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  1. How does the $10 app give you the same privileges and features as a $30 premium membership????? I do NOT get to see the Premium Caches as a basic member using the $10 app. This.
  2. I read into wolves and their behaviour recently. I'm from the UK and wolves were hunted to death here about 200 years ago but I read that they are able to tell if a human is armed or not, purely on the confident body language that being armed comes with and will subsequently avoid you. Against a human atacker its a different story. If you pull a fire arm against a human attacker it is endgame, because now that you have pulled he either retreats or you shoot to kill.
  3. You might like to know that pistols, or in this case a revolver are often kept in socks by criminals who want to keep them free of fingerpints.
  4. I'd just like to add that I am a WP7 user too, having bought the app a few days ago (for £8 or $12.67) before visiting the forums. Baloo, your infomation is incorrect. WP7 users do not recieve premium caches if they are not premium members. As I have noted within the first few days of use the app is buggy, which is annoying. GS oviously thought it worthwile to release the original app to people. I don't fully undersand the situation and did not recieve an e-mail, possibly because I bought the app after they were sent. However, it seems that WP7 users will have to pay for another, new app which has decreased functionality over the original. If you want the normal functionality of the old app, you are required to be a premium member, a side effect of which will be being able to see premium caches. Geocaching is a casual thing for me, hence I do not want to be a premium member and conviction to the hobby is low, therefor I am not willing to spend much on it. I am also a student with a limited buget (to the guy who said how can you afford a smartphone....a phone is pretty much essential these days and I pay £10.99 or $17 a month for 24 months for my phone and service.) Also I expect an app to function without buggs and be patched a reasonable intervals and be usable for the entire device's life. You patch an app, not remove it and expect everyone to buy it again after for reduced functionality. I'd also like to add that paying for an app when it is buggy, makes it not fit for purpose.
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