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  1. I have tried to set up 3 pocket queries and have done so several times in the past but for some reason it doesn't seem to have worked this time I tried to save 3 routes 1. farnborough - Knutsford 2. Knutsford - Inverkeithing 3. Inverkeithing - Farnborough and I saved them in this order For some reason the third one has downloaded but the other 2 haven't which has left me scratching my head I have tried to re- submit several times, it claims to have generated and appears in my list of routes (ie. I now have 5 routes to Knutsford, but, it says never in the Last generated column Any suggestions ????? I am leaving tomorrow Nemo5050
  2. Hi i joined as a premium member over a month ago and know of at least 3 new caches in my immediate area As I understood it if you joined as a premium member you recieve notification of new caches if you join. I have thus far not recieved notification of this and have entered the coordinates of where I live but have thus far not entered my address Can anyone help ??? Nemo5050
  3. Hi I became a premium member about a month ago and am finding my way around all the features - pocket queries etc. One of the features I wanted to take advantage of was being informed of new caches so entered my location I have not however entered my address. Since I have joined I know of at least 2 caches in my area that have been placed and I was not sent an email What do I need to do to activate this feature ???? Many Thanks Nemo 5050
  4. With reference to this App - has anyone ever had any problems with it freezing etc. Have found several ratings complaining of this and went out caching with my friend this afternoon and she struggled with this issue (With the full version) some people have said that they have even gone back to the demo version as it is easier ???? Any ideas ??? Nemo5050
  5. Thanks very much for your speedy responses and detailed feedback which have been most useful (If anyone else has anything to add please do as am not buying for another couple of days) Nemo5050
  6. Hi I am having problems finding an App for the Iphone as have recently switched from android When I had the Android I used the Trimble software which I was perfectly happy with from a navigational point of view (particularly the maps) but with regards to other features it was somewhat lacking I have found with the geocaching trial being able to access the hint from the app rather than write it down such a big help so this is a must Also I would like to be able to download GPX files. One feature the Trimble software had which the geocaching trial doesn't (don't know whether the full version has) is the ability to type in co ordinates for multi caches or alternative parking so this is another feature that I would like One of the apps that I have been looking at (Geocaching buddy) has parking suggestions (that's what it looks like anyway) and waypoints but you have to type the details of the cache in. I know you can link to this app from iGeocacher but this seems a bit fiddly Does anyone know of an app that covers all of this or am I asking for too much ???? Many Thanks Nemo5050
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