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  1. Hadn't thought about reusing the number again, thanks for that idea.
  2. I tried the WD40 and it work with a bit of careful scraping with a wood tool I had, thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Hi, I am selling my car and want to remove the Travel Bug, any suggestions how to remove it without damaging the paintwork? I realise the TB will not be reusable but it does seem well stuck on.
  4. I changed my home location when I was on holiday and now want to change it back to my true location but on the Geocaching website I go to Settings> Home Location and put in my home coordinates and select search and it finds them on the map and says "Saved" but when I exit the page and then go back the holiday coordinates are still there, anyone have any idea why it is no longer saving ?
  5. Ok I found it, it is in the slide out menu on the left hand side:)
  6. I'm not seeing "Set Map Preferences on the map page, I'm searching around on other pages now, what page is it on?
  7. I noticed on the Geocaching website that there are now only 2 map options, "Map" or "Satellite" There used to be a drop down menu with a lot more, whats happened to them?
  8. Thanks for all the excellent idea's, I will try them out, I wish I knew someone with a metal detector as this would maybe make short work of finding it.
  9. Well I hid my Chirp nearly 2 years ago and thought about renewing the battery which still has some life in it as cachers are still getting a signal, when I went to do some maintenance on it it was not where I had hid it, I made photo backups so I do know exactly where it should be, it hasn't been stolen as I got a signl from it telling me it is in the area, I suspect maybe an animal has moved it but how can I now find it? Are there any app's that would help? It is in woodland and I did try racking the area where it should be (lots of leaves on ground) but no luck, any idea's would be appreciated.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem that I am having on my Montana 650, I have my map orientation set to "Track Up" but when I am navigating to a geocache it will stop tracking up and just get stuck, if I stand still and turn the Montana around it makes no difference, if I turn it off and back on again it tracks up again for a short time and then gets stuck again, the map is on SD card and I have tried setting the GPS system to both Normal and wass/egnos which also makes no difference, I have firmware 6.40 which is quite recent, anyone have any idea's what causes this?
  11. I tried a master reset and did some geocaching today and gave it a good test and the problem and also one or two other oddities that was bugging me has been solved , many thanks.
  12. No never been to the location, it's just a random point in the ocean, approximately S00 00.015 E000 00.005, I have cleared all photo's in case they were geotagged, I have no waypoints as far as that, I can't think what else to do.
  13. Hi, It seems every time I turn my Oregon 450 on and go to Track Manager> Current Track>View Map it always shows a track from my house to a point somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa, I can select Clear Current Track but it will be back again when I turn my device back on again, it's quite annoying if I forget to clear the track each time I turn it on, any idea's how and why this is happening?
  14. I have now got the 2 gpx files, when I downloaded the zip files from my pocket query's on geocaching.com it unzipped ok, I don't know what the file was that came with the email.
  15. I am running Windows 7, 64bit, the email has 1 attachment and is 79.5kb, I have tried all the suggestions, I don't normally have problems unzipping files, if I select "Extract All" I get a message saying "The compressed (zip) folder is empty" I think there must be something wrong with the zip file.
  16. I have just started trying out the Pocket Query's and I was e-mailed a zip file but when I tried to open it it said "Windows cannot open this folder", "The compressed zip folder is invalid" Should I try and do another pocket query or is there some other problem with it?
  17. I have put some OSM maps on my Oregon, I did it by connecting the Oregon to my pc and drag and drop the map files and they work fine, the problem is that although the map files are named by country when I look on my Oregon or in Basecamp they just have a names like "OSM Generic Routable" or "OSM Street Map" or "OSM Word Routable" so it makes it difficult to know which map is which when I want to enable it on my Oregon, can I rename them somehow so I can see the country name on my Oregon?
  18. I do not see a gmapprom.unl but there is a gmapprom.sum file, I don't have a back up from new, is it possible to delete all the files on the device and start over? I don't have any paid for maps on it just the ones that were pre-installed and can easily live with just OSM maps.
  19. The link works but none of the download links work for me, could someone check to see if they get the same problem?
  20. Thanks for the link, much appreciated.
  21. I have used OSM for a few years and I would also recommend them as well and may well carry on using them, I just wondered if the Garmin maps had more to offer and give me more map detail that's all.
  22. I haven't bought a Garmin map before and they are quite expensive so want to make sure I buy the one that suits me, I am mainly geocaching and do not need it for in car navigation, for my country there are 3 different maps to choose from, "TOPO BeNeLux", Belux Walkers Map" and "BeNeLux Cycling Map" if anyone could give their thoughts on these maps it would be much appreciated.
  23. yes it's quite bizarre, maybe time to get a new one.
  24. When I connect it to the pc I am seeing "gmapbmap.img"(49.808kb), "gmapprom.img"(3,101,824kb) and "gmaptz.img"(594kb) 2 maps came pre-installed with the GPSmap 62st they are "Recreational Map Europe v3" and "Global Map" What would be the best method to post the files?
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