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  1. Sent offer again to your PM box, (click "my controls")
  2. PM sent this morning with an offer. Is the offer declined with your last post? Thanks
  3. It would seem to me that we are WAY off the thread of this forum: see page one:- from Couperangus Here's how it works. I'll ask a question and the person whom answers correctly will ask the next question and when that's answered correctly will in turn post another question etc. To keep it within topic I suggest the questions fall into one or more of these loose categories: - Geocaching - Navigation - Geomatics/graphy/physics etc - The Canadian hiking experience - Cycling, Canoeing, Kayaking or any other means of arriving at a cache. - Camping No cheating now, that includes Googling for the answers!
  4. Well, You are on the right track 2H2G. Agonic line is an imaginary line joining places with zero declination/variation. So over to you for your effort 2H2G
  5. As the Ligitimate "Marble Taker" for Rideau Canal question let me ask a quickie........ What is an "Agonic line"
  6. This Year (2007) is the 175th Anniversary of the opening of Rideau Canal, so simple math tells me it was opened in 1832
  7. Way beyond my capabilities to explain this phenom. Lots more information can be found here:- http://www.analemma.com/Pages/framesPage.html Over to you Zanadian.
  8. I think this one has "Timed Out" One word that I was looking for is "Analemma" I pass on to Zanadian who was on the right track with obliquity, which does effect the Analemma....i think. Anyway.........take it away Zanadian
  9. Nice try Shearzone Sunrise to Sunset, shortest and longest day, Our manmade 1 hr time shift occurs overnight and has no effect on length of daylight.
  10. OK Juicepig.... I ONLY know the one word, so you explain it and I'll give you the one word. p.s. always enjoy your responses in this forum
  11. Too Big! ..... btw enjoy caching in Kingston on the w/e
  12. Sorry danoshimano. Precession does effects the eqinox and solstice. I am looking for why the earliest/latest Sunrise does NOT occur at the solstice and equinox.
  13. Wow, Thanks. OK, I always like asking this because people often disagree with the premise of the question ... "Why is it that the latest sunrise, and earliest sunset, do not occur on shortest day of the year. Conversely, earliest sunrise and latest sunset do not occur on the longest day of the year?" Looking for one word answer to this phenomenon
  14. Polite but pointed message sent. Frankly I don't believe it will have any impact. Marketers simply want to SELL and don't give a fig for truth.
  15. Permafrost or more likely temporaryfrost !?
  16. But the answer is obviously not straightforward
  17. Hey, Not so smug there. Got 4 of these monsters from Princess Auto Kingston a few months ago @ $6.99. Just checked the volume @ 7 LITRES (15x17x28cm inside dimension) Definitely not for the "micro" crowd They are super Cache containers. Painted mine white inside so things don't get lost in the depths.
  18. This will obviously be fully answered by committee 10% is all I'm good for. 7) Murder of Crows btw Really enjoy this topic. Some real comedians out there, and some really smart cachers.
  19. GPSCentral.ca has a model comparison page for any/all makes and models Check it out http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/a...gcomparison.htm
  20. Looks like I'm way behind the trendline with my Garmin 12 and Garmin GPSmap76 But both are operational and used frequently.
  21. For reference $230 Canadian - Brand New, or $199 - Overhauled At:- http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/76map.htm
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