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  1. KODT for me as well. I've also dragged another dozen or so people along with me, and am directly responsible for the sale of at least 4 more gps units besides mine.
  2. The article that got me started thinking: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2002/13aug_moontrees.htm?list92583 quote:August 13, 2002: Scattered around our planet are hundreds of creatures that have been to the Moon and back again. None of them are human. They outnumber active astronauts 3:1. And most are missing. They're trees. "Moon Trees." NASA scientist Dave Williams has found 40 of them and he's looking for more. "They were just seeds when they left Earth in 1971 onboard Apollo 14," explains Williams. "Now they're fully grown. They look like ordinary trees--but they're special because they've been to the Moon." How they got there and back is a curious tale. It seems to me that besides trying to find the ones that aren't listed (since it seems we spend so much time in smaller parks), heck, it might be fun for some enterprising geocachers to visit all of the ones that have been found. The actual list of trees. http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/lunar/moon_tree.html Whaddaya think?
  3. Ahem. I meant to post in General. I'll fix that now.
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