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  1. Thanks cowboy papa. The one I may purchase has its box and DVDs and such. I'm still not sure about DeLorme. I'm so worried about this purchase. I wish I could test drive a few.
  2. Thank you Gitchee-Gummee for your response. I have been doing quite a bit of research. I originally was going to go with a very basic gps. Maybe this is a very nieve (sp) statement, but since I have no experience with any gps (other than on my phone), I feel I may be pretty adaptable to any brand at this point. I have read very good reviews for the PN 40. I was looking at a Garmin Dakota 20. I found the reviews for the PN-40 was higher and more reviews for it than the Dakota. I am buying a used unit, and feel a bit comforted by the fact that he has found 500+ caches. Any advice and feedback is much appreciated at this point.
  3. I was planning on buying a DeLorme PN 40 from someone off this site. Then while doing research I discovered this posting in the reviews of the PN40: Now, the Cache Register, which DeLorme sold separately and which was used to download large number of caches no longer works and DeLorme says they are not going to fix it. I have communicated with DeLorme but they remain adamant that they are "throwing out" the Cache Register. Does this mean I would not be able to load caches from this site onto the PN40? Does anyone else know more information about this? I am very new to geocaching. I dont want to make a bad purchase on my first GPS. Please Help!
  4. Does that include shipping? How does this work? I dont want to pay for a product before I get it and I am sure you dont want to send a product before you receive payment. Please email me at lukettner@gmail.com with more information. I do not check this site that often right now. Thanks!
  5. Why are you selling it? Would you recommend this unit for a newbie?
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