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  1. I'll just keep my 76 csx,works fine for me,I dont have any issues with any of the items mentioned,and mine floats and takes an external ant. I don't like beta testing new products,and in a year that Vista is just going to be another dinosuar just like mine .It sounds like some people have to buy every new model that comes along just because its a little better.Thats exactly what Garmin wants you to do to,its built into their marketing plan.
  2. I chose the 76 csx because it is easier to operate the buttons with one hand,it floats and it lays flat,I would never pick an etrex model,I like the bigger screen.Get at least a 1 gig mem. card that will give you tons of room.Find a place where you can hold the 2 and then decide.They are idetical in operation,exact same software,same guts,different box.Anything new from Garmin is always full of bugs for a while.
  3. Forkeye

    My review

    I would like to se Garmin bring back the case style of the 12 series units,they were easy to hold and operate and looked good ,were reliable too .They could slightly reduce the size.Better than that silly joy stick .Looks too easy to break to me.
  4. Why dont you keep it.It will provide much more detail for than your basemap if you go on vacation and are out on the highway traveling around.You can check out the detail on Garmins site,with the viewer they have.
  5. Forkeye

    GPSMAP 60CSx

    Sorry Stephen ,I dont know of any way that the GPS indicates which map set it is using.I think its safe to assume that in the city any of the street level map sets would have priority over a topo map ,and in the country ,the topo maps would show up.I can tell you that the GPS picks topo 24 k over topo 2008 if you have both loaded,but of course only in the areas where they overlap.I am not 100% sure but I think topo 2008 overides the basemap,that came on your unit.Just play with it ,you will figure it out .
  6. When I go on a week long back country trip,I always carry a paper map and a real compass and one set of batteries inside my GPS.I turn on my GPS only every now and then just to get a position fix when in doubt.I have never found a need to have my GPS running constantly.Before GPS you had to navigate with map and compass and if you dont know how to do that you should not be going into the back country with a pack load of batteries and your GPS alone,at the most I would only take one extra set as every gram of spare junk you take will add up so fast ,your legs will colapse.
  7. The 76 csx will also float,and lay flat without rocking I found it more comfortable to operate with one hand than the 60 csx ,but if your hands are smaller it might not be for you .Also If your close up vission is not the best you might need to take your reading glasses with you with your Hcx.The CSX units are larger,but the weight differance is only minute.Look at all three and hold each one,and get rechargable NiMh batteries ,don't buy based on power consumption.Also the 60 & 76 can use an external antenna and have tide tables.
  8. I have found that talking to Garmin techs about a GPS problem is useless.They will always try to blame it on your location,the weather something you must of done,they will never admit that it is a known problem,and say we are working on it and there will be a software release shortly.I have asked about things that were never mentioned in their operation mannuals about the unit, and still only gotten vague awnsers.If Garmin doesnt know how they work then who does???.Having worked in the electronics industry for years,and having done many software updates to many pieces of equipment,often screwing up more issues than fixing issues,I am reluctant to try any new software if I cannot revert back to the old.
  9. Forkeye

    GPSMAP 60CSx

    Stephen ,when you get to that list of maps,press menu again and now it will display a list of the different map sets ,software that you have loaded.It will say HIDE or SHOW beside each map software set.Hide of course turns it off.The GPS will automatically pick the one which it deems best,I guess there is a hidden software program that checks all the loaded software,but it can be overiden by selecting the hide feature.Oh by the way the Garmin mannual,as thick as it is,does not explain alot of things about either the GPS unit itself or GPS in general.The mannual is very vague in some areas of unit operation ,so if in doubt ,just ask .
  10. I have Topo USA 2008 ,and Topo National Parks USA 24 k West,you can check Garmins site to find the scale of Topo 2008,I dont beleive its 24 k.There is quite a differance when viewing The Mount Baker National Park out west on both .On the Topo 2008 the contuor interval is 150 'and on Topo N. P. West 24 k it is 40 ',thats at a zoom setting of 200' on the map scale.But in other areas Topo USA 2008 had a contour interval of 50',at the same zoom setting.N.P. West shows more detail in general,I would get both.Topo 2008 shows lots of roads even in small towns so it is a good general purpose map set ,but for back country travel get your National Park 24k one for where you plan to go.
  11. Forkeye

    GPSMAP 60CSx

    Fogtripper..When you have Topo 2008 loaded and have one of the National park topos 24k loaded you wont have to do anything.When my zoom is set at 20 km (We are metric in Canada),you can see small rectangles clumped together outlining the area that is covered by the greater detailed maps as you zoom in you will also see a color change at the borders.To turn on or off a set of maps .Go to the map screen,press menu once select ,setup map,press enter,select Map setup-imformation at the top,you can now scroll and turn on/off individual maps,or press menu again to access a screen that shows all the different map sets you have loaded,ie Topo 2008 USA,Topo Canada, Topo National Parks West,Americas Marine points,Basemap,City Navigator etc..You can turn on/off any set or any individual map,but your GPS will automatically select the best one with the most detail ,its software driven,unless of course you dissable it as described.Hope this helps ,if not just ask again.
  12. Forkeye

    GPSMAP 60CSx

    FYI I would also purchase either National Parks East ,West or Central if you are going to be going in any of them as they have more detail than topo 2oo8 does ,also the GPS will automatically use the most detailed maps that it has loaded and of course you can overide this buy dissableing a map.I have Topo USA 2008,Topo Canada and Topo USA National Parks West.All of these do show lots of roads,a few trails,even the steet I live on,my Topo Canada shows almost every street in my city,but none of these show food,fuel,stores or whatever else city Nav. might show,but if all you need is streets try out your topo 2008 first,it showed all the streets in Birch Bay Washington a place so small You can drive across it in about 15 minutes.
  13. Unfortunately for first time GPS buyers there are many stores that sell them and from what I've seen almost none of these stores have the high end models,plus the cheapest places to buy them have people selling them that don't even know how to turn them on,let alone awnser any questions about them.Like Wally World.Most people purchasing their first unit also most likely know nothing about navigation,and once you buy a unit the mannuals may still leave some unawnsered questions .You will need to find out on your own how GPS works,about map datums and co-ordinates systems,true and magnetic north and the different model features and the future accessories that you may want to get later.A first buy is not going to be your last most likely.
  14. I chose the 76csx over the 60 csx mainly because it is far easier to operate the buttons with one hand,and I never have a problem blocking the screen when I do it.Again the exact same guts just a flat wide case to make it float.As a side note about antennas I would recommend the mxc 25,it does boost the signal strength,I have mine 2 way taped to one of those name tags and attach it to my pack strap sometimes if I want to record a track with the unit in my pack .Its only about $30 more.Find a place that has them and hold them both first.
  15. Forkeye

    GPS with Altimeter?

    A very good point Bucky Buck,GPS calculated altitude is not as accurate as a calibrated barometric altimeter ,but since GPS shows your position to say +/- 10 meters you might ask why you would need an altimeter.Reliable altitude is a must for mountainering,but no longer as critical for hiking,now that GPS has arrived.With a map and compass you can triangulate your position,but only if you can get a bearing on two visable points,you can use one point if you know the bearing crosses a known landmark such as a creek say.In the bush where you cant see any landmarks an altimeter could tell you where you are along that creek or trail.But now GPS can do that.They are still lots of fun to play with,and only cost a little more.The barrometer function is actually very useful for monitoring and predicting pressure/weather changes,but that will take practice .I would still get one.
  16. Forkeye

    GPS with Altimeter?

    FYI Garmin states that they do not publish the accuracy of their units altimeters,also the altimeters on these units are not temperature compensated,but having said that the altimeter on my 76 csx ,when calibrated will pretty much read the same value as the contour lines on the Garmin topo maps that I have loaded on my 76csx.It should however be calibrated to a paper map of survey accuracy about every hour,which I usually carry along with a REAL COMPASS.Also if you want a really good altimeter ,then get a Thommen Swiss made mechanical,19 jeweled one,they are temp. compensated ,but will cost you more than a 60 csx or a 76 csx.Garmins will work just fine for you,but do get one you can calibrate.Garmin states that all their devices provide accuracy enough for recreational purposes.
  17. The 60 csx and the 76 csx are identical,just a different case and the antenna on the 60csx is more apparent when you look at the unit,but their reception is the same,the same SIRF 111 reciever in each unit.Both units can be connected to a remote antenna,you can do a comparison on Garmins site .The only 2 differances,the case styles and the 76 floats,the 76 seems easier to me to operate with one hand ,it is wider than the 60 so you need bigger hands,Walmart sells the 60cx and the 76cx (where I live in Canada) go and hold both and then decide.The big screen is nice they are not heavy but not a pocket size unit like an Etrex either.You need good vision for the Etrex units.
  18. You would be better with a used Garmin GPS 12 or 12XL,these two units have way better reception than the none hcx etrex series.I have used both the etrex legend and the gps 12 in the bush and the etrex legend had very poor reception.I still have my gps 12,in my opinion the best style of case Garmin has yet made.The 12 has a simple map screen that will show where you are and where you want to go.All you ever need to do wilderness navigation ,a real paper map,a real compass ,and a simple unit to tell you your position co-ordinates at times when you are in doubt.
  19. I also am pleased with my 76csx,with a 1 gig chip,I also have Topo Canada,Topo USA 2008 and Topo USA National Parks West.The 76csx has the same software as the 60csx ,but I found the 60 csx hard to hold and push the buttons with one hand.Also the 76 csx floats.This unit works well and has very good reception,the only real notacible clitch it has is the odd time it hesitates for a second or two when you push a button.It also has a larger screen than the Etrex series.The Etrex series is for people with perfect vision.I also have the 25mcx antenna,which I can clip to the shoulder strap of my pack, if I want to put the gps in my pack and record a track.Although the reception is very good with this unit,if you are the forest,and holding the unit in your hand ,with your arm straight down by your side,your reception will become questionable,but if you hold it so you can see the screen it will be fine.
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