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  1. Generally, a TB Hotel is just a bigger Cache that should be easier to get to, and in an area with fairly high traffic. Bigger meant only as big enough for bugs and coins. The tag "TB Hotel" is just a Name. It doesn't imply that it is safer for bugs/coins, or better suited for them.
  2. The problem with that is if the cache goes missing for any reason you likely will get blamed for it. I don't get the correlation between reporting a violation and responsibility for a missing cache. Are you saying that people will associate reporting with a desire to personally remove a bad cache? Yes. Forty people may have a problem with it, but the cacher will only imagine the one person who graciously emailed and inquired about it, removing it. When one makes any contact with the CO about his/her Cache that is in Violation of the rules, they will most likely get the blame when someone else sends that email to a reviewer.
  3. Go to the cache page again. Click on the trophy icon. Then follow the instructions to get the code to copy into your profile.
  4. I don't know. I´ve attempted to contact owners over legitimate concerns with their caches(Example: New signs/fences/and so on that might present a problem). Most of them freaked out and went on the defensive about it. Speaking with them wasn´t really worth the effort.
  5. Read Here first. When you think it fits to that description, you can either: A) Try with a reviewer local to that area, and hope he speaks the same language. B ) Try with the state/town offices in that area. C) Ignore it. I would recommend not attempting to make this a "Call out caches and let other people do the dirty work" thread. That would not end well. (Silly smilies)
  6. Many places have a similar concept. You use the property as intended, without damaging it, or disturbing others, and they let you have your fun. Problem is, when someone goes outside of one of these open areas, and treats it as they will. I´ll redirect your attention to the cache I mentioned before. Cache was fine, it was ok for a while, then the 12 person group showed up a midnight. The owners picture is a copy of the letter saying geocachers found in these woods will be prosecuted, due to the disturbance. Next one is this one. Stood in a NSG. Rule for NSG: Not off official ways. GC version from reviewers: Can be off of the path, but one foot must remain on it to get it. Cache owner came, and screwed a PETling(sodatube) up under the tower, making a t5 cache. Due to that, this area is now offlimits for caches, as the town found it. People on the forums name it the "Frisbee rule". It is meant as implied permission. You may have no problems with that silly magnet cache under the metal stairs, but that one at the top of some random object is eventually going to stand out, and someone does ask.
  7. GC3B427 is sitting on the side of open use property, namely a road, where I am allowed to use a container every day(car), and place several times a month other containers out on(trash/paper barrels). GC3F6WF is sitting just off of the path of an public walkway/bikeway, where the owner allows free movement and recreational use of the property(outside of the farm fields). The free use of the properties is more than enough (guidelinewise) permission. Both caches are placed in a way that an absolute minimal damage would be caused, and nobody is disturbed. Neither is in NSG. Both are LSG. The use of the land is complient with the restrictions of a LSG. Your turn! It should be interessing with all those t3.5+ caches.
  8. Are you sure about that? According to the owner, it did indeed pass to the NSG "rules". The land manager/property owner wasn´t thrilled when he found it was there, and sent a wonderful letter to the cache owner, viewable in his post before archiving. That a property owner doesn´t know it´s there when it´s placed, doesn´t mean that it´s tolerated by them. Eventually someone does see that problem cache and says something. I´d rather see a geocacher do it than the police or property managers/owners. It should be the other way around. The owner should use common sense while placing a cache, and not simply say "I´m putting one here, and don´t care what anyone says about it!" Such cache owners only damage the sport with this lack of "common" sense. It is the job of the finder to bring attention to such issues so that the game can continue normally. Otherwise, we all end up with the same problems as Hessen(sorry hzoi, a bit has changed since you last looked, and is still changing).
  9. That´s a bit overcomplicated. There´s a rubik´s cube as part of a multi around here. The owner did it in a rather silly way. I turned the cube about 3 times, then just looked at the number placement, and it was solved without solving the cube. That was a pleasant shortcut. I´m not sure if I´m allowed to actually explain how that one worked, though.
  10. It´s because people wasted the money on the climbing set, so they could get those few tree climbing caches, and then had no use for it. Now they want to mainstream climbing caches, regardless of if one should be there or not.
  11. What´s a few more special friends on the list? The owner was given the option to get permission for his cache, he chose not to try. It would have been nice if eigengott had spoken with me before reacting. I would have given him a copy of the emails.
  12. Good enough to get through the everyday, but sometimes it requires a few attempts. The grammer is a real pain. Yep, you discussed. Wondered about something, and somebody found the answer. Could very well be that something happens. It´s something for the owner to work out, or was something that he/she should have been handled long before now. We just have to wait and see.
  13. For the record: Names removed. Sehr geehrter Herr (schattentanz), danke für Ihre Mitteilung. Der Besitzer des Caches hat vom RVR – Eigentümer des Tetraeders – keine Genehmigung erhalten, dort ein Cache anzubringen. Auch ist es verboten außerhalb der öffentlichen Treppen auf dem Tetraeder herumzuklettern. Auch hier werden wir für diese Tätigkeit keine Erlaubnis erteilen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Im Auftrag ****** Parkleiter ---------translated----------- Dear Mr. Schattentanz Thank you for sharing this information. The cache owner has no permission from RVR- Owner of the Tetraeders- to mount a cache there. It is also forbidden to climb outside of the public stairs on the Tetraeder. We would not give permission for this activity. With friendly greetings (im auftrag translates odd. left out) ***************** Park supervisor. See? It´s easy to ask questions, and doesn´t hurt or cost money. Now if people would only do it beforehand...
  14. Yes and no. My wife drove there, and said "I´m not going in there! There´s snails/slugs/spiders/other random disgusting insects/animals! You go get it!" I answered "I´d rather just take a picture and go" and she said "I didn´t drive here for nothing. Go get it or we don´t go." We were a long way from home, and the walk home would have been through a pair less-than-friendly neighborhoods. Yes, I had to go get it, still took the pictures, and No, my wife didn´t go get it.
  15. I was going from the idea that the D/T was correct, and someone did say "Bring climbing equipment with you". But, when you want a number, fine. I make my own, as an "other" option is missing. 11: Ask myself if the cache owner actually said it was a climbing cache that he was placing, when he asked for permission. Then ask myself "Was that thing really built to be climbed on in such a manner." And perhaps when I decide that 11 comes up as "no": 12: Contact the property owner and see if the permissions are really for what the person hid there. I have no problem with people having fun, and doing things properly. I do have one with letting someone walk to their death. (Walk is meant as figurative in this post)
  16. People take what they can get. There´s not always that nice mountain or cliff to climb around on. People just put things on them. One cache owner here did similar with a smaller observation tower, in a protected nature area. The cache was stolen, including the brackets he screwed onto the tower for it. Next day after someone said it was gone, he put it out again. A few days later, the town contacted him, and said they don´t want it there at all. The cache was then archived. When someone sees such things, and does say something, the caches do go away. Be it a fellow cacher, some random person, or town worker. Someone says something to Groundspeak, it´s gone. Someone says something to the property owner, it takes a while longer, but then it´s gone. Sadly, my German sucks. I´ve only been living here for 5 years. I moved here from RI, but consider the entire New England region as "home" instead.
  17. Guess it would be nice if someone who lives in Germany would say something. So, here I go! I´ve come across some illegal caches, and I do report them. The rules and laws are, more or less, as is rule enforcement. Keep that in mind. One of the cache owner trends for the rule-bending/breaking is to list it with "Steath Required" or the funnier naming it a "Night cache". "Is permission obtained?, implied?, or was there no way they would get it?" are the questions not really asked, until someone complains. The problem here also falls on to the cachers themselves. Some, if not most, tend to log and forget, and go under the theory "I didn´t get caught/hurt, not my problem anymore." I went to one, listed as a "night cache". Before we drove off to it, I said to my wife that the cache sits in the sewer tunnel covered with "No tresspassing", and took the camera with me. Sure enough, there were the no tresspassing signs(the entire length of the "stream", at every possible crossing, so no "I didn´t see it!"s). I get home, my wife logs, and I say to add a needs archive. She answered "not my problem, not doing it". An email later, the cache was gone. Let´s step away from the cache theme a second, and go further. My monst... err mother-in-law had a problem. There were kids* partying in the woods near her house, and going loud late into the night in one of the pavillons. Next day, she whined around about it, and I asked her why she didn´t call the police. Answers: "Then the kids will come raise hell at my house cause I called!" then later "Other people live nearer to the woods, it´s their problem to handle, not mine". Great logic, I know. "It bothers me, but not my problem" is a common thing here. Meh, starting to ramble on too much. Short version: Cacher/CO apathy creates the situation. Some get the smiley, but eventually someone pays a big price for it. Why? "I found it, and don´t care anymore!" or "Someone else can deal with it" *Law note: Beer drinking age is somewhat lower here than in the US. (16)
  18. Yes, yes. I do actually read them. And to see if someone tends to have the problems alot with their mysteries/multis, I do actually have to try them to find the problem. I would make a list, but I´m not really a people person, and tact has since been replaced with dry/black humor and somewhat brutal honestly. I think my wife would add it to my list of forbidden things to do when she sees that suggestion. If by chance you would come to this area, I would have no problem pointing out the nice ones when asked. There is the risk that I start babbling away and say alot more than you want to hear of my opinion. Moving on... The cow is actually a minor example. Try having one with a name. The number of letters(when just counting) would only ever so slightly be off when used directly, or with simple addition/subtraction. That problem came up in the same puzzle as the cows. The few letters off brought us to a spot within the tolerable "off" of the gps with the area´s signal(was really only about 10 feet). Then came time to multiply, and those few feet were now several tenths of a mile. I also did the same with a multi with missing stations. I solved the few that I could, and had one or two missing numbers from the final. It gave a small area, so I searched with the hint. Found nothing, emailed the owner, recieved no response to questions about the missing stages, or if I was even in the right area(No, I wasn´t expecting the "Yes, you are correct with your search."). Short version, someone else did a Needs Archive, 2 days before archive, owner repaired the problems. I´d settle for working/semi-logical puzzles instead of broken elegant ones anyday.
  19. Easy. I first look at said puzzle, rule out the high terrain ones(due to no equipment for it/gravity is not my friend). Then it goes off into groups: Fun "Where am I?"s, "Puzzles for later", and "Uh, what?". Some of the ones that I think should be doable do turn out to have problems where what the owner wants is not sure, or only known to them. When I hit those, I take a quick look at other ones from the owner, and skip them, because they repeat the problems overall. This problem hits many multis here, too. As an example: You go to a location, and are asked "What company are you in front of?". Sounds overly simple, but here it can be a problem. For the example, I´ll use a bakery. On one sign, it says "Stadtbäckeri Blah", but is that the name, or is it StadtBäckeri/Konditorei Blah GmbH & Co Kg, as it stands on another smaller sign. There´s the first name problem. Now it goes further: is GmbH & Co Kg as it´s written, or the longer blah for the name. I´ve had problems where it wasn´t the short one, but listed so. And that´s only a small starting problem on something that´s meant as easy. And yes, the coordinates you pull from either comes out as logical when you attempt to go there. There was one with a picture in the field, that required you to count cows on it. The owner missed the fact that what appeared as one cow, was actually 2 standing near eachother, one with his head up, the other down. and that´s just a couple small problems that toss a mystery badly off. One of the last ones I did, was a bonus for another mystery. There was several problems, that weren´t the owner´s fault, but tossed it badly off until asking for help, which he answered. (Problem was changes to the park and playground which removed hints and changed them) Surprisingly, this problem goes away a bit when I go outside my homezone.
  20. Warning: Contains rant. So, when I check a puzzle in this area, I decide if it`s remotely doable or not, then the fun starts. I have to figure out what the person meant with the digit sum and how far, when used, plus wonder what exactly they think was right about their math formula, which goes fully in the wrong order, or is only understandable by the person who made it. Then I have to check the other puzzle components and wonder "What did this person smoke, and where do I get some?" So after a while of hard decisions, I get to go outside, and the fun begins. There´s the wonderful search of the area where it logically is, but is really several miles away, because the owner decided that nobody needs geocheck. Then I go back home, check all again, attempt to ask the owner, who never, ever answers any sort of question. So after no response, I pin a map on the wall, and begin to toss darts at where it could possibly be, which has worked more often than that proper solving did. So then I go back outside, and check around my new coordinates, and find a billion empty hiding spots. I start to wonder "Were those last 10 logs fake, or is it gone?" So after more searching and searching, I decide that the owner sadly hid his cache with his I-phone, and wish I could hide his I-phone in an unpleasant spot on him. Still searching, I start to think "Hmmm... I never see many cache owners while out caching, perhaps the other cachers found them and hid the owners remains as well as the caches." Then there´s the annoyince of how this person hates shorter logs, and then I have to overcome the urge to leave a log(depending on found or not) with a list of how bad it is, and a suggestion that the owner does something anatomically impossible as a response to their note attempting to put the blame elsewhere, or whatever the excuse. Then I go back home, check all pictures and logs from said mystery, then attempt to brute force it again. So back to the site after reviewing(a picture of the container helps more than one would think.) So I go back out to last area, check 40+feet away from where it should be, and either find it, or the empty holder where it once was. That all said... I tend to avoid mysteries and multis here. They are simply that badly done.
  21. http://coord.info/TB240AA More for Münster Germany, but is bicycle related.
  22. Handle the coins as if they were your own. When you wouldn´t put your coin in it, then it´s better to wait and find a better area.
  23. I had somebody steal a trackable out of one of mine. The day after it was put in, I was checking the cache for a camo-dump, and it was gone from the box. I waited 2 weeks, marked it as missing, and contacted the owner with a list of who was there, and when, after it was dropped off. Seems it didn´t help it come back, but atleast nobody runs to the cache looking for it, and complains in the logs.
  24. Yes and no. You all found it together, so all would be tied for first. The next cacher who comes along would then be 6th.
  25. I always followed the idea that the more someone freaked out over a proxy, the more they wanted to liberate it from the game themself. Though, I will say I agree that proxy should be written on coin pages when it´s not the real one. Oh, and it has long since become a standard for me to not expect to find a coin in a cache after the first couple days. I understand it, and can live with that fact, but don´t find it really acceptable.
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