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  1. AAAAAARRRRGH!!! Now I have to go back & get that other coin! Thanks a LOT, Piscatore! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  2. I have a very unusual cache container & log & needed something very "scroll-like" to fit in the container, so I cut a long strip of Tyvek from an Express Mail envie to use. Need a Sharpie to sign it with, though. Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  3. Where's that icon of Signal picking his nose when you need it? Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  4. This is my log from one just yesterday... not major, but a good insight into the mind of a compulsive... Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  5. Whoa! Not so fast there... some of us haven't been caching long enough to have attended a CITO "event," but regularly CITO at each of our caches! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  6. Okay, I go in to a cache site & CITO a bag of trash. I do NOT just chunk it in the nearest receptacle. I take it home, separate the recyclables into our recycle bin & pitch the trash in the trash bin. Anybody else separate recyclables? It really isn't that hard to do & really helps for a sustainable future! Happy Trashin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  7. I've thought about doing this & I think I will move my "extra" bathroom scale into the back of my vehicle! Happy Trashin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  8. You know, they say patience is a virtue... but NO ONE ever accused me of being a virtuous woman! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  9. Team Guisinger, what exactly were his complaints? Did he just think the whole concept was stupid or what? Sounds like a real sourpuss! Glad you decided all future trips would be SANS Grumpy! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  10. First, let me say that if I'm FTF, I will be bursting with excitement to share (with THREE WHOLE FTF's under my belt! LOL!)... Second, if I don't log immediately (and sometimes even if I do log immediately ) I will forget what swag I took/left! My kids often call me "Dori" (Finding Nemo) instead of "Lori!" Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  11. I think this is a good observation and a very valid reason to archive/remove a cache. I, personally, would like to see this sort of thing happen more often! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  12. We ordered two Garmin eTrex Vista C from them & we were VERY satisfied with their prices and shipping times! HTH! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  13. Our Wally World had 3-pack Lock-n-Locks on clearance for $3.90. Biggest is 4.1 qt. (approx. 6x8x6), medium is 2 qt. (approx. 4x6x4), small is .5 qt. (approx. 3x4x3). Just thought I'd give a heads-up so you can check yours! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  14. We just had a cache muggled after only a month in the field... it's our first! Anybody have a similar theft or even shorter time? Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  15. I recently had my first muggled cache. It was not a terribly hard find, as it was mainly for kids to find, and full of nothing but kiddie swag. It did have the Geocaching information sheet in it. When you are replacing a muggled cache, I figure there are two schools of thought: 1. Replace the cache in exactly the same spot, thinking that whomever muggled the first one won't think it will reappear in exactly the same spot, or 2. Put the cache in a spot nearby, with new coords, thinking that the spot was too obvious, and will prob. be muggled by someone else or same person. Discuss. TIA!!! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  16. at gridlox! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  17. My dad says he wants to do this, too... call it "Granddaddy's Ashes Cache!" LOL! I'd definitely give you a lift & try to show you a good time while out caching with us, too! The only remains that creep me out are full-sized bodies with organs in their bellies & pumped full of poisonous embalming fluid ... Anywho... nope... not creepy for this team... but I hope we don't see you for a long time! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  18. TeamVilla5's Gallery is at your disposal, as well! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  19. Wow, I leave the forums for a week, and there's all manner of good conjecture that starts up! My personal opinion of graveyard caching is that I'm perfectly comfortable doing it and will prob. place one eventually. I think that cemeteries are places of history, and by experiencing them and using them (for respectful REASONS, rather than parties or thrill-seeking excursions at night), we are not only meeting a part of history but giving the families of the deceased their money's worth in the obscene amount they paid just to bury a dead relative! My views of cremation vs. full burial aside, the full-time residents of a cemetery likely won't care much if there's a cache there or not. As for families of the deceased, they likely won't know what you are doing here, so they prob. won't care much either! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  20. Let me take inventory of our swag bag... we have: An R2D2 BK toy A 6" Star Wars aluminum tin (tube) 2-pk. Madagascar toothbrushes Aqua Cool bandanna neck coolers A Disney wobbler Chick-fil-A cow antenna toppers Plush cow changepurse Ping Pong eyeballs Lego people Bouncy balls Dice Super Stretchy Caterpillars IHOP 15% Discount Card Pedometer Golf Swing Counter "Fashion" Post-It Notes Unscented Lubriderm lotion Funny Keychains (Example: "Well Adjusted, But Slipping") Tangle Jr. Twisty Things Shell leis 2006 Weekly Planners Mini LCD Sports Games (Basketball, Skateboarding, Tennis, Etc.) Cute Girly Memo Pads Mini LED Pocket Light Keychains Small baggies of metallic buttons (gold & silver heart-shaped, cool shapes, etc.) Travel Kleenex Hot Wheels Ferraris Some extra mini composition notebooks to replace soggy logs Extra pens to replace missing ones That's inventory right now... Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  21. Happy Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!! Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward ALL!!! TeamVilla5
  22. Walts: Yeah, I know it's a very specific goal, but these are $2 keychains... I'm just wanting to see if it ever does happen, and watch the progress of them... which is the reason behind offering a geocaching related prize to the cacher that finally makes it happen... I won't be devastated if "plans" go awry, and to me, MOST of the fun is just watching where they go, anyway! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  23. The bestest Christmas adventure ever!!!!! My hubby came up with a most elaborate scheme, with the help of The VillaKids ... here's the scoop: He went outside & took our home coords on the GPS...applied them to the front door of our house. He then got MadChild (14 y.o. daughter) to draw a pretty precise replica of the bottom floor of our house using grid paper; she used transparencies & Sharpies & drew a replica of the top floor (in relation to the bottom floor). The "blueprint" was then marked off on the grid in "degrees," using one square for each 10 "minutes" on the grid paper. In my stocking, I received nothing but the rolled up blueprints that were titled: "Your Christmas Geocaching Adventure 2005" and a set of coordinates for, essentially, the first stage of a very elaborate multi-stage cache, with each set of coordinates leading to gifts increasing in size/value/significance. The best part was that he also used the concept of a GPS unit not accounting for elevation, so I had to find the coords on the blueprint, decide where the spot would be on EACH floor, and check both places! My gifts ranged in size/value from a MOTHER LODE of Butterfinger Minis (my all-time fave munch) to my first Louis Vuitton tote/purse (for years, joked that he needed to get me one... my initials are "LV," so we joked I could have the best-ever "monogrammed" purse ) The gifts that were somewhat geocaching-related were a Tamrac photographers' vest (10 pockets which I will also use to carry swag, CITO containers, & extra pens) and a pair of Canon 15x50 Image Stabilizing All Weather binoculars!!!! This has got to be the very best Christmas EVER!!! Happy Cachin'! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  24. I have a pair of bugs that we are about send away. We will place one in Georgia & we would like the other to start in California, preferably San Fran (a city the kids have been to in Cali). They are keychains of Victor & Emily from The Corpse Bride. Emily has a skeleton hand attached to her, and Victor has a tiny "gold wedding ring." Their goal will be to end up back together in a cache & then sent back to me when they are. I will prob. offer some prize or reward for the cacher that happens to reunite them. Is anyone willing to let me mail them one of the pair to place in a No. Cal/San Fran/Monterey cache? Also, any thoughts on the idea behind the goal? These will be our first ones. Thanks! Lori V. TeamVilla5
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