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  1. A needs maintenance does not count as a find because in some instances you might not find a cache that deserves a needs maintenance. For instance say you can't find the cache and your caching partner has previously found it and verifies that it's not there. A missing cache certainly needs maintenance, but you shouldn't get credit for a find because you didn't find anything.


    Another example might be a cache that became inaccessible. For example maybe a tree came down on it, or it fell from its hiding place and can no longer be reached. It obviously needs maintenance, but many geocachers will not log finds in these cases because even though they saw the cache, they didn't get to sign the logbook.


    If you do find the cache and it needs maintenance then you log a find and a NM. Two different log types that serve two different purposes.


    This is the one answer that makes sense. FYI: I'm entering this hobby/sport attempting to apply the rules 100%. So many caches apparently don't. My question was intended to understand the way the counts work.

  2. The find count is not a score. If that is your incentive you are missing out on so much more.


    However, a needs maintenance log is just that. It lets the CO know you found a problem. Log it separately from your found it log. This way you can let the CO know of issues even if you were revisiting a cache.


    I appreciate response to my post. However, everyone has their own reason for Geocaching. I'm not missing out but I appreciate your advice.

  3. Thanks everybody... Yes, I figured that out after going to the Cache page and saw that the owner said it was temporarily unavailable but he/she pointed to my log as a hint to the new, temporary hiding place. The owner will retrieve it and put it in its proper place.


    Again, thanks everyone.

  4. I just checked my Geocaches and noted that one of them has a line crossing out the title (see below):


    Sunday, 25 September 2011California


    bsandrew found Balboa Park International Exchange This Cache name has a line essentially crossing it out.


    Field Note: Found it totally exposed next to a palm tree. Everthing of value has been taken and there is no log. Bring paper if you look for this one. I hid it under a downed tree 30ft from the palm tree. Wood is wood.


    I salvaged the Cache and put it nearby, staying true to the hint. Can anyone tell me what's the story with the line crossing out the Cache name??? Did the Cache owner do it?

  5. Hi Everyone,


    This is probably an over done topic but I've just started to Geocache but I'm totally addicted. This is a great way to hike and get work out of your head. As a new user I have been trying to make certain to do everything by the book. But I've been somewhat discouraged that Trackables are not being logged as grabs and drops as they should. Eight out of 10 times, the Trackable that is supposed to be in a Cache is gone but not logged as a grab. Part of the problem might be the directions on the site. What is the general thought on this?

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