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  1. The Compass Rose 2012 Kilimanjaro is currently up for auction on the eplace. Click here Sahara and Kilimanjaro versions are also still for sale @ Geostuff.com.au, along with Kalahari and Cape of Good Hope.
  2. I would have bought the two glitter versions, but the site says: *nicht lieferbar / not in stock* Only the black nickel/orange one is still available, but I would have liked the set.
  3. Since I know very little about ice hockey, I'll make a guesstimate. Ladies' Gold: Sweden Ladies' Silver: Russia Ladies' Bronze: Canada Mens' Gold: USA Mens' Silver: Sweden Mens' Bronze: Canada
  4. As far as I know Pastor B has a couple of those for trade. http://cointracking.com/public/pastor_B I'm not sure if he has (one of) the versions you're looking for, but you can always send him a message.
  5. As of now available at geocachingshop.nl: three new versions of the Viking Dragon Shield Geocoin! Hreasvelg (LE) Idun (RE) Gulveig (LE) The Valkyries, Sleipnir, Helheim en Yggdrasil versions are also available again. At PHDcoins.ca are from 17th of Januari also available the Gulveig, Valkyries, and the Vinland editions of the Viking Dragon Shield Geocoin. The Vinland limited edition celebrates the Viking colonization of North America in the 10th and 11th centuries and is exclusive to PHDCoins. Top to bottom: Gulveig, Valkyries and Vinland
  6. I'm still in for a complete set, including the rumored fifth if it shall pass...
  7. Er is ook een magnetische variant verkrijgbaar. Die kan je makkelijk van auto naar auto (of koelkast, motor, of elk ander metalen object) verplaatsen. Je kan er dan ook voor kiezen om de auto alleen trackable te maken als je aan het cachen bent. Dat is vooral handig met een auto van de zaak.
  8. I was thinking about the Air Quality Geocoin by Gregson Vaux... It is a bit off, but it might be.
  9. Oops... I mistook a VERY nice gesture from Pastor B for the Joyeux Noël mission. That's the downside of not knowing who is suposed to send you the mission I guess. But today there was a nice thick envelop from Canada in the post. Thank you Champagne00 for the Canada coin, the Penguin tag and of course the Christmas card!
  10. Looking for the last two Dragon Tails Geocoins to complete the serie: Dragon Tails Nightshade LE Dragon Tails Iron AE I can trade and/or buy.
  11. After I've seen the teaser I'm even more convinced! This is me pre-ordering a complete set.
  12. We (Lady Pinguin and myself) just arrived home after a couple of days in Berlin to score some finds with A LOT of favorite points. The first thing I checked was the mail and there it was! A shiny white envelop with a familiar return address. Inside I found a nice Christmas card and a Tsunrisebey pouch containing a gift wrapped item. Although I am very curious to know what is inside, I'll wait just one more day and open it on Christmas morning. Thank you Pastor B for this mission!
  13. Also a complete set for me please. I've got a good feeling about this coin!
  14. You found the words I was looking for
  15. Dragons? Did somebody mentioned dragons? In combination with Geocoins? I just read the thread and I'm already impatiently awaiting the samples.
  16. Totally agree with you. The list is just what it is: a list with the ten caches with the highest Fav points in the world. It doesn't say anything about their quality, although most of them will probably be worth the effort of finding them. That said, I've found the number 8 on the list and it was a truly great Geocache, really worth the long drive from the Netherlands.
  17. The top 10 as of today Dec 16 2013 10:30 AM (to the best of my knowledge) GC13Y2Y Lego - einer ist zuviel (Germany) with 3585 Favorite Points GC11JM6 Geist des Hagen (Germany) with 2923 Favorite Points GC18182 Voss - Margarine (Germany) with 2595 Favorite Points GC167KK TB-Schlosshotel Rasthof Stillhorn Ost (Germany) with 2484 Favorite Points GC2586K Alberich der Zwergenkönig (Germany) with 2358 Favorite Points GC31EQD Töff Töff für das Kind im Manne (und Frau :-)) (Germany) with 1920 Favorite Points GCGV0P Original Stash Tribute Plaque (USA) with 1792 Favorite Points GC35KGZ Das "blaue" Wunder... (Germany) with 1788 Favorite Points GC2J9J5 Schatz des Alberich (Germany) with 1754 Favorite Points GCK25B Geocaching Headquarters (USA) with 1727 Favorite Points
  18. I will be following your auctions and try to get them noticed on FB as well. Wish you all the best!
  19. Geocachingshop.nl currently has some new Geocaching LEGO man available. They probably will sell out quickly again.
  20. You are right, that is exactly why. The reason you are selling your coins is one I think nobody deserves. I for one will be bidding on your coins and I hope many others will too. Wish you all the strength in the world!
  21. The Helheim, Sleipnir and Yggdrasil versions are still available at cacheboxstore.com and also at Geocoinstore.com (with at the moment a 20% discount). PHDCoins.ca only has the Yggdrasil version left (but with a 10% discount).
  22. There is this one up for action on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GeocoinPathtagYardsale/permalink/789953757697509/ A Big Bean GeoJelly "Saucy Wench" version in nickel. Very rare as there were only 5 of these minted. Trackable and not activated.
  23. But of course! Your turn yanagi.
  24. The new drawing is below. It came out pretty good actually.
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