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  1. No.... Someone must know how to spin doctor it.
  2. OK upgrade to Basecamp 4.3.2 and still the same problem.
  3. Version 4.2.5, I know there is a new version, but I never used to have this error. Guess I will upgrade basecamp and retry.
  4. When I plug my Etrex 30 into my computer when I am viewing Basecamp, a pop up window comes up and says communication error. An error occurred reading the following files Garmin/GPX/8.gpx What exactly does this mean and how do I fix it. After I close the pop up windows everything seems to work ok. Do I just need to reload all my maps or what? Thx
  5. The unit does have very good battery life, which is great for hiking trips, but still I wonder if the chipset was chosen for its inexpensive cost or if it was the best they could do and still maintain very good battery life. Its very slow when panning or zooming but ok when just viewing the map walking. Now my 62sc, yea that's how it should be speed wise anyway.
  6. Maybe this is it, but I have yet to try it. I will be trying it out soon though. http://www8.garmin.com/outdoor/custommaps_instruct.pdf
  7. Do the Birdseye files always remain locked to the gps that they were subscribed too, even if you transfer them to the micro sd card? I don't find the birds eye imagery very good in my area, I decided to get it for hiking, but the images were taken when there was still a lot of snow in the mountains and so there are vast areas of white, making it hard to make out any details on the ground, so I rarely use it. In bright sunlight the gps screen looks totally washed out. Just something to consider if you are getting it for this purpose. Even at lower elevations it is not as clear as google earth. I think there are other posts about poor quality in some areas on here too, so it really depends on where you are.
  8. Terrible reviews here https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?86487-BaseCamp-4-3-1-posted As usual untested
  9. My XXs are black and are 2400 Ma Hr. But I have not used them much yet to comment on them and have never used the white ones ,so I guess I am not much help.
  10. I have never had any accuracy issues with my Etrex 30 or other major issues for that matter. I got it for its small size and 25 hr battery life. Great for hiking, small and light. Its small screen may be a challenge for some who may not have good vision. I also have the 62sc, which is faster, bigger, not as good on batteries. I am equally happy with both, each has its plus and minus features for what I use them for and each functions well and it seems as if each is near the end of its software development stage.
  11. That is normal. Garmins never work correctly right out of the gate. It will take about a year or two for all the bugs to be worked out of the software. We are the beta test site for the software, its normal.
  12. The difference between models with or without a compass is not that much its more about having all the bells and whistles or not if you are ok with the extra cost. The difference in cost where I live equals the cost of a good mirror sighting compass or 2 x the cost of a baseplate compass with adj declination, you also get the altimeter/ barometer when you get the electronic compass version, for more fun and games and possibly confusion. For hiking trips its nice to have, for geo caching you could go without. But I like it for both.
  13. You have opened a huge can of worms again...lol. Do you need one? Not really, for most things, I like having mine though. Can you use a real compass? Yes that's the best, cheapest and most reliable way to go for sure. You never need to calibrate the compass and it will almost, almost be correct. Just keep away from any metal while using it though. I would get one that you can adjust the declination on, to make it a little easier to use, because then you can use true bearings without doing any math or dial adjustments. Some people seem to have lots of issues with the electronic and others have no isssues. Mine has always worked fine on both of my Garmins, but for all hiking trips I always take a real compass. for geocaching, no, I don't need either, but My GPS has it. A good map is what you need most, it shows your location and where you want to go and the distance and bearing to get there, and you can download lots of good free ones. I think all Garmins have a pointer that points the way, lots of non compass people use it.
  14. I am dissapointed in mine. V2 I live on the west coast of Canada just above Washington State USA I got it for hiking and the photos were all taken in what seems like early spring when there is still alot of snow in the mountains so you cant see much except snow. Features like lakes, streams, and other ground features are all covered up and the almost white screen is hard to see in daylight and also not as sharp as Google Earth, and the Google Earth images are snow free. Had all the photos been taken in the summer it would have been so much more useful. You can adjust the brightness of the images without using the back light, but I saw very little difference between settings.
  15. Forgot to mention in my previous post. As someone else said the 62 series is way faster, you will notice it when you pan your map, but otherwise probably wont notice it. The 62 series has a battery saver mode too, where the screen will turn off after an adjustable time out, however the 30 will still beat it in the battery dept. The 62 also has a banner menu where the screens scroll left or right and you can adjust the order or the number of screens you want to view or disable it. And the 62s has an external antenna jack. The camera on my 62sc is a POS so in hindsight I wish I would have gotten a 62s as it has 4 hrs extra battery life compared to the 62s. Someone posted once the 62sc was faster than the 62s, but I haven't compared them and if so it wouldn't be worth 4 hrs battery life.
  16. I have never had problems with either my Etrex 30 or 62sc compass, the only time I get a failed calibration is if I go too fast rolling it over. As far as accuracy goes and reception in the mountains in the pacific northwest here in North America, I really don't see any difference between the 2 units. I can still see the benefit to Glonass though, at some point any unit that can receive more satellites still has a better advantage under less than ideal conditions. But I would consider over all size,screen size, weight, battery life first.I like my 30 for hiking and my 62sc for other things like geo caching. Totally different buttons too for each.
  17. If you are using the track log , that is normal. You need to turn the track log off after you finish your trip leg, otherwise where ever you are later, when you turn the gps back on, a straight line will be drawn from where you now are to your last point, where you finished your trip. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=316935&st=0&p=5317001&hl=tracklog&fromsearch=1entry5317001 Maybe you may find some use full info in the above post,if not, just do a search for others posts.
  18. Ok this is how mine works Select where to Pick geo cache Small map shows cache with go at btm of screen Select go, since I am at home, it now shows map with direct route to cache from home Now I press page button the top right button And since in my setup I selected the compass page to follow my map page, I now see the compass arrow to the cache Since you dont have a compass , just set up your trip computer to follow your map page and add the pointer to one of your field boxes Perhaps your screen order just needs to be changed I think this is the only way to get what you want
  19. OK, thx you are correct, tried it out.
  20. How do you get geo cache and other new items to show up under the where to menu? Or to add them in. If I press menu, then change order menu it comes up with other items I can select to move, like geo cache but it didn't even show up under where to before, and then after I move it, I still cant get it to show up in the where to menu. Think I figured it out, I am guessing I have to add Where To , to my page sequence.
  21. In Birdseye select your photo with the arrow , then go into tools and select move point and then drag and drop your photo to where you want it, then resend it to your gps, of course it may not be the exact spot it was taken in, but probably close enough. Still need to figure out the original problem though.
  22. Did you check to see if yout photo was in the correct place/location on your maps before you altered the co-ordinates ? I am not sure but maybe you can relocate the photo on Basecamp and resend it to your GPS in its new location.
  23. Nice to see Garmin fixing the 64 before they turn it loose...lol This is different.
  24. Forkeye

    BirdsEye V2 ?

    I am dissapointed with mine, I live in the Pacific Nortwest between Canada and the USA , Google Earth seems to be better . The main issue I dont like is I got it for hiking, but when they took the photos there was a lot of snow on the ground in the mountains and so all the lakes and most other features are all white . Not only cant I see these features, but the almost white screen is terrible in sunlight. If they had taken the photos in the summer there would have been hardly any snow and it would have been noticably better.
  25. Forkeye

    BirdsEye V2 ?

    If its the same as most units,- settings - map - map information , enable or select Birdseye. Then return to your map screen and view the area you selected Birdseye for.
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