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  1. Well if its the same as the 62 series its, main menu, setup, page sequence, then menu, and you will see the choices, select ribbon and you can turn it off or select two speeds.
  2. Don't be too hard on yourself you can set up the barometer to record with the power off so anything is possible. There is just too much to remember these days.
  3. I guess I am old school and come from a scientific and technical back ground , mean what you say and say what you mean... state what units you are using.. .otherwise you are bush league, and nobody knows wtf you are talking about! We all know about assumptions and what the ramifications are, sorry for the rant.
  4. If you project a waypoint ie: create one it wont make a difference in the direction you head but you will get a different bearing depending on your setting, true or magnetic,and you must state what you used if telling someone else, but if you use someone elses projection then you must use the correct setting to be on the correct coarse, just as you would with a real compass. You can work in either magnetic or true settings or stay in the setting you like and convert. But the easiest way is to just use the specified setting for the bearing given or used. If you don't you will be going off coarse. You must always specify the bearing as true or magnetic unless everyone accepts that one is the correct/ proper one.
  5. The 60csx and the 62s are almost identical in basic operation but the 62s has lots more features other than just paperless for geocaching. The banner menu, battery saver mode, Garmin adventures, view geo tagged photos, 3 axis compass, Birds eye, user profiles, unique screen views like a mini compass, perhaps you just haven't got to know it yet, not your fault , the manual is pretty poor.
  6. You can probably test it inside, power up your gps, get a satellite fix and just turn on the spot. If you are set to north up your map screen wont rotate If you are set to track up the screen will rotate as you turn You are holding the unit in front of you and just rotate You can set either the satellite page or your map for either north up or track up, two different settings
  7. If you have the map set for track up then the map will rotate every time you rotate. Isnt that your complaint ? Or am I miss understanding the problem. When it is set to north up, north will always be towards the top of the screen and the map stays still as you turn holding the gps, off course north up on your screen map doesnt mean north in the real world unless you are facing north.
  8. Do you have the map set to track up or north up? My 62sc works great, wish it had Glonass and that's it.
  9. I would like to see them add features like two way satellite messaging like the Delorme In Reach and an SOS signaling device like my ACR personnel locater beacon. I wont be giving up my GPS anytime soon for my cell phone either.
  10. One more thing, use Mapsource for the 76csx and Basecamp for the Etrex 20
  11. The 76csx is still a good unit today, I had one for years a kick myself for giving it away. For paper less geocaching the Etrex 20 is better, but hold onto that 76, its cpu and map redraw times are much faster, it has a nice large, bright screen and has a couple of features I liked that were not incorporated into the newer models. It also floats and takes an external antenna which could be of use inside a boat cabin. That unit was kind of the low end marine unit. But as the others have said for geocaching the etrex is better/
  12. Running 3.90 here and no problem. I cant remember having issues with earlier versions either, when some others seemed to.
  13. You need to enable birdseye imagery on your unit Select map setup then map information scroll to birdseye and enable it, trails ,routes, tracks that are on your map should display over the birdseye, maybe some older topos wont I don't know. Topo Northwest for USA is free and works fine, but I don't know where you live but I think you are in the USA so check gpsfiledepot for lots of free maps.
  14. I have the 62sc and Etex 30. I put my Birdeye on the Etrex, it works fine. The Etrex is slow when panning and zooming but fine when navigating on foot because you are moving slow enough for the cpu . The 62s would of course be faster and have a larger screen too. Birdseye imagery V2 quality varies greatly from place to place. Some people say there areas are great, but my area is lousy compared to google earth. I got it for hiking in mountainous areas and the imagery was done when there was still a lot of snow around and so all the ground features are hidden by the snow and the almost white screen is very hard to see in daylight. The overall sharpness is also much poorer than google earth, best in city areas, poorer in wilderness areas. Sorry about the double post, obviously messed that up.
  15. Lat. and Long. on a paper map would be in the same datum as the UTM or any other grid that your map or chart uses/shows. I have lots of older Canadian maps that are Nad. 27 that show both co-ordinate systems. Made long before WGS84. Lat.and Long. on your gps still does not automatically use or default to WGS84 you still need to set your gps to that datum, WGS84 for geocaching. You still are able to set your gps to show Lat. and Long. in one field and some other grid in another field or box if you chose.
  16. Actually I was wrong, just searched it out on google. You need to do it in GSAK using the poi loader. Say what? Just search out multiple proximity alarms. But I dont think its possible just using the buttons on the unit.
  17. I think it is for each and every single waypoint what ever that waypoint is. Geo cache , poi, tide point etc., they are all just waypoints.
  18. I could be wrong, but the link seems to be broken
  19. As a side note I was able to find many additional tide points by loading Garmin GPSMAP 162 US tides 5.13 MB into base camp then select and transfer them to my 62sc and Etrex 30 especially for the west coast of Canada and Puget Sound in Washington State USA so it may be worth checking out for others in Canada and USA and you can of course see them over laid on a crude map in Basecamp Above download is free
  20. My Etrex 30 receives sat. signals just fine in thick mountainous terrain or in the city. Havent tried it downtown around skyscrapers in the concrete jungle yet. Surely the 20 & 30 have the same receiver. The map being slow to pan is my only complaint which the 20 would also have.
  21. Forkeye

    gps comparison

    62sc camera is terrible, yea I know its not a touch screen but still not very good. Iphone is way better.
  22. Ok thx I will check that out and hopefully delete it I was going to reload everthing on the unit but just havent got the time today
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