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  1. Sounds, that you have a lot of older coins. If you have some old Dutch geocoins within your collection I would be really interested. Do not hesitate to contact me via GC messenger. I have listed a few of the coins, I am still looking for: - ANWB Paddenstoel Geocoin (polished nickel & polished Gold)) - Dutch Geocoin (2005 Polished Silver Edition) - Fazanten Geocoin(all versions of Tibetan Flag Edition) - Fazanten Geocoin (Fazanten "Endless-Knot" Geocoin (Polished Gold) Rising Sun Edition) - Gele Bussie Geocoin (all versions) - Geo 40 Series Geocoin (Wij drie Edition) - Saffier & Stekelsteef Personal Geocoin (all versions) - Delfts Blauw Geocoin (all versions) - Dutch Geocoin 2006 (all versions) - European Wildlife Series Geocoin (Antique Copper) - Team Geocaching - Hockey Geocoin (all Version from WILG Edition #08) - VGC Geocoins 2006 Could be, that I have forgotten one or two If you need pictures for the coin, I have no problems to provide them! I appreciate your time! Geo-Dragonchild
  2. Ik stem voor: Jheronimus Bosch Groetjes Geo-Dragonchild
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