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  1. That is exactly what I picked up ( I tried to post a pic but it was all "pixelly") Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your information, I will watch the site and track the coin when I am able... "Geocoin.net is almost back" (dated 21 Sep 2008)
  3. I picked up a California Geocoin today (in New York State). It has a 4 digit tracking number that is not recognised by Geocaching.com. The tag says to log at www.calif.geocoin.net but that seems a totally unrelated site. Owners name is only partially legible "Squ......" I'm sure someone would love to get this back in the system, and I'd love to help. Any clues out there?
  4. As of today 27th May 2008 Magnetic Declination for Toronto is 10° 36' West http://gsc.nrcan.gc.ca/geomag/index_e.php
  5. How about shortest International FTF @ 12 miles from home to GC1BTR3 ( as Crow flies) get it?
  6. I would still like to know how to convert British Grid to Lat Long/UTM as your original question posed.
  7. Yup, Look no further than Westjet for your internal flights. They will look after you. Have a great vacation.
  8. I'm about to purchase a 76cx from GPSCity in Calgary, but thought I should see if anyone is looking to sell one here. I know there is a Garage Sale Forum, but most folks there don't want the trouble of shipping to Canada.
  9. Actually, the HCx does have the compass and altimeter. The Legend HCX does Not have compass and barometric capability https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=145&pID=8701
  10. Dan Thompson! Sorry JP but No
  11. Thanks Couparangus, Name the Canadian who proposed the system of worldwide time zones that we use today. (that is, 15° per hour x24hr = 360°)
  12. Just checked my version Ibycus 1.2 in Mapsource and Tremblant is there with all the ski runs shown. Have fun on your trip.
  13. Gananoque is definitely Kingston area. Garage sale is most frequent forum for me, waiting for a 76cx cheap, now that the Colorado is on everyone elses wish list. Also get some good giggles from the Canadian Geo Pub Quiz, and learn a thing or two in the process.
  14. [quote I also have for sale a Z22, Email sent regarding above
  15. [quote (BTW - should we be able to send waypoints straight from geocaching.com to the GPSr) Yes you can. Attach the USB cable that came with your unit and from the cache page hit the "Send to GPS" button, top left under the coordinates . I'd suggest getting all caches on your gps then send them to mapsource. Alternately you could just "cut" the waypoint from each map and "paste" onto one map, a little tedious tho.
  16. Thanks for the pointer PDOP. That thread is obviously where I should be. Thanks to others for input too.
  17. The specs for these two garmin models are almost identical. (76cx has 128 card 60cx has 64 card), Yet the 60cx seems far more popular with cachers. Before I upgrade from gpsmap76 to 76cx, I was curious to know if there is something I'm missing about the 60cx? Thanks in advance for your comments
  18. Ontario Topo maps 1:10,000 ? Is Garmin offering such? Please tell me more Thanks
  19. Ibycus, Just another thanks for your efforts. It really is a smooth installation into Mapsource 6.11.6 Love the "traditional" topo colours. Thanks
  20. Hey Thanks for that tip. Now my Palm IIIxe has backlighting
  21. GPSCentral is my choice. Good service. good prices. good selection. Their website also has a great "GPS unit comparison page" so that you can check out all the features of various models, side by side.
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