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  1. I thought this was a geocaching site not a movie reveiw site!
  2. Yorkshire to Canada in 3 days...amazing. Great looking coins. May have to get more
  3. "Still have one Palm IIIxe & one m500 available!" Very interested in Palm IIIxe email sent
  4. Actually only need Adirondacks area, but if anyone has a set for Nat. Parks East, then I would consider any offers.
  5. I also found a benchmark on the Indain Pass trail South West of Heart Lake in the Adirondacks at N4891160 E580120 or N44°10.1' W73°59.9' The BM is shown on USGS Keene Valley topo at 658.5 meters. I deciphered AMD 13 on the center of the disc embedded in the rock surface. However there is no recognition when I search to log this find
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