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  1. The few times I've been out for an FTF and saw another cacher at or near GZ, I've just moved along and decided to return at a later time when I have the place to myself. I don't do the "co-FTF" thing and I'd honestly rather just keep to myself when I'm out caching. I save the social aspect of it for events.

    I don't do the co-FTF thing either. Last summer a friend and I stopped to find a new cache together. She was the one who actually spotted it, and while she was happy to let me claim co-FTF, I thought that wasn't quite on the up and up so I didn't.

  2. Can't say I'm a fan of formatted logs. My GPS shows the first few logs as part of the cache file, but any log that isn't plain text just reads as gobbledygook, which wouldn't matter except I go to the logs in the field sometimes when I get stuck.


    Of course, just having [red] in there wouldn't be a big deal, but some people go to town with their formatting. I hate to have one of the few log files available to me "wasted" with something that's hard to read when I'm looking for help.

  3. Actually I don't understand why everybody these days is not only using bloated html-email, but also embedded images that have to be loaded from a server when you try to read the mail. Plaintext is so easy to handle on every device and saves so much energy and transferred data.

    Not only that, but my GPS downloads the first few logs as well as the cache data. Trying to read those jumbled-up logs on a tiny screen isn't helpful.

  4. That happened to me once. The cacher was a newbie and was urged to try it by her two little kids. They went looking for a cache that was actually some distance away and stumbled across my unpublished cache instead. They took the FTF prize and a geocoin, which they never passed on. They meant well, but completely ruined a caching experience I'd spent some time and expense setting up. Apparently they never cached again and kept the geocoin. I felt bad for the owner. My FTF prize was another unactivated coin that was clearly wasted on them.

  5. Will there ever be a time when we will see the actual State Souvenir artwork without having to click on it? Seems like such a small thing, but there is some really good artwork there that is not being viewed.

    Yes, I always thought that was a bit strange.

  6. I appreciate if a cache description tells me why the cache got hidden - that helps considerably in deciding whether I want to go there.

    For me the location of a cache and what can be encountered there is an integral part of the cache. The container and the hideout are the least important for me.


    I know the rules and do not want to argue about them. In my opinion however the reason why someone hides a cache at some place is very closely related to the cache itself.

    Agreed. I never understood the anti-business rule anyway. What does it matter if you say you like a nearby restaurant? That's probably why you put the cache there in the first place. So what if you tell others in the cache description? Does it somehow lessen the geocaching experience?


    But back to the OP's point, yes, I can see how the somewhat arbitrary application of the rules can be discouraging. You find a cache you like, try to do something similar somewhere else, and suddenly it's no-go.

  7. You might do better to contact specific cache owners directly. Those who are likely done with geocaching (and therefore willing to give up their caches) are probably not coming to this forum. Look for owners who haven't logged in for at least a year and email them. Maybe they'd be happy to hand the burden of cache ownership over to you and were only keeping their caches alive for others. Or they may have forgotten about their caches completely. You could also look for "needs maintenance" caches that haven't been touched in months.


    You probably ought to be prepared for a few "F off" responses, as well. ;)

  8. I guess he's having a great time, but it seems to take the fun out of the game for everyone else. You know that if you spot a new cache you're very unlikely to get to it first.

    Yes, I can see that point of view. I'm not sure I'd use the word "greedy," but he does seem a little inconsiderate. There's nothing you can do about it though, unless you want to go to the same extremes he does. I guess FTF is more important to him than to you.


    I went to considerable effort to be the first to finish a new local geotour this year. For some reason, I caught the bug on that one. But I have no intention of doing so next year when they revamp it. Let someone else have a turn.

  9. Given my recent experience trying to get an earthcache published, I'd say there's a need. It takes 1-2 weeks just to get a reviewer to look at your proposed cache, and another 1-2 weeks to get him to look at it again. I'd also like the reviewer to be a geocacher himself. I'm getting the impression so far that my reviewer looks at an earthcache like it's in some sort of classroom. These guys do realize people are reading these caches on tiny gps screens on top of a mountain? I want mine to be an adventure, not a field lab, but it looks like I'm going to have to abandon it or make it boring enough to pass inspection.


    In other words, I want someone who understands backcountry caching to review my proposal, not a university professor.

  10. I put "please don't do the 'visit' thing with my TB" on the trackable's page. I think this dipping coins or visiting or whatever it's called is silly. Just put it in the next cache so it can get on with its mission.

    I think it should be up to the owner if he/she wants to allow them, it's not up to you to decide that it's silly for their own coins. Yours, well it's yours to decide what you want done with. Others, not your choice.

    I didn't say it was. I merely stated what I want done with my trackable and what I think of the practice of dipping. Or am I required to think only as you do?

  11. I put "please don't do the 'visit' thing with my TB" on the trackable's page. I think this dipping coins or visiting or whatever it's called is silly. Just put it in the next cache so it can get on with its mission.

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