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  1. I could not agree more... Like you I'm a newbee or a feather weight in the caching world.. but after a little bit, it actually becomes part of the challenge to repair and rejuvanate damaged caches. I now have an entire section of my geocaching backpack that has items just for that purpose. (yes I now have a geocaching backpack--hmmmm---"my name is GRElee and I'm an geocacheaholic"..lol) Don't slow down - it's all fun and it gets us off the couch ! Cheers
  2. WOW - this is needed badly. PLEASE ! Most people don't post here - but - the 50 plus cachers I know personally - have all expressed a desire to see a "Missing" option in the TB list. (most are surprised there is not one) - Don't think a TB should be removed from the cache by some complicated set of rules (keep it like it is – only the cache owner or TB owner can remove) - The Caching Community can mark a TB as "missing" as one of the options (in the cache inventory list it can be marked with an asterisk or put in parentheses ?) - if it shows up somewhere else - presto.. the status changes and off we go.. Most important --Information is available to the TB owners, cache owners, and general caching community. (and it’s not a programming nightmare) As far as abuse - this whole system is based on trusting the majority of the caching community. If we start or stop doing things because we are worried about "some people" abusing this or that then this is “all” going to be a policing nightmare. Caches get muggled, people log stuff wrong, put junk swag in and take the good stuff ;-) -- but its still lots and lots of fun – and “most people” don’t abuse on purpose. .. lets keep our game fun, simple as possible, police the serious stuff, and provide wanted information for everyone. Just me 2 cents thanks
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