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  1. We went up to Palomar today - besides not having any of the caches in the GPSr, we weren't really in the mood for excavation caching . It was gorgeous though - there were still piles of snow up in the trees (although plenty found its way down onto our heads). And relatively quiet - great sledding. We brought a load of snow back with us but it didn't last long! Took lots of video and only two stills: Looks like fun. Were you in the main park? How crowded was it? Hindsight says we should have gone there.....next time.... Anyhow, it is supposed to rain there on Saturday too, but if it doesn't........ We went to the area right across the street from Mother's (after first heading down to the north park and then over to the observatory). The best sledding was right there. It wasn't crowded at all - there might have been a dozen other people there - we could pick from many spots to sled down (some rather adventuresome ones too), although it started to pick up by the time we left. It's strange how they leave all the CHAINS REQUIRED signs up when the road is nearly 100% clear, although I guess at night the melting snow can freeze and be challenging. We actually saw some motorcyclists up there (talk about "die-hard" ). We also went up to Julian on Sunday, but it was more of a play day, didn't have any of the coords with me. It took us 3 hours to get up there from Mission Valley. I guess it was not an original idea.
  2. I add small plastic, colorful frogs to every cache I find.
  3. Ok, So a few days ago I was reading about a cache where you take a picture of youself and gps at a location where a movie was filmed. The location must be outside of Hollywood. Well, nyways, I have a pic, but I forgot to bookmark the page. Does anyone know the name of this cache?
  4. i recomend a high clearence vehicle if you do cotton wood. With all the rain a flooding that has occured, the road is no longer as it once was. Also, most of the caches in that area are in Panimont Valley. It is the next valley over. It takes a good day to get there from DV. If this a a caching trip, then I recomend doing that. But if you just want to see the valley and maybe do a few virtuals, then stay in the valley. The lower you are, the warmer it is. It is currently about 85 degress on the floor and 35 degress in the hills. good luck!!! contact The_Blacksmith for any info. He is there right now, climbing telescope peak and doing a little caching along the way. Happy caching.
  5. hi everyone!!! I will be moving to San Diego in 3 weeks. The only caching I have done has been out in the country, away from people and buildings, etc. Do you have any advise for a new urban cacher?
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