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  1. NEWS-NEWS-NEWS Yakima, Washington By Reporter G. O. Cash Upon being recruited by the H3+1 geocaching crew, travelbug Pink Floyd has been involved in a serious travel related incident. According to sources, Pink Floyd was crushed in a terrible auto accident, while enroute from one location to another. An Eye Witness is quoted as saying That big ol' seat just kept moving back and back, and Pink was trapped behind and under it. Pink Floyd sustained two broken legs in the event, and was immediately rushed to the nearest care facility. Technicians used the latest advances in adhesive bonding to restore Pink's legs to a useable condition. (Photo on Page 2). Members of the H3+1 geocaching crew were devastated by the accident, and have made every effort to assist Pink Floyd, sparing no expense. It is this reporters understanding that the H3+1 geocaching crew even footed the bill for the necessary adhesives. After minor therapy and rest, Pink Floyd will be released from care, and will continue his journeys. Pink can be contacted at TB230B.
  2. quote:Originally posted by survey tech: The NGS & NOAA typically require that documentation of survey markers, either recovered or unrecovered, be done by their employees or by registered land surveyors, on their forms. I must disagree. The NGS welcomes recoveries by individuals. When filling out a recovery form at http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/datasheet.html the individual reporting the recovery must place the code INDIV in the "Agency" field. Naturally one should read and follow the directions when filing a recovery. Dean H3+1
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