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  1. hehe Yes, but you didn't answer the question of how old a site needs to be, before it can be considered historical and be protected by law. Someone
  2. While looking for benchmark K 341 we stumbled on to this spot that appears to be over the required minimum age for protection as an historic site. The first picture shows a wide view of what is there and the 2nd pictures shows a close-up of the items found. Must have been some party going on there! Anyone else find historical areas while benchmarking? John
  3. Thanks for the kind words. I am glad all had a good time and the winners like their prizes. If there is another benchmark hunting contest, I will gladly offer my guidance and words of wisdom to those that run the contest. Thank you, UNK1
  4. I think this would be somewhat like wanting to waymark a tripod. Does that seem about right? Perhaps a category for permanent surveying equipment could be established. UNK1
  5. I got to looking at the prizes and decided to keep some for myself! Okay, 8 packages delivered to the Post Office. You should get your prizes in 3 to 5 days. Enjoy UNK1
  6. This is an offer from me to anyone who would like the autographed picture of the HOPI benchmark paperweight. Just send us your snail mail address and it will be sent posthaste. Attention: I am not affiliated with the following link in any way. (I only wish I were...) So, if you are interested in a certain benchmark paperweight of your very own, the link to a site where you might purchase one is below. MountianClimb store. UNK1
  7. I deny anything and everything with that mysterious setting #10. I never saw it and don't know anything about it. It couldn't have been me, cause I perfect and never make any misteaks. UNK1 Glad everyone enjoyed themselves and had funn.
  8. This is what was supposed to be posted before the forum goblins got involved! Congratulations to the winners for an entertaining contest. Here are the winners and what they won. 1) southpawaz - 901 points - Bronze coin 2) billwallace - 842 points - "HOPI" paperweight 3) TillaMurphs - 722 points - "ANGELS LANDING" paperweight 4) dixiedawn - 518 points - "CONFLUENCE LITTLE COLORADO" paperweight 5) GEO*Trailblazer 1 - 338 points - medallion 6) foxtrot_xray - 335 points - lapel pin 7) (last place) chiknlips45 - 20 points - multi card reader Team Fawlty found 3 previous 'did not finds' for the metal detector. Please send me your mailing addresses (snail mail that is) so I can get the prizes off to you. Thanks to all who participated (including the other judges) and I hope you all had a good time. UNK1
  9. The final scoreboard........ Will post the winners list in a new thread. Thanks for participating. UNK1
  10. Here are the scores as of 3:15 PM today. UNK1
  11. and from another post in this thread: I know it's late in the game but ... if the NGS and GC datasheet settings differ can you use either? I thought I had been cross checking but I messed up on one: EW1930 - NGS | GC Your log show a setting picture and the mark is in a sidewalk as listed on the GC version of the datasheet. I'd say it was a setting #30 for the contest. You may want to ask Dave why the setting was different. UNK1
  12. Only 1 week to go! Here is the latest scoreboard. If you see any errors, let me know. UNK1
  13. Here are the scores as of 5:00PM 5/28/2009. Please make sure I didn't miss anything. Time is running out! UNK1
  14. The tally as of 5/24. If you spot any errors, please let me know. The leadership has changed again. UNK1
  15. Here are the scores as of 6:00am today 5-15-2009. We have a new leader!
  16. Hopefully I didn't forget anything this time. If so, please PM with the details. Thanks for playing, UNK1
  17. Isn't this fun, having a conversation with yourself? UNK1 Sorry, had to take the opportunity, when it is handed to you on a silver platter. UNK1
  18. That is a good idea Patty, but the problem I face is the part about editing or adding to that thread. Seems the thread cannot be reopened by the original poster! I think there is a 24 hour limit to edit a post and after that time the poster can't make any changes to their posting. Might I suggest that a new thread be started and have people add links to their favorite programs that they use for benchmarking. If we can get people to only post the links to the programs and NOT debate the qualities of those programs in that particular thread, perhaps one of the mods would pin it to the top of this forum. Perhaps a better idea would be to start several threads about different "groups" of programs and then combine them all into a single thread with links like the Me First thread. Each link could them go to a post that covers that type of program, as in mapping utilities, database usage, conversion programs, etc. Then have that thread pinned at the top. Any suggestions? UNK1
  19. Sorry about taking so long to get the leader board update posted. If you see any errors please let me know. UNK1
  20. It reads like an 1883 monument, to me. UNK1
  21. Here is the latest scoreboard for your perusal and enjoyment. UNK1
  22. Here are the scores as of 8:00am today (04/04/2009) UNK1
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