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  1. There are occasionally times when I stupidly forget to bring a pen with me to a nano and am unable to sign the log. In these situations, I ALWAYS at the very least locate the cache, open it, take a look before I log it as found. When this is the case, I always try to write a very descriptive log that proves I actually found it and am not just trying to increase my numbers.
  2. A few months ago when I was brand new to geocaching, I went out by myself into a vast, heavily wooded area (surrounded by basically ghost towns) that I was 100% unfamiliar with. There were no trails and I was bushwhacking the whole way. Got hopelessly lost, GPS died eventually. Thought I was going to die too. On another occasion, I climbed a rock "wall" that was about 70 feet high at a 90 degree angle without any climbing equipment. When I reached the top, I realized that there was a narrow path going around it I could have used instead
  3. Also found a fire hydrant out in the middle of the woods in Worcester, MA! On another occasion, my boyfriend and I found a wallet full of cash, credit cards, and identification that looked like it had been sitting there for months. It turned out that the address on the documents didn't even exist! We turned it in to the police and no one claimed it.
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