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  1. As of yesterday, November 14, there were already more than 200 searchers working with the police there.


    Before going to the area, it will be best to check in with the authorities there to see if more help, and what kind of help, may be needed.

  2. They would like for the items of greatest interest to the community to rise to the top of the voting list. Limiting the number of votes prevents one or two persons from being able to stuff the ballot box, so to speak, resulting in a better view of the overall community's interest. That's just how the feedback site works.


    Once a lackey states that an item will or will not be carried forward, everyone gets their votes on that item back.

  3. I just earned the cool 10-10-10 souvenir while out caching with the Geocaching application on my Droid, and the better half earned one also when logging a find at home on the computer.


    Sorry, I don't know what happens when doing catch up logging.

  4. Chances are you will find that a proximity issue between two of your own caches will not be granted an exception.


    Thanks GPS Fun. Can you advise why this would be the case? Sounds like this is an absolute approach with no flexibility to review the situation on its merits.



    I gave a general answer to the first question because I do not know the circumstances of your two caches.


    A general response to the second question is that as a cache owner, you should already know where the first cache is located before hiding the second one, and the proximity guideline is pretty clear. Generally, as a reviewer I will tend to show a little flexibility when a proximity issue is inadvertent and minor. Each situation is different and will likely be assessed on its own merits.


    The volunteer reviewer involved is the only one who can respond specifically to the situation with your cache.


    I was attempting to provide some general information for you and for other forum users and I believe I have done that. Continuing the discussion along hypothetical lines will not be productive.

  5. Generally, new cache pages with no issues (proximity, restricted area, etc.) are published within two or three days; however, during or after a weekend it could take longer. The reviewers are volunteers who have jobs, families, and other demands on their time. Some of us actually take a little time to do some geocaching on our own or to do some vacation travel - I'm currently almost 900 miles from home.


    I'm confident that your reviewer will get to your cache page soon.

  6. Could you post the coordinates here?


    N38 21.890 W119 06.141


    Duh had to correct my coordinates

    I took a look at the areas of both coordinates sets and found nothing helpful in the way of archived or unpublished cache pages. I guess it will have to remain a mystery.

  7. Haven't broke a lock and lock style container or an ammo can yet, though


    I have ! me! me! me! :D


    I've cleverly ripped a tab off, twice. And, on a stage of a multicache (mine) all 4 tabs came off in my hands.


    How fast lock and locks fail seems to be a function of sun exposure rather than of open/close cycles. My multicache is rarely found, and I was only 3rd to find in 2 years on the one of the lock and locks that lost a tab. But it was getting full afternoon sun.


    I've killed an ammo can too. I R good. It was pretty rusty. When I opened it, the back hinge area on the can tore along the reinforced area where the hinge pins are mounted.

    Another challenge accomplished! I should have hidden a bonus cache. :P

  8. Bear in mind that there are many types and brands of resealable bags. At the high end you may find some that are designated for freezer use and some others with built-in zippers, and they will have the most durability.


    With that said, they are all destined to fail in a very short time in comparison to lock and lock style containers and ammo cans. I attempt to be careful with the contents of a cache, but I have damaged many resealable bags. Haven't broke a lock and lock style container or an ammo can yet, though. (I probably just jinxed the next one.) :P

  9. As a retiree volunteer reviewer with a fair amount of schedule flexibility, I hold cache pages until daytime if they are marked no night caching, not 24/7 or with text indicating daylight hours only. I started that after an incident much like the one described in the OP, except that the park ranger was waiting for the FTF cacher at his car by the locked gate. Busted! :)


    Many cachers and volunteer reviewers work hard to maintain good relationships with property stewards, so I limit temptation when I can.


    Please also note that most volunteer reviewers have to juggle reviewing with work and family activities and therefore cannot do what I do. In the end it is the cacher's responsibility to respect the rules.


    edit: inserted missing word

  10. I recommend that the difficulty rating be based on the actual cache to be found at the end of the challenge, not on completing the challenge itself. Some challenge cache owners agree with me and others do not. All other things being OK, I'll publish the challenge cache page with whatever difficulty rating the owner desires. I just try to ensure that the owner has given it some thought first.

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