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  1. That must be the Mini Fire Fly Geocoin.
  2. I am also one of those who visit the forum on a daily basis, but rarely post something. I'm more of a reader and will only comment with something constructive. I always check the new posts about a new coin on the forum, but usually I follow the link to the store or use a PM. With the Viking Dragon Shield coin I posted here and on FB and it got a lot of response, both here and on FB. Most of the direct trades came via FB though. For now I certainly will stay on the forum, but I will keep checking the FB groups as well.
  3. Looking forward to your design
  4. Update Update #2 Count me in! Name Sent: 11/13/13 Name received: 11/25/13 Mission Sent: 11/27/13 on its way across the world Mission Received:
  5. Update Count me in! Name Sent: 11/13/13 Name received: 11/25/13 Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  6. Just did a check and at Geocoinstore.com they still have five of the seven versions. At PHDcoins.ca the Sleipnir and Yggdrasil versions are still available in limited numbers. Geocachingshop.nl has the Helheim and Yggdrasil versions still in stock and geocoins.wellner.se has only the Helheim version left.
  7. Kijk anders eens op de site nachtcaches.nl. Daar staan (vrijwel) alle nachtcaches in Nederland, België, Luxemburg en een stuk Duitsland op, al is de site af en toe niet up to date. Zoals StefandD al zei, kunnen kinderen in de winter prima mee, omdat het al vroeg donker is. Let wel op: een behoorlijk aantal nachtcaches heeft een eng thema (moord, geesten, enzovoort). Lees dus goed de listing als je de kinderen mee wilt nemen. Als jullie eens een nachtcache willen proberen wil ik best mee lopen. Je kan contact met me opnemen via mijn profiel.
  8. Good idea, i take a seat, too Scoot over a little, please. ... any room left on that bench? A couple more spots. If anymore want to join us though I think we'll need to get another.... Bringing an extra bench and taking a seat...
  9. Count me in! Name Sent: 11/13/13 Name received: Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  10. Haven't seen any, but I've found a couple of Pathtags: Bumperplate Wars: Cthulhu Mr. Lovecraft and Dagon are celebrating Samhain / Halloween 2012
  11. I just checked the shops that are selling the Viking Dragon Shield coins, but non of them have the Mjollnir version currently listed. They are most likely sold out, but you could try and mail geocachingshop.nl if they have one left.
  12. I'm sorry to tell you that all 15 Valhalla coins are sold/traded and there won't be a remint. If you are VERY lucky one of the owners is willing to trade...
  13. Very nice coin! Looks familiar... ;-)
  14. I'm very happy that so many cachers like this design and the coins themselves. Thank you all for your positive comments and of course for buying the coin(s). I can only hope that if I were to embark on a next coin project, it will be just as successful.
  15. Ik ben blij dat zoveel cachers de coins ook geweldig vinden. Dat geeft een grote mate van voldoening. Hopelijk wordt een eventuele volgende coin net zo succesvol.
  16. Best way is to contact Wellner directly and ask him. I don't know if all the shops are going to sell all versions.
  17. De foto's van de overige versies. Als je ze wat groter wilt zien, kopieer de afbeeldings url naar een nieuw tabblad en verander 'display' in 'large'. Asgard (LE) Helheim Mjollnir (LE) Yggdrasil Valhalla (AE) Vanaf vanavond te koop bij Geocachingshop.nl en later ook bij PHDCoins.ca, Geocoinstore.com en geocoins.wellner.se (behalve de AE).
  18. Some photo's of the other versions. If you want to see them a bit larger, just copy the image url to a blank page and change 'display' into 'large'. Asgard (LE) Helheim Mjollnir (LE) Yggdrasil Valhalla (AE) For sale this evening (CET) at Geocachingshop.nl and later also at PHDCoins.ca, Geocoinstore.com and geocoins.wellner.se(except the AE).
  19. Het is bijna zover! Vanaf aanstaande donderdagavond te koop via onder andere Geocachingshop.nl: Viking Dragon Shield Geocoin
  20. Today we decided on the names for the 7 versions. All names come from the worlds of the Viking Gods. Version A is named Sleipnir, the Eight-Legged War Horse of Odin. Not only is he the swiftest horse in the world, he can carry Odin across land, sea or sky, and from the Halls of Asgard to the Realms of the Dead. Version B is named Helheim, the Underground Nordic land of the deep-frozen dead, ruled by Hel. Version C is named Asgard, the Home of the Aesir Gods. Ruled by Odin and Frigg, the halls of Asgard have been built to withstand the onslaught of giants. Version D is named Yggdrasil, the giant ash tree at the Hub of the Universe. Yggdrasil is home to an abundance of wildlife both magical and malicious. Dew from the Yggdrasil supplies mead for Valhalla, and when the world ends in almost total devastation this tree will still be there, containing seeds for the next crop of beings. Version E is named Valkyries, raving warrior ladies who descend from the skies and take the dead to Valhalla, the Hero's Heaven. They are a team of forty Viking warrior maidens on horseback, led by the goddess Freya. Version F is named Mjollnir, the Hammer of Thor. It was crafted by the Dwarves and every time this hammer is wielded, lightning issues forth. Version G is named Valhalla, Odin's Heavenly All-Inclusive Afterlife Resort. Dead Viking warriors are escorted there by the Valkyries for an afterlife rich in booze, punch-ups and uncouth language.
  21. Very curious to see the final design. If it's a Dragon theme coin, I will most likely buy it/the set.
  22. Ogima

    I Give Up

    True, but there might be dozens of reasons why the coin isn't dropped yet or why the owner isn't contacted. I too understand why the owner is upset. I also think the cacher in question could used a better phrase than "mine now" when grabbing the coin. But since the other coins he had in his possession were dropped in caches again sooner or later, I see no reason why he wouldn't drop this coin as well. I'm not convinced there is any harm done (yet). You said yourself that 2 weeks is the recommended time, not a fixed maximum. Personally, I am already happy if a coin of mine is moved at all. If that is within a week or two, all the better.
  23. Ogima

    I Give Up

    Seems to me he retrieves or grabs the majority of the coins with the text "mine now" or "mine" and drops them off a little while later. He just hasn't dropped off yours yet. My guess is that he will put it in another cache soon.
  24. Ogima

    I Give Up

    And if you are really fed up and want to talk about it... Come to my 2nd TB Memorial Stammtisch Event in The Netherlands. Especially created for everyone who lost Geocoins and/or Travel Bugs. Currently there's no English translation on the page, but I'm more than happy to translate the text on request.
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