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  1. Great thx,,,They get in the way sometimes when I want to view a point and get the position co ordinates from the btm of the page. And while you are at it..lol...I would like to see a center screen cross hairs like mapsource had and make that so it is a user option as well.
  2. Is there some way to turn off the cursor popup balloons in Basecamp that popup every time the cursor touches a contour line, creek, lake, etc.
  3. Ok thx that works on mine too. I was trying to do it using settings/units as that works with my Etrex 30,where you get to change all your other unit values and every thing changes at once for distance. Your way works on Etrex too, thx again.
  4. Noticed today with V4.oo on my 62sc that the proximity radius is always in miles no matter what I set my units value to under settings When I checked my etrex 30 the radius is stated in the units selected ie: Metric. Statute Yards etc. Can someone double check their 62 for me to see if theirs has this issue too. Thx
  5. You can load Adventures from Basecamp onto your GPS and then follow them. You can download Adventures on Basecamp, or make your own. A downloaded Adventure is basically someone else's trip track/route. They can come with photos, waypoints and notes about places along the way, so you can go and do/see what they did. In Basecamp under the Find tab you will see Garmin Adventures, you can download them to Basecamp and then send them to your GPS and see the photos shown on your map page and also when you use photo viewer. On Basecamp you can play them and the map cursor moves and shows you the notes and photos along the track/route.
  6. Wouldn't that be cool if one day Garmin tested their software before they released it?
  7. I have had the profile problem happen to me once, the other issue of caches found I probably haven't tried. One issue I do notice sometimes is that the unit falls asleep, you start to push buttons and nothing happens for 3-4 seconds and then all of a sudden the screen jumps to where it should be, doesn't happen too often and slow map panning due to the slow CPU it has.
  8. Once again I have managed to calibrate my Etrex 30 compass at least 6x over until I was tired of doing it with no problem tonight with V3.20 software. I don't know why some units don't seem to operate correctly. I would like to see a poll as to who has issues and who doesn't. The compass did seem to run a very long time with V2.80 without needing calibration, it seems to require it a little more often with V3.20, but I have yet to have the calibration operation fail. I figure 3 seconds per revolution when turning it during the calibration process. I have lots of real compasses too. Just puzzled as to why so many units seem to have compass problems.
  9. For the most part the compasses on both my 30 and 62sc have been fairly reliable, but of course fairly isnt good enough for an aircraft .I always carry my Suunto compass when hiking, its always correct. All you really need is a device that has good maps and gives your position and the positions of other waypoints that you may want to know and the direction to them. Guess the 20 fits this requirement fine ,some people just like to have all the features offered I guess. These electronic compasses are for recreational use only. I used to use my gps 12 and a real compass and always find my mark, in fact I can covert my geo cache co-ordinates into MGR ,use a topo map and a compass with a romer on it and find most caches ,its kind of a little more of a challenge and fun to do.
  10. Ok thx I will give it a try.I seem to recall noticing it before. I guess if they havent fixed it yet they probably arent going too. Didnt the Vista have an odometer problem that they could never seem to fix either?
  11. I wasnt aware of the ascent/descent problem on the 30 . Maybe I need to take both my 30 and 62sc out at the same time for a comparison test. Total ascent/descent is not a function that I use much
  12. I am not sure either here is an older post that may help http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=194177
  13. I have both the 30 and the 62sc and have no problems on either . The 30 is slower but only noticable when panning the map fast and it also gets way better battery life and due to its size is the one I always take hiking. Nothing wrong with the software at this time.
  14. I have both the 30 and the 62sc and have no problems on either . The 30 is slower but only noticable when panning the map fast and it also gets way better battery life and due to its size is the one I always take hiking. Nothing wrong with the software at this time.
  15. I have noticed my etrex 30 compass seems to be about 8- 10 degrees in error all the time while my 62 sc compass is about 4-5 degrees in error and in the opposite direction from my etrex 30. So I decided to use the user declination adjustment on both to make them both read more accurate ie: N points to north, instead of using the True setting. I got my declination value from a web site that checks my ip address to find my declination and then double checked it against a topo map and used a Brunton a Suunto and a Nexus compass as reference for True north ( 3 different compasses) I am able to adjust the 62sc compass more accurately this way but not my etrex 30 compass, it stays the same no matter what user value I use and yet I think I read somewhere where the Garmin compass if properly calibrated should be accurate to 2-4 degrees. But testing shows other wise.I know that these gps get their declination value from some software and that , that value always remains constant over the years so depending where you are it can become inacurate
  16. Sorry I updated mine now the compass needs calibrating almost every time I turn the thing on. When I had V2.8 in it, I rarely had to calibrate the compass
  17. Mine is ok so far, but I have only done a calibration once since upgrading to V 3.2 I will try a few more times tonight. I hope it works fine I was very reluctant to upgrade from V 2.80
  18. I have never had a reception problem with my Etrex 30 in the bush, the quad is probably slightly better, but for hiking the size for me is the issue. I used to take my 76csx hiking too, and it worked fine, but was too big. But that's my own personal opinion. I just think that the reception difference is not worth being concerned about here, you should focus on unit size , screen size for bad eyes, button layout both are going to work fine.
  19. I have the Etrex 30 and use it for hiking and really like its small size,it has very good reception, power consumption and one handed use and I also notice a slight decrease in accuracy when I turn Glonass off, but we are talking maybe 3-4 meters if that and sometimes none. I also have the 62SC and a lot of times their accuracy is the same. I think the real benefit to Glonass when hiking is just being able to receive more satellites if you are in a spot where reception could be a problem like behind mountains ,thick forest, etc. Map drawing on the 30 is a little slow when panning a high detail map, but fine when actually navigating and looking at the map, but this has never made me wish I didn't buy it. I wouldn't worry about any accuracy differences between them for hiking or anything else for that matter, lets face it, when you are out their hiking its not going to be a perfect world and your maps and any co-ordinates that you get wont be perfect either, you need to look around and use your brain. The 62 series is a great unit to, but bigger, heavier and uses more power, has a larger screen and mine takes geo tagged pictures too, which looks cool on Base Camp, but for hiking I usually take my 30,mainly because its smaller and lighter, as the weight adds up fast when you start putting all your other gear together. Good luck in your choice.
  20. Forkeye

    Etrex 20/30 V3.10

    I still have not upgraded to 3.00 yet from 2.90 Should I upgrade or stick with 2.90 ?
  21. Maybe there are different hardware platforms in some of the units,mine seems to work fine and I cant even duplicate most of the problems listed here.Though I dont use birdseye or run any complex maps
  22. Another thing to keep in mind is that the eTrex line is the "battery optimized" line. It's the go-to model for multiday backcountry trips where one wants to shed pounds, by not carrying a lot of batteries. It *does* routing, and it's "ok" performance wise but the Nuvi is optimized for auto-routing for example and the eTrex 30 gets nearly double the battery life of an Oregon unit. The lower powered processor would go a long way toward keeping the unit running longer on less batteries. They support auto-routing more because that's a baseline expectation for anyone buying a GPS in 2012/2013. Me, I've got an old Nuvi I eBay'd for like $30 for my turn by turn. I like that I can go a week on a set of batteries in my eTrex under "normal" use. Even on full geocaching days it's rare that I change batteries in the field. Agreed,it works fine as a back country hiking unit,small,light and accurate.Just need good eyes.Perhaps it was never meant to be and will not ever be the power house unit some wish it was.I rarely took my 76csx hiking,just due to its size. Power would be nice,but not if you need to carry more batteries or a solar charger in your pack.
  23. Compass hard to calibrate? I have had no problems with my compass with 2.87 or 2.90,takes about 20 secs to calibrate and seems to stay calibrated even after several on/off cycles.Though I havent done lots of testing,2.90 seems pretty good.
  24. Dont have too much to complain about with my Etrex 30 running V 2.87 software,the current version.
  25. Once you have found a few caches you might start to see things like a detective,..ie: where would you hide a cache?..in a natural hollow of a tree or stump,under something..what doesnt look right? nature doesnt leave pieces of wood all lined up to cover something..eventually things stick out from a distance and then maybe like me all you might look for are puzzle caches because the norm is now too easy,thats why I dont understand the need for 1-3 meter accuracy.If I can walk right to it so all I have to do is bend down and pick it up,then its kind of lost its fun for me.
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