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  1. Thanks for hosting! I'm in for one mission. EMAIL SENT: 11/10/14 NAME RECEIVED: MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED at DESTINATION: MISSION RECEIVED:
  2. These cute penguin coins are for sale now. -> Link to shop <- (German only) This German shop ships inside the EU, but no mention is made for shipping to the rest of the world.
  3. EMAIL SENT: September 3, 2014 NAME RECEIVED: September 24, 2014 MISSION SENT: September 30, 2014 MISSION ARRIVED: October 19, 2014 You're welcome Fairyhoney MISSION RECEIVED: October 21, 2014 Thank you oiseau_ca for the Pathtags and the huge coin! I'll post pics later. Mission complete! Thanks GeoCharmer81 for hosting this mission.
  4. I am very thankful for having such a great girlfriend who is even more passionate about geocaching than I am. (On the other hand, I'm a LOT more passionate about Geocoins than she is )
  5. Great cointest! I'm thankful for the fact that I'm healthy so I can go Geocaching in trees, caves, abandoned mines, lost places and other difficult to reach and crawl around places. A lot of people don't have that option.
  6. Can't register if you live in Europe I do want a set of those coins...
  7. EMAIL SENT: September 3, 2014 NAME RECEIVED: September 24, 2014 MISSION SENT: September 30, 2014 MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECEIVED: The Halloween mission is on its way across the Atlantic. It might take a while to get there.
  8. Het ontwerp van de Dutch Geocoin 20104 is gereed. De eerste samples zouden halverwege oktober binnen moeten zijn. De verkoop zou eind november moeten beginnen bij Geocachingshop.nl Het ontwerp is gebaseerd op de zilveren Wilhelmina gulden uit 1914. Meer informatie omtrent versies en prijzen zal geplaatst worden wanneer deze informatie beschikbaar is.
  9. The design of the Dutch Geocoin 2014 is finished! The first samples are due in mid October and the coin should be available at Geocachingshop.nl from end of November. The design is based on a silver Dutch Guilder from 1914. The woman depicted is Wilhelmina, Queen of The Netherlands in 1914. When there is more information available regarding versions and minting numbers I will post it here.
  10. EMAIL SENT: September 3, 2014 NAME RECEIVED: September 24, 2014 MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECEIVED: Now I "only" have to find a good coin...
  11. Ogima

    Iceland Geocoin

    Thanks Yanagi for bringing this coin to my attention. I love the two-tone but also the others. I couldn't decide so I ordered the set. My poor bank account...
  12. A nice list, but I don't see your name in it. I do hope you are participating as well?
  13. I'm in for 1 mission. Thanks for organising! I like all Geocoins, but ancient & historic, dragon themed and glittery ones specifically. EMAIL SENT: September 3, 2014 NAME RECEIVED: MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECEIVED:
  14. My traveling coin hasn't traveled that much :-( In fact, it is still in my long archived event a couple of meters from my home, although I'm pretty sure it has been received in the US. Toojin, please retreive it and drop it in a cache so it can start its roadtrip.
  15. Ogima) guld, chte, klom, chas
  16. Ogima

    Kraków Geocoin

    Like the design and still interested in a complete set.
  17. This is from Gregson Vaux's Facebook page about just that issue.
  18. The trip has officially started for the Wild and Free #34 - South Carolina Geocoin of Toojin. It has been dropped safely in the Wherigo cache De Heikneuters, just north of the Belgian border. Follow its travels here.
  19. Ogima

    Kraków Geocoin

    Also interested in a set. Where can we pre order?
  20. Yesterday I received my mission! The envelope contained a South Carolina Geocoin that I will drop into a cache nearby to travel, several must-do Earthcaches in Idaho (unfortunately no airplane ticket was included ), an Idaho potato pin and an All Seeing Eye Geocoin for me to keep. The two Idaho postcards I received earlier. Thanks Toojin for the coin and the roadtrip! (sorry about the poor quality of the picture, my phone doesn't work that well in the dusk)
  21. See post #64 for my road trip caches. For geocaching I live in a bit of a boring area, just a lot of flat land and some small forests. Scenery wise there is not much to see, but the quality of the caches is pretty high.
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