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  1. Given the distance they can communicate and the hardships of UHF in the woodline, how far are you thinking they will travel? I would say 1-2 miles maybe more mountain to mountain. Encouraging the wife to take her test, would be time better spent... IMHO
  2. This may help. http://www.echolink.org/firewall_solutions.htm If you use DSL you will have to call them to open the ports. If you use a typical home network such as Linksys with a cable connection etc.. you can open them yourself. Good luck. DE: N4NNX
  3. You can always find me here 56135, or atleast one of the other geocachers in the area. Just make a general call for any geocacher. All the hams here know what it is and are persuing the hobby also. My call is N4NNX.
  4. Most every vhf/uhf net I know of out here starts with the opportunity to pass formal traffic, but seldomly used. We have the tar heel net that also passes formal traffic on hf. Packet? oh man one of my former favorite modes! we just recently took down a kpc3 acting as a digipeater (80 watts at 3000 feet) that done a great job. Then all of a sudden, everyone dissapeared then the nodes and bbs's all started going too. I think the crumbling of packet and what has slowed down nts out here is simple..what we are doing here pretty much muffled it, along with the ease of cell phones and all other non licensed forms of communications! During desert shield AT&T put phone booths out in the desert, thus even slowing down mars and over all shutting down may mars stations due to the lack of traffic passing. I remeber packet slowing down when alot of those free email programs like Juno started being used. However APRS is very active here. I remember having an old 286 laptop in the vehicle hooked up to packet and staying on what we called the SEDAN network, it was fun having all those nodes available mobile. Here is a picture of the old network. http://www.qsl.net/kd4gxy/sedanm.html I like that cache idea! very tempting!
  5. I'm assuming your in the USA? Q: Are there any age requirements to get an amateur radio license? A: No, anyone can obtain an amateur radio license as long as they pass the license exam. I'm not sure what you mean by"once needed" but the tech no code license is about as regular as they come, as far as testing requirements that is. Alot to be enjoyed with this license, good luck and here is a link with some answers regarding such. http://w5ac.tamu.edu/newham.php
  6. Kevin, Take a look here at a cache placed by W1TNX. It may give you some ideas, he had to archive it do to muggles, but You'll see the general idea. Bruce is a great guy and if you contact him I'm sure he will tell you how he set it up... 73 N4NNX. GCJRT7 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e8-c04d61022ccc
  7. If the weight of a hand held is a concern being most only weigh ounces, WHAT YOU GOT IN THAT PACK DUDE?..and if your packing that heavy you must be going deep into some wild terratory and a micro ht might not be suitable.....sorry had to ask I like my VX-170 its only VHF but built like an M1 Tank I figure if the battery ever dies and I was stranded, I could chase down some wildlife and let my primal instincts take over and use it for a club or something, all jokes aside, visit a local hamfest or dealer and put them in your hands to see what is fitting for you. Good luck and scope out the Yaesu line, the waterproof standards they have incorporated in some of there radios is nice to have out there.
  8. Thanks for getting the W4ERT group in quick. After the geocaching presentation at the local ARES/RACES group meeting saturday I feel you will be hearing a few more of us. Net sounded great! thanks for all the hard work. A few of the guys were really tired this week and some had to travel tomorrow so the participation was a bit low. With the sysops (W4AW) help I think the kerchunking has smoothed out a bit. Thanks for the patience. Added a yahoo group on my page, feel free to join and add your .10 worth! Thanks again for making such a fun and informative net!
  9. Whoever calls the net this week I would like to ask if the W4ERT group can check in as early as possible. Reason being is the kerchunking issue and I may not be able to keep the net up for the full duration because of time constraints. If we have any individuals that are wanting to remain, I will have them connect direct. Thanks for the consideration. The group here is really enjoying the net and we are hearing alot of positive things being said out this way! Thanks for keeping it going...n4nnx.
  10. We usually pre plan a repeater that works the area we are caching. When in the field, seems like the norm here in our area of North Carolina is 146.580 simplex. I use the VX-170, this radio was made for caching. Just added the water proof hand mic today "ouch" that was a quick $60.00 spent however, nice to know the next time it rains I wount have to hide the HT
  11. will work on the ker-chunking...thanks for the warm welcome and the patience with the problem. Good to hear everyone, feel free to connect locally to the w4ert echo node anytime. Next week we should have it tweaked and ready for the net.
  12. sorry for all the ker-chunking on the w4ert node. we will have the node tweaked and hopefully return 100% thanks for letting us join in.
  13. Tayter, you right on the time for the net. It is @ 9:30 est time. Do hope to here you on tonight. Do you monitor the echolink all the time or on your way to and from work? Yes we will be there, I have spoken to some of the others and they also are excited about checking in. I will bring up the node via our local repeater. As far as my times on the node, well my work day is the usual 8am-5pm monday - friday however mostly you can find me anytime after 6PM Est. Feel free to dial me up and give me a call or give David KE4HKQ a call also, he monitors slightly more than I can. If you have a specific time you want to chat like to and from work, I would be more than glad to keep the HT handy during those hours.
  14. Well last time I checked 6:30pm pst puts it @ 10:30pm est I might be wrong though . Looks like a great site though . Hope some of them can join us this week. Grrrr..dont know what i was thinking..see you there! to long of a day and had my wires crossed Guess that would be 9:30pm est
  15. Looking forward to checking in. We also have a Echo node in Taylorsville North Carolina that the local Geo-Hams like to monitor #56135. Dial it up sometime and give me a call N4NNX John. Some of the others that also monitor are KE4HKQ David, W1TNX Bruce and KC6YJN John to name a few.
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