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  1. I have two kinds: the ones out in the wilderness (low maintenance) and the ones in town (higher maintenance). I only have three of each but plan to put out a couple more. That will probably be it for me. I'd never place one somewhere I wouldn't frequent myself anyway. For me, it's all about how good they are, not how many. I made two promises when I started creating my own: 1) My cache is not the only significant thing about that spot, and 2) I would never place anything smaller than a "small" cache. Those two restrictions make creating new caches a challenge. Anyone can throw a micro under a rock, but it's harder to make it more interesting for the cacher.
  2. Well, at least two of the previous posters reported not having as many maintenance issues with their premium caches, so I'd say that's some support for the idea that making them PMOs can help protect them from being trashed.
  3. Huh. That's interesting. My Oregon shuts down sometimes for no reason at all. I wonder if it's my batteries?
  4. Just a thought... in the past I've found that people start out with alkaline batteries 1.5 v, but later switch to rechargables, say NiMH which are nominally 1.2 v... BUT forget to check the battery type settings. This can cause the device to show low battery early on. There are reasons for that, but it is techy and not a quick answer... Just check. Also make sure that the batteries are freshly charged... if they sit a while, they can self discharge or simply lose charge and thus deplete fairly quickly. Sometimes happens to me when I forget to top them up after a caching layoff period.. Hope that might help. Doug 7rxc No, I've got the right battery type selected, thanks. I think it's more than I don't use the unit every day so the batteries sit for longer.
  5. This particular geotour was comprised of already existing caches. It was organized by two local cachers, who went to 23 businesses and agencies in two towns for funding. I think they said they spend at least $5k on coins, which doesn't surprise me as you got two coins after completing the whole thing (one trackable), plus two wooden nickels. While the two organizers probably took a little gas money, I doubt they were compensated in any other way. The passport does ask for your geocaching name, but that's so they can verify the earthcache logging. Not all the caches were physical. The businesses don't see the passports, but they do get publicity on it. There is no economic impact data collected. Yes, I can see where the marketing aspect of this comes in. I'm going up to Helena to do their geotour soon, where I'll spend time and money in local businesses. I was just surprised to find geotours are so commercial. Before this, I had thought they were set up by locals who just wanted to.
  6. I'm too dadgum stupid to figure out most puzzle caches, so I tend to skip right over them. I daresay many cachers have the same problem. Lately I've been into multis, which are more step-by-step and don't involve deep thinking, just persistence.
  7. I recently completed a very nicely done geotour and attended an event cache celebrating it. While I was talking to the organizers, the topic of costs came up and I was stunned to learn this particular tour (50 caches) cost $12k to set up! Just to list the tour on the website is $2,500 a year. How can anyone afford this? Perhaps we'd have more geotours if would-be organizers didn't have to run around finding corporate sponsors. (Seriously, that's what the organizers of this tour had to do.)
  8. I don't think Colorado's all that keen on geo-art at the moment. We got burned pretty badly recently, even had death threats.
  9. I don't have very many caches and haven't had to make any of them premium yet, but if I end up doing regular maintenance on the ones in town, I will probably do so. I live in a rural area, so the kids with iPhones who don't know what they're doing are at a minimum, but that could change. One hopes that if someone cares enough to pay $30 to play the game, they at least know something about it.
  10. Oh, I intend to later this year. You're on my list, although Helena MT is before you. I'm looking forward to it -- save me a coin!
  11. I use rechargeables in my Oregon 450 and it seems to work fine. They don't last as long though.
  12. Wow, that's cool. I haven't run into any of those yet. (I hate those tiny rolled-up logs, too.)
  13. I guess that's exactly what GC wants. More players means more $$. (short term, that is). And there you've hit the nail on the head. Follow the money. It's not about what's best for the game; it's about how much money power trails make for Groundspeak. Knowing that, it doesn't matter how many people speak against them, they're here to stay until land managers ban all geocaching on their property and someone starts an underground geocaching site.
  14. I have to admit, after reading a lot of what some "cachers" do on these pages, I'm not very inclined to think much of high-numbers guys. I can't help thinking they are either armchair loggers, throwdowners, leap-froggers, or just log everything as a find because they spent a minute looking for it (or even just loaded it on their gps). What I don't think is that they went up to each and every cache, opened it, signed the log, and carefully put it back the way they found it. I'm sure there are plenty of cachers with high counts who did do it right, but their reputation is sullied by the cheaters.
  15. Thanks. I didn't know this site existed.
  16. Nope, didn't work. There is still no option to just show the symbol.
  17. I don't get those options, just "show on map." I can hide the name if I click a single cache, but not more than one at once. I'm using Basecamp 4.4.7.
  18. Then you're stuck with used ones on eBay or Craigslist. They probably work fine; the seller could have just upgraded to a newer one.
  19. I use a Garmin Oregon 450 G.P.S. My daughter Bought it for me in Halifax abut 5 years ago. I am just beginning to understand it I plug it into my computer and click (computer)I then click on Garmin and then the GPX file. I can delete all the unwanted caches through their GC code It Has worked very well in removing Caches that I have logged as found and any others that I no Longer want on my G.P.S. --"RAKSOTA" We're not talking about removing the actual caches, but the cache names displayed on the map. We want to see only the symbols.
  20. Doesn't work. I only get "show on map" option. No mention of the symbol.
  21. Also, put the date the geotour/trail was first published. That way, we know if the prize is likely still available or all gone. (Sorry, but I have a thing for getting those geocoins!)
  22. 49 here. I started a few years ago, stopped for a while, then picked it up again. I tend to go for the geotours.
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