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  1. I have two PQs that run today. GSAK only downloaded one of them. After reading this thread I tried to download the missing one manually only to have it delete itself from the list of downloadable PQs. So yes, it looks like I have lost one. Regards - ayepee
  2. If I decide to find a cache (usually a drive by and unplanned) and find I have not got a pen, I just leave the cache unfound. If I am on a caching spree I will ALWAYS have a pen as part of my caching kit (just like I will have a GPS or enable phone). So I think that could not sign log due to no pen is a very poor excuse. Tony
  3. I use Gsak version 8 and set a filter for the caches I want to check (up to 6000) and then use refresh cache data. This updates the status for all of the caches in the filter which makes it simple to just delete the archived ones. Tony Different limits to the number of caches... If you Check Status and delete/filter out the Archived/Temp Disabled caches, you can then Refresh Cache Data of more caches! Thanks, I just notcied that afetr I had replied. It is funny how familiarity with a program can actually restrict the ability to discover it's full potential. After finding that I could update my GSAK database by refreshing the data, I didn't look at any other options.
  4. I use Gsak version 8 and set a filter for the caches I want to check (up to 6000) and then use refresh cache data. This updates the status for all of the caches in the filter which makes it simple to just delete the archived ones. Tony Just noticed that Status Check will also work on a filter without using the daily 6000 cache limit.
  5. I thought I was the only one. Problem with mine I think is that they are light weight a flick off and travel yards on their own. I have also had a branch flick the side arm from my specs. Now that WAS hard to find. Image me doing a fingertip search whilst trying to hold the remains of the glasses on my face. Tony
  6. You don't mean this one do you Paul? Oh well, there was supposed to have been a screen shot there as well! It was of a guy in a pale jacket lurking in the background Got there. Update, on the TV at about 09:40 ayepee
  7. I have just successfully updated my 550T. I removed the SD card before starting which also removed my OSM map and any waypoints, track etc. I then used webupdater to painlessly do the business and as smstext says I used the icon to safely eject the hardware. regards - ayepee
  8. You definitely need the phone open, ie with the keypad exposed.
  9. Having negotiated the M4, the closest would probably cross into Wales via the M48 and the original Severn Bridge and leave the Motorway in Chepstow. Beware though that the England / Welsh border is close (it runs along the river Wye). There are caches in and around Chepstow.
  10. Hi Paul, How about a "Pre" event and then link the extreme events to that? I know a lot (most?) of cachers do not follow the forums, but surely even if the CIs were mainland UK, PQs or new caches would only appear in latest cache listings if they were specifically requested. I omnly get events listed for areas that I run PQs for so may miss out on the chance to meet others because I do not receive the relevant information. Tony. ps, I still have the events pencilled in, but will not be able to say if I am attending until nearer to the time.
  11. Mine is still moving. Having done 10 LQs, I suspect that like me it will never get to the final cache. ayepee
  12. I have this one pencilled into my diary so hope to make it next year. The Scillies trip was good and as I have not been to Jersey this would be a good excuse.
  13. Congratulations Paul on your 3 peaks achievement and also the the rest of the band intrepid cachers who traveled so far north that you must have been in danger of falling off the edge of the world! (apologies to residents). I wish I could have been there. Oh well perhaps next year. tony
  14. I think that the special equipment that the flying boots mention may give a clue as to why it is rated 5-5 tony
  15. Would have loved to join you as it is just down the road from me. Unfortunately, next Sunday is a work day for me. Oh well!, perhaps another day.
  16. When a new cache just around the corner is published, you're always at work
  17. As far as I know, with Anquet, if you purchase the map, you will get the latest version of the software free. In fact you can download the program from their website ( From Here ). Tony I run Anquet mapping on desktop, laptop and two ppcs without any problems.
  18. All needs archiving logs are notified to the reviewers - they are in fact the ONLY logs that generate a reviwer notification as well. What happens next is up to the reviewer - Alba on the recent set that I posted to has either archived them if she felt that the owner has had enough notifications before, or she posts her own note asking for it to be dealt with within a time frame - the response is up to the reviewer though. Occasionally, the original NA log gets missed though if the reviewers are busy! These things happen! Generally, a needs maintenance log is usually sufficient, but they can't be posted on caches that are disabled, so the choice is limited then. I have just looked and the cache has now been archived.
  19. Funnily enough, I posted a "needs archiving" log on a cache that I did at the beginning of October. I did not email the cache owner as they have not logged onto the GS website for months, and from previous logs, this particular cache had been very much under the weather for some time. But what happens next? Is it just that our reviewers have been overstretched that nothing seems to have happened, or are they trying to contact the owner? As I logged, this area is worth visiting so at least if the present cache is archived, a new one can be placed. Also regarding needs maintenance logs. I think is always worthwhile as the owner is more likely to see this log rather that have to read in the find log that the pencil is blunt, or whatever. ayepee
  20. Well done Henry and Linda. This is a massive achievement if only due to the distance travelled to log them all. I don't think I will be joining the band of cachers to log them all. (Well not in the near future anyway). ayepee
  21. Try this: From the GC.com homepage go to "Trackable items" (left hand side of page) Scroll down the page and in the box "Search for a Trackable Item by Name" enter name of Geocoin, eg "Garmin", "Big Ben", "Angel of the North" and press "search" button This shows you all coins with that as part of their name. You can then look through the pages and find those closest to your home. There may be a quicker, more accurate way, but this works for me. Or just go to Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates in My Account. As the coins all have their own icon, it is just a case of scrolling through the nearest caches until you find one with a Garmin coin residing there. ayepee
  22. OK. Silly question. I have created the macro and run it on a filter set up in GSAK. Only some of the waypoints have returned the county. So what is missing from the ones that do not give the county? thanks ayepee Have just been looking at the waypoints that do not return a county and they all seem to be in Gloucestershire. When I look further from home, the success rate seems to be 100%. I wonder if the polygon is corrupted?
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