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  1. Well I performed a hard reset on the device and ensured all updates were performed. The Wi-Fi worked for a while but then began the same behavior again after a couple months. I have narrowed it down to the Garmin Outdoor Apps program that is running. When the Wi-Fi refuses to respond, I will perform a Force Stop on the Garmin Outdoor Apps. This forces the program to re-initialize. Then magically the Wi-Fi connects and works like a charm. No doubt that the built-in apps are somehow messing with the Android Wi-fi framework. If you notice your Monterra exhibiting unreliable Wi-fi connections, try this technique and let me know if it works for you.
  2. Yes I have. I have religiously kept on top of the updates for the device. I notice that when I tell the device to shut down that the Wi-Fi miraculously reconnects just seconds before the device shuts off. I am planning on doing a hard reset soon to see if a system file glitch is the issue.
  3. I have been tethering my Monterra to my home wifi, cell phone hotspot, and Jetpack (separate mobile hotspot device) and constantly have issues with the WiFi disconnecting orn"ghosting" (showing it is connectesd but not sending/recieving data. Often times I have to either cycle the WiFi off and back on or just reboot the whole device to get it to work again. Sometimes it shows there is no signal on the current network even if the hotspot is right next to it. Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. I did some further testing of the issue. If you install routable street maps (city navigator, etc.) It will give you a distance to ETA if you set the routing for Auto mode. You can then switch to Direct routing and it will work. But it will not work by calculating in Direct Routing mode first. Really inconvenient for sure. I believe I saw a post on a review site with this issue identified and Garmin was made aware. Hopefullythey fix it with the next update release.
  5. I have tried every version of routing and profile setting. Currently it is set for direct routing and it shows the current route is a straight line but always says "--" in the dist to dest. Data field. Never changes.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking! Although I have never owned an Oregon, yoy would think that the Monterra would behave like a traditional GPSr in at least some semblance to the Oregon. The proprietary Android App provided by Garmin obviously has some major issues as well.
  7. Hi everyone. I am wondering if anyone else is having issues with the Garmin App map on the Monterra. Whenever I try to navigate to a waypoint, POI, geocache, coordinates, etc. it always shows "--" in the Dist. To Dest. Data field. It also shows the same thing in the compass screen when I am actively navigating. I've played with every setting to no avail. I use mine for geocaching and this is shocking to not have the ability to have it show my distance. On a related note, when using the map under a geocache listing in the geocaching menu, the distance displayed next to the compass does not update. It gives you the current distance of when you opened the cache listing. You have to back out and reload the cache again to get an updated distance. Anyone else having this problem too?
  8. Hey all, I would enjoy having the ability to be able to have a dowloadable GPX file that contains the information of all the TBs/geocoins I have moved or discovered. I am an AVID user of GSAK and as part of my statistics building I like to keep an updated list of all the trackables and geocoins I have ever found. Right now, I have to manually enter every TB into my database manually and it is very time consuming. Unless somebody knows a better way? Thanks, Tony Keyser TheCachin8tor
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