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  1. What I do is convert the GPX file to Docbook format so I can read it with the palm ebook reader. (I am a linux user so the programs I use are different but I am pretty sure that GSAK will do the conversion.) Makes it easy to find a cache using the search function on the ebook reader. I usually just plug in the GC number and it finds it. I use a plain old text file to log my caches or keep any notes on the palm. Hope this works for you. Good luck and have fun!
  2. All I use to paperless cache is an old handspring visor and my etrex. I load the waypoints in my etrex and have them on my handspring in ebook format. I use an ebook reader and do a search for the waypoint to read up on the cache. When I find a cache, I open a memo called "found Caches" and add it too the list along with any notes. I have never really worried about having a map with me. If you do have to go on a hike, DO NOT FORGET TO MARK A WAYPOINT FOR YOUR CAR! I know this from experience and luckily I came out of the woods close to my car. Good luck and welcome to caching!
  3. Hmmmm.......maybe I am missing something. I convert the gpx file with gpsbabel to palmdoc format and then use the Palm ebook reader to read it. If I want to find are particular cache, I just hit find and type in the waypoint. Not very difficult.
  4. I use an old Visor. It was cheap, works good, and has a back up module. It runs on AAA batteries so you don't have to worry about a charger. (Just make sure you have batteries!) I also have a palm IIIex that is set up the same way for a back up pda. No need to take a $200-$300 pda into the wilderness with you. As for programs, I just convert my gpx file to palmdoc format and use an ebook reader to view the GC.com pages. I log my finds and notes on a memo and log everything when I get back. Good Luck!
  5. Geoclipper would do this for you..... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=123942 A link is about half way through the thread......
  6. I started Geocaching with a Handspring visor and gps attachment for it. I don't know much about XP (I am a linux user) but I would think that serial to usb cables would be pretty easy to install and set up. I use an old palm for paperless caching, I leave the tungsten at home. Use what you have and upgrade later on. Good Luck!
  7. For paperless caching I just download the GPX file and then use GPSbabel to convert it to a Palm Ebook. I keep track of my finds with a memo. Sorry I can't help you with the driver issue, my palm is USB and my operating system is Linux. Good luck!
  8. OK...guess I should have read a little more before posting. Assuming 128 kps upstream for DSL, this would only support 5-7 connections at 17 kps each. I am wondering if FOIS would be any different. I guess to set up the conference it would require access to very high bandwidth. If the discussion stays active, maybe a ham out there with their own server might be able to provide a little space. I will keep my eyes and ears open. Thanks for the echolink education 73's Jeff, KA1DBE/4 aka Nauticalwheeler
  9. After reading through the info on the link, it looks like echolink will support a conference with up to 99 connections. I am sure that a computer on cable or DSL could probably support this. I think having a dedicated conference utilizing the bridge software would probably be something to shoot for in the future if there was enough interest. Did the net ever have more than 99 connections? I am in the process of moving the shack from one side of the house to the other but after I get everything moved, I do have a couple Pentium IIs that I might be able to press into service. I will have to see if SvxLink supports conferences because I have no computers that run windoze. Good discussion here though. 73's Jeff, KA1DBE/4 aka Nauticalwheeler
  10. How about just setting up a Geocaching Conference on Echolink. Seems like there is one for every other subject. Everyone could just drop by and chat at will. Just a thought. 73's Jeff, KA1DBE/4
  11. Tanks are VERY DANGEROUS!!!! Unless you have the equipment to determine if there IS oxygen and NO toxic gas DO NOT GO INTO THEM! I work in Ship repair and many people die in tanks because they do not take the time to certify them. There is a reason Miners lowered Canaries into the shafts before they went in. Just my input.....
  12. Geoclipper is a nice little utility http://users.adelphia.net/~rschoolf/downlo...geoclipping.zip The only drawback is that you have to use Internet Explorer.
  13. Surfaces that are to be painted need a profile for the paint to adhere to. Light sanding gives the paint something to "hook" into. As for light plastics, I would use paint suitable for plastics (Krylon, Testors model paint) as I assume they do a chemical bonding to the substrate instead of a physical bonding with profile. Good Luck! Nauticalwheeler..
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