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  1. I have two boys in elementary school, and have created a geocache specifically for them close to the school. I spoke with both of their teachers, and explained the whole geocaching thing to them. I created a GC account for the kids, and have that account watching the cache. I also have launched several travel bugs that are all linked from the cache page. The kids really like logging on to GC and watching their Travel Bugs moving. The teachers actually review the places that the bugs have traveled to, so there's a bit of geography as a side benefit. I have even heard of the kids "dragging" their parents to the cache to show them. The cache I created is called "Counting by 2s", and here's the link http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC15HE7 -Chris GeoMire
  2. There are many ways to attach to a tree without driving in a nail. It also depends on the diameter and length of the nail, and how you are going to utilize it. I have seen very small nails used that don't go past the bark, and a rare earth magnet superglued to hold a bison. The nail was galvanized so that it wouldn't rust. Stumps should be fine, but consider where they are and the environment around them. Don’t change the landscape. Make sure that your hide area looks the same after placement, as it did before. Also, remember the guidelines regarding private property.
  3. INOVA actually has updated their product line. The "T" series is out and is very nice. INOVA Lights T series -Chris GeoMire The Loopy 1/2 of Tush Brothers Inc.
  4. TOTALY and after 363 FTFs I still remember the first!
  5. Several of the hounds just started sharing FTF if the search was a team effort. It just makes the game more fun, and that's what it's really all about isn't it?
  6. Sometimes the First to Find, fails to find, then does find it first.
  7. I have actually been using a wooden cane that was purchased at a feed store. They have hickory canes that are very hard. Great for poking at snakes and hooking branches when climbing.
  8. The inova XO3 at http://www.inovalight.com/site.html?XO3-ov is probably the best light that I have ever had. I have had a number of them and do most of my caching at night. It takes 2 CR123 lithium batteries and has the best beam projection I have seen to date.
  9. So I see that the text amount has been increased to 150000, but when I try to put in 35K I get an error that it can't be over 5000.
  10. Just in case this solution wasn't meant humorously... Doing it as an image is a bad idea. It impacts display times as well as impacting the visually impaired. I know I like bumping the font size up if I can't read a web page, with images I wouldn't be able to do that. Paul Agreed, one large image would not be as crisp as standard html, and think of the download time... ugh! -Chris
  11. The profile page is where the use of iframes is nice. You can create your own profile page, host it on your own server (GC does not have to worry about space or bandwidth) , and the iframe statement allows you to have it embedded into your GC profile page. -Chris
  12. Jeremy, any thoughts regarding an uplifted Profile space limit for members?
  13. Another thing that would be nice is a GC customized Space Pen. The bullet pen is small enough to fit in smaller caches and would be a really nice ftf prize. Perhaps the Signal image on it. I like mine because it even writes on wet logs. You can check out the bullet pen at www.spacepen.com.
  14. GeoMire <-- has grown up! 1. I am not a programmer 2. I host my own family web site on my own domain 3. I have very little prowess with regards to programming 4. I don’t strut - at least I don’t think I do (exception: I do strut when FTF-ing) 5. Someone else posted the icon with the IP address 6. The IP address is probably yours, you are just likely sitting behind a proxy and that’s the IP that is being shown 7. I am a Geocacher 8. * (for anything I left out; programmers strutting with prowess will understand the use of ‘*’) Regards, -Chris
  15. Oppressive! Really! Firstly you are being offered a service by this website, and they offer you the oppertunity to put up a profile free of charge, one could hardly fault them for trying to protect themselves and others! I still can't get over the use of the word oppression! Have you ever really been oppressed?! I am guessing that the answer would be no! If you want to talk about oppression, you can come have a sitdown with my girlfriend who grew up in the former Soviet Union! I mean I understand that you are frustrated, but it's neccessary to keep perspective! Let’s try to keep things in perspective, I agree… My conversation was not with you, and I empathize with your girlfriend who was most certainly oppressed. With regards to the service provided for free, you are entirely off base on this one. I have paid my membership fee to GC.com, and while you enjoy the services the GC.com offers for free, I have paid for mine as have many others. This is due entirely to the fact that there are additional services that GC.com offers, and I am willing to pay for the use of them. Regards, -Chris
  16. So there's no problem then. People can click on the link. Ok, so that was a bit out of context. My question is basically at what point does a website become so restrictive that it boarders on oppressive, and the experience is not fun anymore? I don't know. I'm guess you think it happens when Groundspeak restricts Javascript and iframes due to security concerns. Your alternative is to build a web site on the plethora of services available on the Internet. At least until we can provide more space on profile pages for you, or other - safer - services to accomodate your request. I did build a web site, my GC Profile page is a page that is hosted with my family web page. I own my own domain name and administer my own email. The reason I decided to start using iframes was based on the fact that GC.com is not in the business of hosting web pages, nor should they be in my opinion. I hosted my page off my own site to offload that from the GC.com server farm. I was taking the approach that I was being a “good citizen” and preserving as much of the precious bandwidth that GC.com serves up to keep the response time down for the web pages. I would not be opposed to paying a “profile fee” to remove the character restriction on the profile pages, of course with that, I do use a couple of java scripts on some of my cache pages (I have a time/date calculator for the Getting the Goose #50 that cachers can calculate their time for the Goose run). I would be willing to link to those java applets (hosted on my own page with no iframe) and pay a “profile fee” of something like the following… My profile page is at about 36K characters right now, and about 40KB in size. 0-5K - included in member price 5k-100K - $5/yr Here’s another idea, instead of trying to jam all this into the profile page space, how about a separate FTP account that is linked to our GC name? A separate fee could be charged and quotas set on space versus a character limit. The same security rules could apply with the FTP space, no java, no iframes, etc, only allow static web pages to be uploaded (the .Net framework has some good FTP upload portals). A couple of MBs of space would surely do the trick, and would generate another revenue stream for GC.com. I would be at the front of the line to pay for a “profile service”. Thanks again for taking the time Jeremy, -Chris
  17. So there's no problem then. People can click on the link. Ok, so that was a bit out of context. My question is basically at what point does a website become so restrictive that it boarders on oppressive, and the experience is not fun anymore? I’m not trying to cause a firestorm, or a revolution; I’m simply trying to make a point. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Geocaching experience, and creating my profile page to chronicle my progress. I have never posted or coded anything that could be even remotely be considered a security risk. What is my alternative to iframes with the GC limit of 5000 characters, and still be able to integrate into my profile page? Thx, -Chris
  18. It's more on the lines of giving the user a choice. They choose to visit Geocaching.com and trust the site. They can, if they so choose, click on a link outside of geocaching.com, but no one is forcing them to surf on another site. An IFrame removes that user's choice. Groundspeak CYA is a long second. I understand the concept of giving the user a choice, but if I put a link on my profile page, users will generally have no inhibitions around clicking on the link. Someone with harmful intent could exploit this environment easily. If protecting users and giving them a choice is paramount, perhaps we should not be using HTML at all. I don’t advocate this at all, but I’m just taking the most “radical” position. If a member posts an iframe with malicious content, suspend the account and wipe the profile page. For those of us who are just wanting to enjoy the Geocaching experience to the utmost, why not trust us…? We have paid for a membership, and I for one, would not pay for a membership if I was going to post malicious content. Put a blurb on the TOS for GC and state that iframes may be in use and GC can not be held liable for any damages that may result… or something to that effect. Another 2 cents… I’m up to $.04 now. -Chris
  19. The "security risk" is with the person viewing the page, and not to the GC server farm. Based on this, why not allow iframes as a benefit to members? If someone unleashes something via an iframe, their account could be disabled and profile scrubbed. Much less risk from member profile pages. My Two Bits -Chris
  20. Wow, so seems most people don't have any Geo-Spouse issues. Not the case here! I have been on "restriction" more times than I would like to count. My good friend and caching partner cache at night, and have a weekly Tuesday outing. We have come back way after midnight a couple of times. That has prompted the midnight curfew. We are also a couple of the FTF-Hounds in our area. My wife puts up with me and caching. I have actually heard her tell a friend that it's a cool thing, but does not have the FTF addiction that I have. Well pager just went off... gotta go! http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=08...32-9255b9bf7bf0
  21. So many of my issues have already been address on the top thread. I am still unable to find out how to make the PC map "track up". The other issue that i have with the PC map is when I create a waypoint, the choice of icons is very lacking, plus... the waypoint is divided between two lines. I am unable to just copy a single line and plug it in to say... Google Earth or GSAK. Voice instructions would be nice, similar to the way that NeverLost works in Hertz. Would also like to have the connector on the back fixed. What a pain to connect it in the car, then connect to a PC. Thx, -Chris (GeoMire)
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