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  1. Friends of mine bought this amazing and interesting geocoin. For me as a gift from the 2nd Giga event!
  2. I looked on the link posted a few posts up or search for Geocaching souvenirs on FlickR that are official souvenirs by Groundspeak. Some of them were not released but the art work is there eg for England. With help from another cacher good in IT skills, I was able to put the England souvenir as well as a selection of souvenirs from the souvenirs tab onto my Public Profile Page. Re your own souvenirs A friend designed a souvenirs for a CITO I held and we have been given links to add home made souvenirs to put on our public profile eg EarthCache Day and anniversary Events etc. I do not know if they needed to be approved by Groundspeak first or not. Maybe a Groundspeak Lackey could answer please: Would it be acceptable for us to create a souvenir of a flag of a country we have cached in that does not already have a released souvenir? Then post this on our profile page please? I had thought of putting a photo we took in Liechtenstein and creating a collage to include the country flag and the date we cached there and putting that on my profile page. Groundspeak Many thanks for all the hard work you do, especially the technical side - of which me and I'm sure countless others do not understand what goes into making the system work as it does.
  3. e-mail sent. I am looking for a wwfm IX if anyone has one please?
  4. GAGB COIN WANTED Does anyone have a GAGB. Coin they are willing to part with please? Many thanks Cache on Wheels
  5. This link will take you to Flickr for Geocaching.com and has displayed all the country based icons that were desisigned- there is also an England one of the White Cliffs of Dover and many others that were not released when GS said they planned to release all the previously designed artwork. The site did day that you are encouraged to copy the link to add the souvenir to your profile page - so with some help from friends with HTML codes etc, I have been able to download all those I qualify for onto my profile page Do feel free to have a look at the lay out Country Based Souvenirs
  6. Thanks for all your help, it still will not work for me either It has worked previously, I think it worked when I first downloaded my latest pq on 3rd July. And I just registered with gsak too
  7. I'm sorry to say, but that is exactly the case. We have been working with the EU to come into compliance and this change reflects that effort. You are definitely correct, however, that this could have been communicated much better, and for that we are sorry. The team is discussing ways to do better as I type this. Many thanks for listening and for your response It is very helpful and good to read the Team is looking at ways for better communication. Perhaps via the newsletter
  8. My link Thank you for posting this DG i can't understand either why there is a special rule for CITOs. As you know i am holding a CITO event on sat 1st from 10-3pm, so instead of holding the picnic from 12-1pm, i could have decided to hold it at the end of the CITO, at the same place from 3pm after the event meaning i would be hosting a CITO and an EVENT on the same day and within 1 hours commute from the CITO. - surely if reviewers see others as event stacking,eg an event after a flash mob, if i arranged the picnic after the CITO, wouldn't that be classed as event stacking too? I understand Decagni's point too, but the idea of a flash mob is to disperse after the 15mins so it would not be possible to have a get together there afterwards. - I was told that there are legal implications about a group of people congregating in 1 spot for more than 15 mins anyway, so if this is true, a host could not allow a catch up to take place after the flash mob from that oint of view either - so why could one not hold an event in a pub or such like afterwards? On this note, - i can understand if people were just holding a flash mob for the sake of it and then an event too, and that could be seen as smiley stacking. However, a flash mob held for a specific theme, eg WWFMX would be justified in being held with the addition of an event afterwards to catch up with others IMO - eg DG WWFMX had over 100 people attend, many had travelled a great distance to attend, but as we were not allowed to congregate for more than 15 mins, with the possability of the police being called for a disturbance of the peace, there was no way to catch up with others afterwards at an event - the Navy ship in port nearby had already upped their security level. I understand that some may only attend 1 or the other, but if the purpose of the event as advertised is to catch up after the CITO, then wouldn't this would be a linked event? I agree with DG that there does need to be some clarification with this - ideally from GS in a newsletter and on the GS forums etc
  9. There may be a few on here who do not care for visit logs, but there are a whole lot more that do like to track the progress of their TBs. If in doubt, contact the owner or add it to your log.
  10. I'm sorry that you do not like to follow the progress of your TB's - you could always just look at the map on the TB page if you do not want to se the visit logs. OR you could click on the cache that it has visited and read their log, if they have uploaded a photo, you could contact them and ask if they would like to add that photo or some info to some of their logs of your TBs 'Visit'. I have contacted other cachers before and said i love the photo you uploaded to the cache page when you took my TB there, please could you upload it to my TB page on your log - they are more than happy to do this I always contact an owner if i have a certain cache in mid that i am planning to drop their TB or as i have commetned elsewhere on this thread, when we are planning a holiday. Like i also mentioned on here - every TB Owner is different. If you do not want your TB to 'VISIT' any caches and have low mileage and only be logged in and out of caches, then maybe you should contact the current holders and ask if they can put a tag on it to say so, and make sure you put that on the TBs description page or put only visit if you will add a photo? As the idea of a TB is to travel ie 'Travel Bugs' then it is only right that people will assume that it wants to do just that - Travel, unless you make it clear otherwise. I would be reassurred by Visit logs as it shows the TB is actually moving and has not been stuck in a cache (we have rescues many that have been stuck in caches for weeks) or worse still, been lost or stolen. There are many posts on owners TBs being lost or stolen on these forums. I would bee glad mine was still moving to be honest.
  11. Every TB owner is different and you should not feel bad by logging it as visited. \if you sre unsure, i would always say ciontact the TB Owner like we do. Sometimes we have had a TB for 4 weeks as we have emailed the owner and said we are going on holiday, from the UK, once it was to visit and travel via france, belgium, holland, germany and denmark! they were delighted to follow our adventures We took photos and added them to some logs along the way, One TB owner said that they would prefer to click on the caches we had taken it to, and it had visited, to read our logs and see photos there and then asked me to upload certain photos with my visit logs - so every TB Owner is different - communication is the key to a happy relationship.
  12. I agree whole-heartedly with this. Apart from the crazy 'auto visit' feature, I think it is a bit much to be upset at someone who is trying to do the right thing by your TB through visiting it in caches; it shows that it is moving and collecting miles if nothing else and a bonus is when they take the time to write something extra in those logs and add the odd photo or two. I agree with you both on this one, see my comments on one of the posts that quotes Harry Dolphin and daggr - good on you for being interested in where your TB goes
  13. I agree, I find it incredibly annoying. The only purpose it serves is to clutter up TB pages. I was following a few TBs but gave up when Cacher X had it visit 25 caches in two months. And if you ry to check out the TBs on a cache page, you find that Cacher Y had 32 TBs visit that cache. The purpose of dipping or visiting a TB into a cache is to record the mileage that the TB has done. You can go to your TB page and click on the map and see where it has travelled and how many miles it has done. May i suggest if you do not like this feature on your TB that you add this to the mission of your TBs eg I do not want to 'visit' caches, please only log me when you retrieve and drop my TB off. Some may not see this as not everyone reads the info. Here's why i visit the TBs and some of the logs i do 1 as i stated above, for the mileage 2 so the owner can see where it has visited and how man miles it has travelled 3 we recently went on holiday, so before we went, i contacted the owners and asked if they wanted us to take their TBs with us, and did they want them dropped off abroad or brought back to the uk and dropped off? they all wanted to go with us with a mix of the 2 options. 4 on some of the logs of places their TBs visited, i have uploaded photos of their TBs at beautiful or interesting locations eg in front of a windmill in belgium, at one of the oldest caches still going - GC40 in Belgium, along the route that St Francis took on a series of caches visiting a beautiful Abbey, churches etc, photos of churches along a series of Remarkable Churches we did. 5 The TB does not always need to be in the photos, it depends what the TB owner wants. If you do not like the idea of any of the above, maybe sending out a TB is not the best option for you? Maye it is to keep it with you as a record of your own adventures, then you can decide which caches you choose it to visit? The sad thing is, not everyone will add a photo or a comment to the TB log, which is what makes it very boring for you and those following it. Feel free to have a look at some of my logs. I am slowly going through the TBs we took abroad and uploading the photos of places we visited. I contacted the TB owners and asked if they would like me to do this first and they all said YES PLEASE and that it did not matter if their TB was in the photo. I have had some lovely emails back from TB owners thanking me for interesting logs and photos. One option if people discover a lot of TBs in one place, os to log them via project-gc.com then they can choose to write an interesting log about the event or place they were all discoverd and the same message goes to eache TB owner - again, just like when some cachers log a cache, they also don't add extra info about where the cache visited or upload photos. i think it is sad when an TB owner has gone to the expence and trouble to send out a TB, not to at least add a photo. Every TB that goes via my TB Hotel lately, i take a photo and upload it, usually by the TB Hotel, to the page when i visit it, then i add it to the TBs page too. I hope that helps All the best Heather
  14. Dear Jeremy - I am unable to see the photos on here, the boxes just have a res cross in them. Is it possible that when producing new Trackable codes from now on you could choose to either use a zero 0 or the letter O, and the number 5 or the letter S, and the number 8 or the letter B etc please? It is very confusing and sometimes very difficult to tell the difference between them, especially if the codes ar small like on the edge of some geocoins. Many thanks for your consideration Heather Bull, Dorst, UK
  15. Can't see what? A bug you picked up or a bug you've purchased/activated? Oh, no, I can't see the picture of the new travel bug design. I can not see the design either - tho i realised this forum was started some time ago.
  16. I guess that is why they sell TB Buddies that explain that you must keep it moving and do not keep it. If this was on the TB it would save having to buy these as well - but would that be a good thing for businesses or not?
  17. If I need or choose to log from my iPhone, I tend to log a field note template log eg I attended with my family and their names, met up with good friends there, it was great to meet and chat with cachers I already knew or new people I chatted with etc, them I add extra details afterwards: it just saves me having to write so much in one go [] that' is unless I make a mistake and save and send it as a log 1 hour before a flash mob was due to start! and panic the others who were watching the cache event and planning on attending the flash mob, thinking they'd missed it already - sorry guys. I did delete my log straight away. Anyway, after posting a field note adding reminder notes in the 'notepad feature' on there, which is cool [] I can keep a track if what we did and in what order that way especially if we are out doing a few eg 5 or more in one trip. I the either do it straight away or wait until I'm at home with Wi-Fi - I log onto GC.com, click on my field notes, which usually come up when I click on my profile tab, Starting at the top of the list, I click on compose log, Then edit my log notes, adding extra detail, memorable bits of the day or such like I Make sure the date is correct!!!! Best of all is you can click on 'all visited' for your trackables in your inventory, then edit any you have dropped off or had not retrieved by that cache. Then click submit [] A lot quicker than adding them 1 by 1 on the App (is it possible to add the sane feature to the app? The 'all visited' for TBs one? Hope that helps - I do agree that either there needs to be something for it auto set your time zone, or allow you to enter the date you did the cache - this would be extremely helpful [] Is it possible? All the best Heather @ Cache on Wheels
  18. Hi there At the top of the event page, you will see an option to add to my calendar, this, if you have it set up, will link to your phone too. I add them to my calendar just like any other appt or such like. I put my settings to remind me 1 week before and 1 day before. You could others have a shortcut button on your smart phone and or laptop to the gagb.co.uk website where there is an events calendar of all the events in Great Breat and Ireland. I keep my eye on that too, just in case I miss something. But I have my notifications for events for a wider radius than I do for caches, as we travel from Dorset to Wiltshire for an event which is about 2 hours as we have to stop for me to rest halfway. Hope that helps []
  19. I will try that, I hadn't tried posting it, because it requested the tracking number which I did not have. What's broke if you can't post a note on a TB page without the tracking code? Thanks for your reply []
  20. There is also the problem that you can not write a note on a TB / GC page without the tracking code. If I don't find a TB in a cache that is listed, I email the TO and let them know then they can copies to leave it a few days, as someone at be in holiday and unable to log it, or contact recent visitors to ask if they have it. I have a TB hotel and so far none have fine missing [] Another example is we recently visited GC40 ond if the oldest caches. I noticed after my log when I went to upload some photos, that someone logged that it was sad that most if the tbs in the inventory were not there. We had not looked at the inventory before doing the cache. I wrote a note on the cache page lusting which TBs we had discovered in the cache, which ones we retrieved and dropped in. As a CO if someone did the sane on my cache. I would be happy to contact the owners and let them know, out of general curtosy that their TB was not in the cache as listed. Then as I write above, it's their choice what they do then.
  21. I can see what you are requesting and there are some good ideas, however, I can also see the floors in this too. I have had a read through and so far have not seen a mention of the TB rescue . There is also a way of someone holding on to a TZb to post it to an address anonymously if they so wish. I think this was mentioned on the UK Geocaching podcast show recently so you could contact them for more info. You can buy proxy tags and coins to send out to replace missing TB / GC or to send out instead of your treasured ones. You can get these from gxproxy or N E Geocaching Supplies. There is someone who will replace your TB tag for free , I think this is a new tag with your tracking code on it, if its been missing for at least 1 year, I think this was mentioned on the above show too. The TB rescue service is something we can all sign up to and mark am area that we are happy to rescue a TB that is missing or laying in a cache somewhere. You can also register your TBs as missing on here - preferably after a month, then it alerts those registered to the area it was last seen. Here is the link: http://www.tb-rescue.com/ I apologise if I've mentioned companies if it is not permitted, I don't know if it is. I have mentioned the ones I know are able up help and relevant to this subject. I am not connected or a part of these companies except as a customer. I hope this is helpful to you []
  22. Fantastic I just saw this posted via CacheFace, I'm going to have a go at this tomorrow, thank you for easy to follow instructions
  23. You can buy the signal faberge eggs from here now, not only for US. http://www.geocoinshop.eu/Geocoins-New/Signal-Faberge-Egg-Geocoin-Limited-Edition::3450.html
  24. Get someone here in the forums (or who you know in the US) to order and reship to you. Some of us have an extra ( ) since we order more than one to get the 'free shipping' option from GS-Shop. I'd LOVE one too, I have not looked to se what alternative Easter ones there are as yet for the UK. Only downside with ordering from shops - US to UK is the Customs charges - we just got stung for £14 which we were not expecting, on 4 WWFMX geocoins £6 customs vat and £8 post office fee for them claiming to customs vat
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