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  1. thanks for the feedback......! yes its a dinosaur alright. in fact i think it was produced the 1st day the internet came out......so no cables/computer hook ups that I can see. its in great shape however, (never taken out of box till today). Has a "highway/compass steering guidance" feature that looks like it might get me to my 1st few caches. And yes......your right.....at some point, I would love to grab a more modern GPS.......but for now......will see how this works. Just got batteries for it, and Hurricane Irene is almost on top of us.......so plenty of time to learn how to use it !! Always nice to put a gift to use, even if its 15 years later !! EDIT: LOL.....after reading page 1.....I now understand that being stuck inside a building in a hurricane is not the ideal way to begin using a GPS. Guess I will just read the manual till it gets sunny again
  2. Just learned about Geocaching. I have this old GPS I received as a gift. Its for marine use, but I figured I could use the basic features to get started finding my 1st few GeoCaches. I have never used the thing but still have the manual. Think it is a 1996/97 model !! Any reason I cant make due w/ this ?? Never used a GPS before.....
  3. add to that Tweezers Paper clip to reroll the nano logs walking stick to beat the bushes for snakes oor animals more batteries a phone to call for help if needed. a car antenna with a magnet on end of it. a rain pancho or umbrella screwdriver flat and star. for just incase never know when you need one a pocket knife A LARGE TRUNK TO KEEP ALL THIS STUFF IN while your hunting in the bush "a car antenna with a magnet on end of it".......ummmm.....why ??
  4. That was on a remote river in Western Alaska.......the Goodnews River to be specific. Big Rainbow trout !! I threw him back
  5. I am just a Geocaching Tadpole, but thanks !
  6. I mean......Geocach-ers !! New member......this looks like fun. Cant wait to get started !!!
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