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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the suggestion that hiders must describe containers as part of the approval process. I also think that instead of a simple "note," that finders should tag it "should be archived." Why can't people just read the FAQs or listen to the experience of others before they stick a ziploc bag out in the elements? I'd really be tempted to trash one like that... doesn't deserve to be called a cache... it's just litter then! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  2. At least you are learning from your experience. I daresay that's more than some cachers out there can say! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  3. I like to go out for just a couple while the kiddies are at school a couple days a week, or scout for hiding spots. On the weekends, I *LIKE* to get in 2-3 with the whole fambly... that's ideal. I usually pull up the screen shot for each cache on my Mac, along with a separate screenshot of its map. Then I can pull out the Powerbook if I need the hint, or need the map, etc. Sort of paperless, but a lot more cumbersome (albeit more beautiful, IMHO) than a PDA! SO... how do you do it? Who goes on marathon weekends? What's the longest distance you drive JUST FOR a cache? Et cetera... et cetera... et cetera!!!! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  4. EEEK! I'm such an "excitable little critter" (my hubby's fave description) I'd have to change undies every single time! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  5. Okay, time for a serious answer... it depends... I agree that QUALITY speaks VOLUMES more than quantity regarding numbers. Someone who has 300 micros hidden with nothing more than a log to speak of hidden under every lightpost and cedar tree around? They have no wisdom of which I wish to partake. Same with the person who has padded their find count to an "impressive" number. Yes, it makes an impression... is it a GOOD impression? Not in the least! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  6. You mean I could've saved myself that trip with some simple medication?!?! I'm taking the wrong sh*$!!! You can come back as our 14# cat, Circus... her personal motto... "Hey! A _____ (insert any noun here)! I can play with that!" Her numbers are very high, too... she's found 8,743 caches of dustbunnies, refrigerator magnets, and a plethora of other doody, and she's hidden 342 catnip-filled mice! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  7. Sorry for above hijack... back to your argument... I'm going caching!!! Spread the love! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  8. Well, without checking your numbers or anything, I can't be 100% positive, but I am at least 99% sure that if I live life right I hope to be reincarnated as flask or Auntie Weasel... numbers, hell... give me a good articulate opinion anyday! On a side note, I'm not sure I'd like to BE criminal, but I sure enjoy his vim and vigorous banter, not to mention those unGAWDly gorgeous eyes! OH! I almost forgot his appealing lack of respect for "authority." Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  9. Visit your local pharmacy if you know your pharmacist well. All the meds that they put in your personalized prescription bottles come in other bottles first, as their inventory. Some pharmacies recycle these inventory bottles & will have a bag full of them; they may be willing to give you the bottles, and they will likely hold more than one (or a larger) bag, plus a glove and a sticker to put on the finished bag of trash! Happy Traching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  10. My hubby & I were discussing how people cache in the upper latitudes... he couldn't fathom that anyone would do that... I told him he needed to spend some time reading the forums! LOL! Anyway... as for the snow factor... does that make it significantly harder to get to the cache? Do you usu. haul a shovel along? Happy Cachin'... through the snow... Lori V. TeamVilla5
  11. Can we search for other members in a certain geographical area & veiw their profiles? I'm going back home" to GA after Christmas & would like to meet up with any cachers I may know there. TIA! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  12. Thanks for the advice, all... I've just emailed several TB owners... I knew I could find some advice here! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  13. BlueDeuce, I lived there for the first 26 years of my life, so I'm hoping to place it in some caches there that conjure up good memories. I will most definitely be telling stories & taking photos! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  14. There are a couple of TB in a cache close to me. I'm headed out to North Georgia right after Christmas... how long should I wait & cross my fingers that no one else snags them? I know you are supposed to release them quickly... but just HOW quickly? I think 4 weeks is way too long... Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  15. I went caching today and didn't realize until I was pretty close (by car) that they are in a local National Wildlife Refuge. While searching (99% on refuge roads, both caches within 20' of a parking spot), I kept thinking I had read something here about it being banned in NWRs. I just did a forum search and I can't find anything really recent about it... last I could find, it's still not allowed. Anybody know the latest? TIA! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5 Edit: $%#*! Why can't I edit that stupid misspell in my thread title?!?!?
  16. These are great... keep 'em coming! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  17. Okay, I know we don't have an off-the-charts number of hides, finds, or DNF's... BUT... I have a TERRIBLE memory sometimes, as does my husband, so I've been contemplating how to keep up with these... Do you leave the coords on your GPSr after you've found/hidden them? Is this what the software is for? I've been thinking of a spreadsheet in Excel, with a separate folder for photos (I take photos of all my hidden cache contents and their hiding spots). Anybody want to share their system? Does anybody NOT keep records at all? Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  18. Since I've seen a large number of complaint/negative threads lately, I thought I'd ask something positive! Whether it's hiding or finding, we all have something that we feel we do best within our sport... let's share what those positive attributes are! Do you feel like you are an exceptionally creative micro-hider? Are you a coordinates guru? Is The Force strong with you when you are searching? For me, still green in the game... I think I do a pretty good job putting together creative themed caches with a lot of thought put into making them friendly for all ages. As a team, we are CITO pros; we CITO everywhere we go, and we take the trash home, so I can then separate trash from recyclables! Who's next? Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  19. I placed two the other day in case anyone in my area was going caching today... TeamVilla5 went hiking and found one cache and placed one cache (Eisenhower State Park, Texas)! Happy Thanksgiving! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  20. Now, is it just me, or is this a ridiculous statement... can we SEE that the container weighs 80 pounds? And if we aren't supposed to open it, can we know that it contains plastic vials or a sand-like substance? I'm just cracking up over this paragraph! Many Happy Returns! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  21. Although I'm a newbie to caching, I'm not new at camping, hiking, being in the woods. I grew up around guns (I don't remember a summer as a child when my mother didn't shoot a rattlesnake next to the house), I can fire one with accuracy, but I don't carry. I think that if you carry, in addition to the necessary permits, you MUST educate yourself enough to fire the dadgum thing properly... I agree that if you are a "city boy," that may be the biggest issue... safety to others rather than a gun for safety. As for wildlife, again, if you educate yourself on the proper identification & responses necessary, you shouldn't need one. The one thing I would add is for the poster who said to distract a black bear by offering food... NEVER do that... it acclimates the bear to the taste of human food, and it makes them more likely to attack a human in the future... more likely to become a "rogue bear," willing to be aggressive for food... and in most national parks, once that happens the bear is destroyed... a little unfair since humans are the ones who caused the problem, IMHO... Sorry for the little side soapbox... but in short, I don't feel the need to carry because I've educated myself in other ways! Happy cachin'! Lori V. Team Villa5
  22. Are there cachers that actually PREFER to hide rather than seek? I have just started with my family, and we have had a tough time with a few (DNFs all, but of course I just found out our GPSr were set to several wrong settings for caching, so i don't know how fixing it will affect us yet)... BUT, we have bought & outfitted several caches and can't wait to hide them. To me, the creativity of making and stocking a cache is every bit as appealing as finding one! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. Team Villa5
  23. ...that are using a program to download waypoints? If so, which one, and how easy/intuitive is it for non-computer geeks (said with much love/admiration for said geeks, including OP's husband)? Happy cachin'! Lori V. Team Villa5
  24. sept1c_tank... geophyte... as in neophyte geocacher! LOL! Webster needs to update their definitions! ;-) Happy Cachin'! Lori V. Team Villa5
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