... Butterfly Lady retrieved a parcel from her door step, and now has a lovely story to read and 9 parcels to open..... Story - "The Ugly Duckling" oh, what will be revealed? Looks like someone had a lot of fun putting this mission together, and I am enjoying turning a page at a time... my grandson might help. (sorry, have a big medical appointment this coming week, so may be a while before I post again)
  21. will be hospital when competition ends..... so I will not see that I win, until the coin makes it through the ash clouds, over the seas, around the world and down into the winter hemisphere to me!
  22. These are collectible kiwis from back in the 1980s.... I've managed to get quite a few, and release them as travel bugs. I've also had requests for some, so was pleased to be able to share them in a mission.
  23. Parcel #22 has arrived in the chilly south Pacific - all the way from Norway to New Zealand. And it's PERFECT! photos later - camera has gone walkabout - but I collect soft toys, and there was one in here, plus just the right amount of chocolate, a beautiful embroidered bookmark, a butterfly card (see, why it's perfect?) and three special coins. Not sure of their official names... dragon spinner (?Bronze) Red snow angel GC Norway Not sure which one is activated, but will grab it when I get to check. Thanks for the perfection - Please rename the box along the lines of "From Linda to Linda" Another little co-incidence that must have meant I got the RIGHT box!
  24. Simple - I sleep while you all dream up lame stories. I have to pay international postage on all purchases. I have no option but international on all missions, while those in the US bleat about international post rates! I'm freezing cold in the winter, while you lot (keewee excepted) enjoy the warm summer sun! I can't cache for weekends in a row - Mid winter storm is entering it's third weekend in a row! And do I appreciate it all .... time will tell, only if I WIN!
  25. You are welcome - I wanted to get it out quickly, so that I could take advantage of cheaper postal rates. The stacking doll coin is only one trackable - three coins - so I do not recommend releasing it. The Never fall down is actually a pen - pull the doll's hair. Glad it arrived safely, please feel free to dip the Old Timer into anywhere you wish. As to event caches, I request if left there, then please retrieve it too - so many coins go missing or are never retrieved from events. I love meeting (virtually) other active cachers so events are special when coins don't stray onto the collective coin table. Will anticipate arrival now of the incoming part towards the end of the month
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