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  1. Oh, yeah, I'd grab one of the Lep's hamsters too, depending on when their visit was! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  2. I like keychains (I'm an admitted Keychain Ho! )... I have a large biner full of ones I've traded from caches. I would love to find more foreign coins; I have a growing collection of those, too. I usu. leave (for adults) First Aid kits, caribiners, our sig. pens, cool Post-It pads, etc. Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  3. Nope... and, the use of quotation marks was intended to show deep sarcasm... Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  4. Adrenalynn, we adopt those as well... although rabbit would have been released, had she lived... the wild ones get rehabbed & released (currently working for full certification as rehabber), the 4 cats & 4 dogs got to stay! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  5. To answer all your concerns, in order: No sympathy for the rabbit was requested. Yes, I froze it, and one day, I imagine you & I BOTH will be in a freezer or refrigerator. I'm not sure they've written specific laws regarding the mailing of recently OR long-deceased bunnies, although I *DO* know they don't like you to mail *live* ones Although seizures are not listed, neck stiffness/spasms are listed, and her seizures began with horrible unnatural neck spasms. Deer & black footed mice are obviously not the only host animals, or humans would not find them on themselves. Yes, the ticks are very hard to see... these were about 1.5 mm, about the size of the nymphal ticks. No, it was not a consideration, as the bunny was able to eat solid food & defecate on its own (babies still in need of mother's care can do neither, their bellies must be stimulated in order to produce feces). And yes, there are laws. I contacted the proper authorities, the DFW Wildlife Coalition, and I followed their instructions. Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  6. Additionally, at this point, just how are they going to hunt down the bear that did it? By description? "It was big and black and had glowing red eyes?" Yes, it's a sad, sad story. But, sadly, people die. We take the risks when we go into the territory of wild animals.
  7. I'm assuming you would have been in favor of herding the "Injuns" out for our Caucasian purposes as well? For Pete's sake, the bears don't have reasoning skills, just instincts!
  8. Now you seem to be assuming that the bear can make distinctions between humans that feed it, and humans who haven't. The bear was probably going for the easiest meal, as any wild animal might, were it going to attack. BTW, do *WE* have the right to change the bears' homes into our playgrounds? Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  9. I can't believe a college Botany professor could be so misinformed! Your experiment is quite impressive! Made me giggle! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  10. Not really... when a black bear attacks, it is either: diseased, or, more likely, accustomed to associating the smell of humans with the smell of food, because too many stupid humans have fed it! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  11. Yeah, I'm planning to... Warning: The following may really freak someone out.... The bunny is in our freezer in a Ziploc bag, so that we can take it to the vet for ID of the tick in her ear. After that, she gets mailed (along with 3 finches that have been awaiting transport) to GA to be buried by my family in our old pet cemetery! Happy caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  12. I think I've finally seen a deer tick... actually, 3 of them... We found a tiny bunny in the woods that didn't react to us as predators, so we took it home to make sure it was old enough to be on its own (no other siblings, no nest nearby). She did well for almost a week, eating dandelion leaves & blueberries like gangbusters, then had a series of seizures & died Anyway, while holding her during her seizing, I found two TINY ticks crawling on her & one engorging in her ear... now I wonder if she wasn't suffering from Lyme Disease, causing the seizures... Anyway, now I'm paranoid... it's hard enough to find regular black ticks, much less these tiny deer ticks! Anybody else have a similar experience? Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  13. So it goes with all allergies. Additionally, each subsequent outbreak could possibly be worse than the last. So, I kind of figure I'll be intrepid 'til I get the first rash, then get careful... Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  14. I could pick PI & PO like daisies & not be affected... my dad & son could just look at it funny & break out horribly! Anybody else out there not susceptible to PI breakouts? Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  15. That'd be swell, Jeremy! Thanks for trying to help me with this! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  16. Already done, Jeremy... is AO-Hell just slow as all get-out? Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  17. Okay, I wanted a more "cacher"-like email for caching emails, so I went & created another screen name for our AO-Hell account... changed it in my profile... website says it's sending me a new validation code to "validate your account." WTF? All I did was change my profile! Why should we have to get RE-validated every time we change our profile? Now I can't get a validation email to save my life... I even had *another* one sent... NADA! I have 3 caches that need to be submitted & I can't because I don't have a "validated" account! Any suggestions? Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  18. Thanks, AG! BTW, we dropped your BikeDog into a great cache today... just logged it! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  19. Did a search but could not find this info... Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  20. Well, *someone's* answer here must have convinced the OP that it was worthwhile (or else he was just "stirring the pot" to begin with)... he found a cache 3 days ago! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  21. Same thing for spiders... we NEED those little critters, people! All of us are here for a purpose, and have a job to do... even the creepy crawlies! [] Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5 P.S. Mighty pretty reptile you saw today, BTW!
  22. Chris, I swear I remember buying these... would you check & pm me & let me know? Thanks! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  23. My log from a cache I did today: Cache container has fallen prey to crappy trades! Removed 2 candy items, a chewed-on smelly eraser, an open band-aid, a couple of hair clips (one of which was NOT new), and a gnawed-on smelly pencil (I wonder if the "smelly" attracted critters? It could easily be mistaken for edibles to something with that sense of smell!)... put in a couple of Mighty Beanz, a 1979 Mardi Gras doubloon, an "I Love Baseball" lanyard, & a couple of TeamVilla5's new signature smiley pens... also took Dasher the TB! Now... ANYone should know better than to put chewed-upon erasers, used hair doodads, and one bandaid with the wrapper partially open into a cache for others! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  24. Hey, grid... any word on whether the change on the back will be possible? Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
  25. I can pick mine up at the Challenge, Chris, if it's okay! Happy Caching! Lori V. TeamVilla5
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