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  1. Can you provide the URL of the site you are accessing?
  2. Team GeoBlast, I sent an e-mail to the address shown in your profile but the message bounced with a statement that the mailbox is full. Please give me another e-mail address or let me know when the mailbox I used has space available. You can contact me through my profile. -Brad
  3. I imagine Snoogans posted this at least partially in jest, but if you are thinking about item two, be sure to block sending your caller ID to the guy. You don't need him harassing you by phone as well as through e-mail.
  4. Another statement in the guidelines just below the one quoted reads: Rest assured that the reviewer community is fully aware of the guidelines and that caches placed on overseas military installations are handled appropriately.
  5. There's no need for anyone to take ownership of guilt over this. There are a lot more people playing sand lot baseball or pick-up basketball than there are playing in MLB or the NBA, and they are all having fun. People will play at the level they find to be fun or to otherwise meet their needs. The subset of the game that more people find to be more attractive will grow faster. I'm still seeing a reasonable number of mystery / puzzle and significant hike caches being created, so that segment of the game is alive and well.
  6. I just modified one of my PQs to look out only one mile and it worked fine - six caches in the report with the most distant one at one mile.
  7. I cannot say for sure what happened in this case, but I am told that dropping travel bugs onto a cache page before the page is published can sometimes disclose the location of the unpublished cache. If someone is watching the travel bugs they can see the direction and distance it has moved from it's last location. Many geocachers now wait until their cache page is published before they will write a note to drop the travel bugs and/or geocoins into it.
  8. It is not unusual for cache owners to provide information in a reviewer note regarding permission being obtained. Pre-publication reviewer notes are archived during the publication process.
  9. There are almost as many ways to use GSAK as there are users, but the simple way to handle your situation is to create a new database (go to Database, select new from the drop down menu) and load your PQ there.
  10. I would check my PQ inputs closely. You can check the PQ results without actually having it generate the gpx file.
  11. I understand what you are saying; however, after having been informed of the SC DOT's position, until someone at or above that organization's level of authority provides a contrary position I need to work within what I have been told is the interpretation of the law by those who are able to instigate enforcement action.
  12. Some folks see or would like to see these forums as a place to ask questions, find information, learn, etc. Some others see it as a place to demonstrate debating skills, take a contrarian view to most anything, to snipe at each other just below the threshold of moderator involvement, etc. Some others enjoy the entertainment value. Like geocaching, people can play however they want.
  13. The interpretation of the SC law came from the operational personnel and their direct management that have responsibility for initiating enforcement actions. Confirmation of their interpretation was obtained from high level management department personnel at the state capitol. This thread is now returned to the practice of brilliant imagination, illogical assumptions, and Olympics-level jumping to conclusions. But first - congratulations and thanks to Vinny for spending the extra bucks to acquire the new state of the art magnetic containers that will adhere to aluminum road signs after being thrown from a moving vehicle.
  14. Well done, folks. There's a special place reserved for folks who do good things for sick kids!
  15. I am in receipt of a communication from one of the cache owners who states the following:
  16. Request for respectful halting of speculation noted but not understood. If she had already contacted the cache owners and you ... why did she start this thread? Sorry to be unclear but the situation has evolved in what is hopefully a positive direction since the thread was started. The caches in question have been temporarily disabled by their owners and there are discussions in progress with the property owners. I'll be assisting however requested, bearing in mind that property owner rights are always respected.
  17. The OP has had a relationship with the property owners that predates the cache placements, and she has communicated directly with each of the involved cache owners as well as with me. I am respectfully asking that the speculation about this specific situation be discontinued.
  18. I have to agree with the suggestion to contact the cache owner. Often caches get moved to "better places" by well meaning cachers, and its current location may not be what was intended. The hint on the cache page leads me to believe the cache was intended to be found easily without tampering with the stone wall.
  19. I am the Groundspeak volunteer for the area in question. The OP and I have established e-mail communication and we will work through the specific issues with the caches and land area involved.
  20. Here's one page (of many) you can find if you google on target bsa: link
  21. From the geocaching guidelines: Based on this, I do not believe the suggested event will be published.
  22. I guess that will suffice if you don't own a back hoe.
  23. I'm in general agreement with Totem Clan and wimseyguy; however, there are some specific areas or locations where geocachers are not welcome in cemeteries. Just like there are some cemeteries that no longer allow visitors who may wish to make gravestone rubbings, etc. If you are considering using a visit to a cemetery as part of a cache you are developing, it would be wise to drop a note to your local reviewer to make sure there are no issues that are not known to you. Your reviewer's job is to help you to get your cache page published (within the boundaries of the guidelines, of course) and sometimes asking a quick question can save you a lot of rework.
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