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  1. The last person to retrieve my trackable has had it in their possession for over 6 months and still hasn't placed it. I tried to message them but didn't get a response. I would like to send out my replacement tag. My question is, do I need to mark the original as missing first or do I just write a log saying that I placed my copy in a cache?
  2. I logged that I "found it" when I originally found the cache. I went back to drop the coin a couple months after that which is why I wrote a note rather than logging it again as "found". I am pretty new to this though so if that's not the right way to do it let me know.
  3. I picked up a coin (Ladybird) from a cache awhile back (Brooklyn's First and Only), logged it as retrieved, then dropped it into another cache (Got A Package?) and logged it as dropped off. The one I picked up From "Brooklyn's First" was not the same one listed in the inventory (Black Cat) for that cache. I assumed that just meant that the one I picked up (Ladybird) wasn't logged by the person who placed it, while somebody else had picked up and failed to log the one that was listed in the inventory (Black Cat). But someone recently retrieved Black Cat from the cache I placed Ladybird in. I suppose it's possible that it's a coincidence that they both ended up in the same cache by 2 separate people but it seems unlikely. Is it possible the coin had 2 tracking numbers on it?
  4. I'm in my 30's but my mom still sends me a Christmas stocking every year. I think it's fun but most of the stuff either isn't my style or not something I can use. But it's not stuff I'd feel comfortable throwing away either because it's good quality stuff such as small picture frames (small enough to fit in the palm of your hand), a light up pen, a small turtle figurine, a Dora towel (one of those tiny ones you can fit in the palm of your hand and when you put it in water it expands to a usable size, bookmarks, a "dragon handbook" (around 4x6 inches in size) etc.), things like that.
  5. I don't understand what anyone would get out of doing that. I'm not saying they don't do it I'm sure they do but I don't get why.
  6. You should take your kids to Staten Island that's where all the big caches are (in NYC).
  7. I think there could definitely be a niche for sexually-themed adult caches. Just call them something else and hide them in places and in ways that render them inaccessible to children. And it would need its own website, it shouldn't be listed on here.
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