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  1. My husband and I watched the GIFF using this link to "Geocaching YouTube Channel". We wrote the code needed and noted our favorite film and completed the survey with the link "https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GIFF2021". We cast our vote but the souvenir is not showing up on our profile. We CAN see it on friends' profiles -- but they attended a GIFF event and didn't watch online like we did. Anybody know where our souvenir is? Thanks, Suttymonks
  2. My husband and I have completed "CITO 2021 Season 1" AND "CITO 2021 Season 2". Both souvenirs are showing up correctly on our profile. Is there a Meta Souvenir (like the "Reach the Peak" challenge has) for completing both? If so, when does it show up on your profile? Thank you! -- Suttymonks
  3. Found a benchmark in May of 2011. It is marked "2202 Feet 2 DOP 1959". Please see picture. I have tried searching by Zipcode for Salamanca, NY -- 14779. The benchmark is NOT NC1032 / designation TOWNSEND HILL FIRE LOT -- which is marked 1935 OR NC1033 / TOWNSEND RESET -- there are three associated reference marks. Checked our photo against others uploaded for these and it does not match. Normally, we have no trouble finding and logging. Any help with the ID would be appreciated. Thanks -- Suttymonks
  4. I need an activation code for this coin: It is called "World of Caching". Thanks - Two Lovies
  5. Had this for over 3 years and no one local knows what it is... Help! Thanks -- Two Lovies
  6. We won this at an event in a goody bag and have no idea what it is called, who produced it or even what its official name is, so of course, we can't find the code to activate it. If you know anything about it, help us out! Thanks -- Two Lovies
  7. I was just wondering if there is a way to get satellite imagery onto a Garmin Colorado? If not, are there any other maps you would suggest getting and where to get them? Free is always better but I'm willing to listen. Thanks for the replies.
  8. I am having similar problems with my PQs. I did somehow manage to get one to get through but not my 6 others.
  9. First off I just want to say I am a huge fan of this macro and it has helped me out on many occasions. I have a question/request for this macro. I like to break down my custom POIs into folders by state in order to have a little more organization. Currently, the way I have to do this is a little tedious since I have to rename several files each time I load up a different state of caches. I was wandering if their could be an automated way to name the "tourguide" files something else such as the database name on export as well as the ability to load several databases at a time with this feature. The only thing I'm not sure if you can do or not is change the filename for garmin's POI loader poi.gpi. That file needs to be changed to something different in order for me to have other databases. I hope I explained that well enough but if not let me know and I will try to re-explain with some pictures. Also, I am using a garmin colorado 400t and 200w nuvi. Thanks!
  10. I know how to use the Custom POIs and I think that works great in case I happen to be missing a cache in my geocache list. It would be great to have unlimited number of caches on my handheld with all of the functionality of the geocache list. Who knows, maybe I'm just dreamin' and hopin' a little too much from Garmin.
  11. Well I guess I'll have to put this on a wishlist of mine from Garmin unless their is someone much smarter than me out their who solves this issue. Having multiple files of 2000 caches to pull from during road trips would the last feature I think I would truly need from my Colorado and for the Oregon as well. Oh, and a delete button for when I screw up entering a waypoint so I don't have to type it again.
  12. I have had a colorado 400t for about 8 months now and their is one thing that I have been trying to figure out if there is a way to do this. I want to be able to create several GPX files. While I know how to do this I want to be able to seperate the files in some manner in the geocaching page such as by databases. I can create different database using the poiloader easily but I lose some of the functionality with the geocaches page such as field notes. Is there any way to break down multiple gpx files of 2000 caches into different databases? If this could be done it would make the colorado/oregon very powerful caching gpsr. I think it could be easily coded in by Garmin in a future update . Let me know if you want me to explain or add pictures about what I mean.
  13. All cachers who had successfully found PUC #3 created by Vinny&Sue were emailed and asked to retrieve the clue info. Perhaps we did... photographed everything... then destroyed it and will be auctioning said photographs (including those taken with blacklight) on eBay... Any Bidders?
  14. All cachers who had successfully found PUC #3 created by Vinny&Sue were emailed and asked to retrieve the clue info. Perhaps we did... photographed everything... then destroyed it and will be auctioning said photographs (including those taken with blacklight) on eBay... Any Bidders?
  15. I have been looking for the activation code for a "World of Caching 2006" coin and can't find it anywhere... Anyone? Thanks for your help!
  16. I have been slowly acquiring coins, but have been unable to locate where the activation codes can be retrieved from for some of the coins... If you have any of these coins or know where to get the codes from, please reply! THANKS! Cache Preserves - Strawberry Cache Preserves - Grape APLCachers 3 Doxies Silver Ox Chinese Good Luck Micro
  17. Email sent! Thanks! Fingers are crossed!
  18. I have gotten then back within minutes... but keep in mind how many caches you asked it to return... Mine took 5 minutes for 150 caches. When I ran my first one, I forgot to check the day of the week it currently was, and my query never ran... Make sure you did that... I sat there and waited and waited and waited...
  19. If you have the copy of the TB tag you can release a new version of your bug so it can have new adventures. If you don't want to do that you can mark the bug as missing. Okay, so... (This is going to sound LAME!) How do I do that? Is it on the TB's page?
  20. Well, I have been caching for about 2.5 years and had started releasing TBs last year in the fall of 2006. Two of them are dead and I didn't want to just leave them hanging in the cache where they went MIA. Multiple cachers noted in their logs on the cache page that my TB was no where to be seen. So, I retrieved my own TB. But I don't want them hanging out in my inventory... I tried searching caches by Keyword, for a graveyard or something... but the ones I found required an in-person visit in order to virtually drop your "DEAD" bug(s). Any suggestions?
  21. [Thank you - this was beyond helpful AND IT WORKED!
  22. I want to have a picture show up on my cache listing page near the coordinates, like I see some people do and I stink at HTML. After futzing around for 30 minutes, I figured I would just ask someone...
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