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  1. 5 hours ago, Keystone said:


    Great post.  In one category of permission cases, this is the answer.  Most Reviewers keep the Wiki up-to-date with known land manager policies, often with links to the relevant website where the geocaching policy and application form can be found.


    But there is another category of permission cases, for situations not covered by published land manager policies about geocaching.  These can be characterized as "exceptions to the Geocache Hiding Guidelines."  For example, if someone buries a cache on any property, then the Guidelines require me to confirm permission was given by the landowner, in order to make an exception to the Guidelines.  I do not know the name and telephone number/email address of every landowner.  I ask the cache owner to provide this information to me, and to edit their cache page to state that the cache is hidden with permission.  Until the cache owner does these things, I will not publish the cache.


    Also, there is no master database of people who have given permission for cache placements.  The linked Wiki is the best resource for that.  Rather, information provided during the review process for an individual cache is preserved in the archived reviewer notes when the cache is published.  Those archived notes can be referenced if there is ever a question about that cache.  "Yes, Principal Smith, we understand your concern about the cache in the woods behind the school that the bomb squad visited today.  Please know that, two years ago, your predecessor Principal Jones granted permission for this cache.  Sorry that this information did not reach you as part of the job transition."

    Another great post. While I may have missed it there is the basic concept of respect for the property of others. If I have the desire to place a cache somewhere the onus is on me to find out who owns the property before I place my cache on it. It's just that simple. And on the topic of "public property" to the best of my knowledge all property in the United States is owned by someone - a private person or organization or a governmental agency. In some cases a piece of property is made available for public use for a designated purpose like a ball park, picnic area, etc. But someone serves as the manager or caretaker or steward of these properties, and they deserve the respect of persons using the property.

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  2. For what it's worth, I have no issue when viewing the cache page. I regret that I am unable to identify a potential solution, but I would start by temporarily disabling any antivirus programs that may be running, as well as any ad blockers to see if that changes anything. Otherwise, contact Geocaching.com HQ using the contact us link at the bottom of any cache page. Provide them with a link to this forum topic.

  3. On this side of the pond we have property taxes so the tax assessors office maintains maps and property ownership records that can be used to determine who to contact for permission when necessary. It is my understanding that your country has some "lost places" with unknown ownership and that could add complexity to the issue. Your best approach is to contact the local volunteer reviewer and request assistance.


    Hope this helps.



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  4. Since the OP made no mention of reading the cache page, that would be my first suggestion since the source of the coordinates used was not stated.

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  5. One way to do what you want is to create a cache page, save it, but do not submit it for publication. Print the page and let your partner use that to find the cache. Afterward, submit it for review and publication.


    Another alternative is to submit it for publication and request that it not be published for a couple of days after you want to send your partner to find it.


    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi there.


    Florida is not part of my review territory but here's some information that may help you to get started.


    First, there's the Help Center - practically everything you will ever need to know is there. Here's a spot to start with, and you will see links to other topics - Place Your Cache


    In addition, most states have region specific things to consider. For Florida, have a look here


    Also on that page in the top right corner you will see links to the profiles of the Florida volunteer reviewers. While most cache related questions are best handled through reviewer notes on the cache page, you may need to contact a reviewer sometime.


    Hope this helps.



  7. If you know some members, try sending them an email to ask about gaining access to the group. If you don't have their email address, you can look at their geocaching profile and send an email to them through the profile email link.

  8. I can't seem to get into the Chattahooche valley cachers facebook page. So, can anyone tell me: how can I get in? I press join and it blocks me. I so desperately wanna get in with my Columbus cachers.

    Usually a request to join a group has to wait for a group administrator or moderator to approve the request. There is a good chance that the admins only check in once a day or less, so it will be best to give it some time.

  9. Folks, a lot of interesting concepts are being aired out here, and that's good. We can see how posted ideas are spawning additional ideas, and that is also good. It's not necessary to prove another idea wrong in order to offer up alternatives, and if someone does not understand or see value in an idea it is not necessary or appropriate to make personal references.


    Let's keep this moving on a positive track.



  10. You could start by creating some caches in geographically and/or historically interesting places and getting them published. If you decide not to go the GeoTour route you could call them something else like a geotrail, etc. If some local authority like a visitors bureau develops interest and is willing to sponsor a GeoTour, existing caches can become part of it.


    Mostly I would caution you start small and build up to the larger projects.

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  11. It would be OK to ask the cache owner for a hint using the email link on the owner's profile page. Don't forget to include the GC Code (GCXXXXX) of the cache you are asking about.


    The owner is not obligated to provide a hint, but many of them will.

  12. As a practical matter, the lack of specificity in the legislation being referenced here will not be settled definitively until someone is charged for geocaching in a cemetery and hands an attorney a large sum of money to fight it out in front of a court. For that to happen, a few things will be needed.


    • A cache will need to be placed in a cemetery and published - not likely to happen if the reviewers are not knowingly publishing caches in cemeteries.
    • A geocacher will need to be arrested for violating the law - also not likely; many officers will take the route of chasing the geocacher out of the area with an admonishment not to do it again.
    • A prosecuting attorney will need to convince his or her boss to prioritize the case high enough to get it onto a court docket - not going to happen.

  13. The coastal areas of the New England states have quite a few caches and there are many small and micro caches hidden to avoid the eyes of tourists. Rhode Island has several caching friendly State Parks that could get you away from much of the tourist traffic. Many of the trails and bike paths are considered by some to be approaching power trail status but once you get off those major trails there are lots of older style caches to be considered.


    Good luck.

  14. Ideally, and intentionally breaking the link to reality, these are fine expectations for any series of caches and for individual caches as well.


    Back to the real world, official GeoTours have the blessing of Geocaching HQ and it would be nice if they guarded that title in much the same way as AAA or Michelin award or remove ratings. Official GeoTours should be places where one can take a guest to show them the game in its best form.

  15. Hi,


    In a couple of months I'll be travelling around the USA. Looking at my flights it seems I'll have a 7 hours layover in IAH. I remember being there in my pre-geocaching days, and it took me forever to switch terminals with plenty of security checks, but still 7 hours is a LOT of time, so I may try to do a bit of geocaching around.

    Looking at the map it looks pretty desert around the airport, but anyway, any recommendation/hints for a quick geocaching around, probably with a trolley and no, I won't rent a car?


    Do you think creating an event in IAH would have any chance of success?


    Looking forward to your ideas


    Thanks in advance

    IAH is the Bush airport ort in Houston for those who don't recognize the code.


    Many US airports have done away with baggage lockers so you will need to keep all of your carry on items with you.


    I think you should consider making contact with one or more local cachers and asking if one of them would pick you up to find a few caches and have lunch or dinner as your guest.


    You may find it hard to arrange a venue for a minimum 30 minute event that would be convenient for you in your situation as well as for local cachers to attend. The volunteer reviewer may or may not look favorably on a proposed event that is primarily for your personal benefit but if you can get a local to create an event there should be at least two attendees.


    Hope it works out for you.

  16. I always ask the cacher to create a minimum cache page with the coordinates and send the GC Code to me. That way if it's OK the cache owner can just complete the page and submit it. Otherwise the page can be edited and used for another cache.

  17. Replying as a volunteer reviewer.


    1. What do you like most about challenge caches?


    Many members of the caching community like them, owners as well as players.


    2. What do you not like about challenge caches?


    Some challenge caches are overly complex for the sake of complexity; some of them attempt to be controlling; some of them are "look what I did - are you as good as me?"


    3. What would you like to see changed about challenge caches?


    Borrowing elements from other concepts, create a process where a cacher could propose a new challenge cache concept and qualification criteria, submit the concept to Geocaching.com, and have Geocaching.com publish it in each state or geographic area where it is applicable. That means no personal ownership of the challenge cache pages going forward, standardized qualification criteria for each challenge cache, standardized method of demonstrating achievement which is visible to all community members, and a badge or souvenir(*) for cachers demonstrating the achievement. * not necessarily the same as existing badges and/or souvenirs.


    4. If you could describe your favorite challenge cache type, what would it be?


    Those that I didn't list under item 2.


    5. What types of challenge caches do you avoid?


    I avoid most caches that fall under the (?) mystery or puzzle cache type in order to avoid the perception of misusing my reviewing tools.

  18. Moderators, perhaps the pinned thread about reporting abusive posts or correspondence needs updating. Here is what Brad_W says:


    If someone directs correspondence to you that is abusive or derogatory through the site, a forum topic or a log entry, you should not respond before reporting it. Once two parties are involved, it becomes a "he said this" or "she said that" discussion that is generally difficult to deal with.


    Forum posts are reported by clicking on the !Report link at the bottom of the post. Other issues are reported by contacting Geocaching HQ through the Help Center. (my bolding)


    This may cause some forum members to think that they can only report posts that are directed at them personally. I know this is not the case but the directive could certainly be interpreted that way.



    (I would have pm'd this to Brad_W directly but that doesn't seem to be possible at the moment.)

    Good catch, Michaelcycle. The reference to "other issues" implied non-forum geocaching site issues and was poorly stated. The pinned thread has been edited to remove that reference.

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