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  1. I don't care for the visit thing. It seems pretty pointless, especially when you consider that the trackable probably isn't actually visiting that cache at all, but is just being logged. It's also annoying if the trackable has a mission that sends it somewhere in particular. Holding on to it just stops its progress.

  2. What you are describing is more typically the result of NOT having the compass enabled at low speed. The drift in GPS signal causes the unit to think you are constantly moving slightly in different directions. Avoiding this is one of the nice features of the mag compass.


    Double check settings: Setup / Heading / Compass = Auto

    As you get down to around (IIRC) 3mph, the compass should kick in. If Compass = Off, you're at the mercy of the quality of the GPS fix you can hold.


    No, it's definitely having the e-compass kick in that's doing it. The auto profile, where it's set to off, doesn't have this problem. For some reason, the gps orientation and the electronic orientation aren't matching.

  3. Yes, I'm pretty sure it is the e-compass causing the problem, but I hate to turn it off since I need it for when I'm standing still. Then again, since it's not giving me good readings anyway, perhaps it wouldn't be much of a loss. The next time it happens out on the trail, I'm going to try recalibrating it again and see if that helps.


    I turned "lock on road" off a while ago when it was causing my map to freeze up when I stepped out of the car.



  4. I've had my Oregon 450 for several years now and mostly it works just fine, but there is this one glitch I've never been able to address. I've exchanged my unit for another one twice, even talked to Garmin about it, but the problem remains.


    The problem is this: When I'm in geocaching profile, either using the road navigation or direct routing, the moving map shifts whenever I come to a full stop, either driving or walking. It doesn't do this in automotive profile. (I don't know about the other profiles because those are the only two I use.)


    It's a nuisance because I have to keep moving to get accurate readings, and if you're using the unit for road navigation, suddenly having the map rotate as much as 90° when you come to a stop sign or red light can be very disorienting.


    I found some other threads talking about the electronic vs GPS compass, but I've run into this problem even out walking in the wilderness with it, not just in the car. I notice the compass is set to "auto" in geocaching profile and "off" in automotive. I've tried recalibrating the compass, but it hasn't made any difference.


    Thanks for any help other Oregon users can give me.

  5. If someone claims a find but does not actually sign the log without a r

    eason example no pen but photo of log as proof does the CO allowed to delete that log and if so does "said" person lose the smile face?


    That sort of thing seems a bit petty to me, not to mention labor intensive. Are cache owners really going to go through their logs and crosscheck the electronic log with the paper one? Seems unlikely, especially considering the state of some of the paper logs I've seen.


    Geocaching is a game of honor. If you're going to cheat, why play at all? That said, any time someone logs a cache, unless it's obvious they're lying or failed to fulfill some vital task, the cacher should be given the benefit of the doubt.


    That's what I think anyway, and how I play the game.

  6. The Oregon 450's been out for a few years now, and while the design is easy to use and the unit is fairly reliable, it can be a little glitchy (mostly when you come to a full stop). The touchscreen makes it pretty idiot-proof. The two AA batteries last about 8 hrs with continuous use, so I'd use rechargeables if I were you. Maps, of course, will cost you an arm and a leg.


    You can get one on eBay for about $200. Stay away from the bootleg maps though; they often don't work.

  7. I recently went to visit a friend in England and thought I'd get a geocache or two while I was there. This was in August. Imagine my surprise when I went to log my first find and got an "Explorer" souvenir. I had no idea where it came from or how to find the other six events I was supposed to complete to get the Achiever souvenir. This was all news to me.


    How can I find out about these things beforehand? I've looked all over this site and there's nothing that announces souvenir challenges.

  8. When I drop a trackable somewhere and go to log it, there is an option to note that I dropped it off. Why isn't there an option to note that I picked one up? Geocaching.com shows a trackable is in the cache; why not have a box so you can check off that you picked it up?


    As it is, I have to go to the trackable's page to log that I found it. It's a clumsy why of doing things.

  9. Add my voice to those who want country souvenirs. I got one in England last year and will get another in Mexico later on. It's disappointing not to have a little online marker to log that achievement.


    I would also recommend doing the United Kingdom and Ireland by county, if it's not too much trouble.

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