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  1. My motivation is to see new things & places. Maybe find a great view to take some pictures of. Exercise is a small factor. And last but not least, the find. I didn't expect to get so caught up with a "find" but with some caches, it's all about the find.
  2. It really does depend on what size camera you want and how much you want to spend. I always stuck with the Canon elph series cameras. Very small, pocketable and decent pics but then I got the urge to better my photography skills and wanted manual options. I now have a Sony dsc-h1 and love it. However, i've been bitten by the photobug again and am lusting after the Nikon D50. Dpreview is a good site to get users opinions once you narrow your search down for cameras. Good luck to you & have fun with the camera you choose!
  3. Wow. I never thought of this. Thank you so much for posting this warning! I do cache with my kids at times and them being kids, they open everything that can be opened. I also would love to have more info on this, especially regarding what to look for or what these "meth labs" look like.
  4. Garmin Legend. Why....because I needed something that was simple to understand. Everyone said either the etrex yellow or the legend. I went with the legend because I liked the idea of being able to put more maps on it, if I chose to. It does have a pc connection (serial) and well, it's blue and I can't stand yellow. I've had it for a month and I love it!
  5. Hi Steve! Welcome to the hobby/sport/game/addiction. I hope it clears up and you're able to go. Good luck & have fun!
  6. The Big Chill soundtrack Bob Marley- Legend or flip through XM til a song 'fits' the mood.
  7. USAF 1993-1994 Okay so I didn't have much time in, but i'll explain. Basic at Lackland Tech school at Keesler Sent to Ramstein AB, Germany. My brother was in a horrible auto accident and was airlifted to the hospital. For a week or so, they weren't sure he was gonna make it. My mother, who has a bad heart, had a heart attack when they brought him home. I had to choose between something I loved & was very proud to be a part of, and my family. I chose my family. I received an honerable hardship discharge with exactly 1 yr in and went home to take care of my family. To this day, I look back and smile with pride at what I had accomplished. I was a smart mouth, defiant teenager who quickly got pegged 'trouble' during basic. I learned more in 6 wks than I have at any other time period in my life. The discipline, integrity, pride & respect I was taught has sustained me in my years after. To all who have served, are serving or is supporting a member of the armed forces, thank you.
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