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  1. quote:Originally posted by Jors:For under R1000, Garmap might be an option too. Not much there, but look at http://www.garmap.com Does anybody know the real difference between Garmap and Mapsource. I have an Etrex Vista and am very keen to purchase one of these but am not sure which one is better value. Garmin on the one hand should be more compatible and I get lookup functions for streets etc but on the other hand Garmap is R1300 less, and I suspect Garmap would be kept up to date more so than the Garmin product. However -how many users are there of Garmap's product? Garmin's mapsource has pedigree whereas Garmap seems to be version 1 software. Anybody tried both- Do they both have the same level of accuracy and detail?
  2. Garmin now has this posted on their site: http://www.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/cityselectSAFRICA.html# Has anybody loaded and checked this out. At R2300 is it really worth it??
  3. It is my understanding that ETA is calculated using VMG and Current distance but I am new at this so I may be wrong
  4. It is my understanding that ETA is calculated using VMG and Current distance but I am new at this so I may be wrong
  5. quote:Originally posted by Pneumatic: It's the average speed for the entire time you have been moving since resetting the trip odometer. I'm guessing that it defines moving as "having moved more than some small distance since the last measurement". My legend seems to do a reasonable job, and I'm sure that the software is the same on the vista. -- Mitch The vista also gives me overall average speed which according to my observations is the correct average speed since last trip reset. Is the difference between the two the fact that the one uses overall trip time and the other only moving time (ie it ignores stopped time?)
  6. Can someone tell me how this is calculated. The manual seems to be quiet on the subject. Is there any way I can change the period of the moving average calculation??
  7. quote:Originally posted by jeffdunning: Is there an external antenna available for the vista? Check out following sites for help: http://home.t-online.de/home/gartrip/antenna.htm http://vancouver-webpages.com/peter/extant.txt These guys built their own!!!
  8. quote:Originally posted by mcb: ...look into a re-radiating antenna.... mcb http://blithe.cwru.edu/gps/gpsyote.jpg GPS-Yote Where would I get such a thing?
  9. pdhbo


    quote:Originally posted by Peter Robson: I would love to download my routes onto a GIS program and overlay contour, geology or flora layers. Anyone managed this yet? I have been able to achieve the following: a) At the following site you can create your own map showing topography, borders and rivers and add your own towns (for calibration). All you need to input is the boundary co-ordinates of the map you want. http://www.aquarius.geomar.de/omc/make_map.html You must select adobe illustrator format for the download and once the map is shown downlaod it to your PC. I then downloaded the trial version of adobe illustrator and opened the previously downloaded map. In AI you can edit the map and take out names and various other features you do not want on your map. AI then allows you to scale the map to whatever size you want (I went with +200%) and it does this without losing details since it is a vector diagram and not a bitmap. You can also change the colours if you so wish. c) Once you are happy with your AI version then select "Save as Web" and save it as a JPEG. Microsoft Imaging or Microsoft Photo editor then allows you to save this image as a Bitmap. d) I then used this bitmap in Oziexplorer to create my own custom map with as much details and clarity as I wanted and then calibrated it with known waypoints for towns shown on the original map I downloaded. If you need more help on this then email me. mbotha@mrpricegroup.com
  10. I am in South Africa and am looking for an Etrex Vista. They seem to go for around US$260 on ebay but it is difficult to find a seller who is prepared to ship to SA. Since all US maps are of little use to me and our extremely weak exchange rate I am looking to pay about US$250 plus postage (USPS- US$18). The local dealers seem to be smoking pot and are asking R5000-R6000 for these units!!
  11. I currently do not own a GPS but am considering purchasing either a Vista, GPSMAP76S or GPSV and have done extensive research on the net on the differences between these. I am a keen hiker, 4X4 enthusiast and fisherman (fly + surf). It seems that my decision comes down to the usefulness of the "fishing hotspots" or "fishing times" functionality in some of the units. Is someone out there a keen fisherman and if so how useful is this "fishy" functionality really? Are there not more important functions that I should rather look for (eg antenna type for dashboard installation in 4X4)? Is the fishing functionality a gimmick or does it really work?
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