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  1. I have nothing new to add. I get the email that PQ is ready to download, and go to GC.com only to find the PQ is not there under the tab... Bummer big time, as I was heading out in about an hour!!

  2. ...Recently we've had a whole bunch of "series" caches come out, hidden in a whole bunch of fast food chain restaurants. It came out in a thread in our local forums called "Spew Spew Spew". Aptly named. I have nothing against a good micro cache... It's the spew that I have issue with. Who can possibly maintain 100 micros (those logs fill up fast) in 100 stores of the same chain across the state. The cache pages are all the same, so where's the interest factor? The caches aren't all hidden in the best of spots, which could cause a cache finder some problems, and now the logs appearing on them are all cut and paste too, so if you've read one, you've read them all. The problem I'm having with this type of hiding is that this has become so widespread. New cachers come along (I have nothing against new cachers either, it's their teachers, I tell ya!) and think that's how all (key word is "all") caches are supposed to be hidden, and hide a whole bunch more, in another series. It's spreading like a mutant virus. I doubt that we have become so saturated with caches that there's no where else to hide them! So the issues I see are:

    1. maintenance

    1a. blocking a good park from having a cache.

    2. giving geocaching a black eye by putting geocachers in unsafe situations.

    3. getting hit by a car

    4. getting arrested/bomb squad

    5. causing more of the same cache hide style to spread (and it is)


    I can love a good micro hide. But take me somewhere I want to go, not to some fast food chain I wouldn't even eat at, where I can get hit trying to find the cache, or arrested for looking suspicious, please. PLEASE! And thank you so much!

    May I please have some pie too? :)

    AMEN! What I have underlined in the quote above is so true! Nothing wrong with a good micro hide, but so much of the micro hides are "SPEW" or as I like to call it "micro tosses", and not inspiring at all.

  3. Heya. I tried searching the forums but it wouldn't let me because PNG is less that 5 characters and there has to be a minimum of 5 characters in each search term.


    Oh well


    My question is: What is a PNG cache?


    I saw a listing for on and I don't know what it is.





    Park and Grab.

  4. I was just looking at the three units together, and we need to get some Garmin designers and engineers to do the same. The benefit of the black numbers on white background speaks for itself. The other two looks like fashion statements in comparison.

    BINGO!! I was thinking the same thing. I own a 60Cx and love the unit. If it is possible to lighten the background with the black numbers on the Oregons and Colorados, then maybe you'd gain a little better readability?? I agree, why give up functionality for the sake of vanity? :D


    Again, kudos to you g-o-cashers for your efforts here...

  5. Just a word of appreciation for the fantastic job g-o-cashers is doing in providing us this information so quickly about the Oregon.


    Thanks !


    Looking forward to learn more about your experiences with this new device



    Yes, Ditto! Thanks for you putting the Oregon through its paces.

  6. Such caches have a high muggle factor. I will go do them when I have my kids with me or the area is empty. Sad reality is that a lone 40ish male with a ziploc bag full of trade items does look suspicious around the playground equipment. Just a fact.


    That would be me. Never married. No kids. Makes it tough to approach a cache without raising eyebrows! If it's still around in the winter I'll go back when the temps are in the teens! I figure I'd have the area to myself then? :lol::laughing:

  7. Sounds like a great idea. I've also been in public areas that are open to hunting and it is no time to be concealing! You definitely want to stand out. I'd buy one just for those few instances where caches were hidden in public hunting areas. I cache with Summitt Dweller on occasion, and he carries a blaze orange stocking cap for those particular cache hunts. I will buy a cap for next season myself. :lol:

  8. Gotta' go with Garmin. Heck I live in same community as their World Headquarters down the street! :D


    Garmin V for map routing along streets/highways and use Garmin etrex Legend for the trail. Love both units. Been thinking about the 60c or 76c :o

  9. I agree with woo2. I don't believe it's a sock puppet issue. The weather here in the midwest the last two weekends has been increasingly warmer (especially this last weekend of Feb.). Snow is gone and haven't had much rainy weather to speak of, so people are getting outdoors! :)

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