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  1. Hello all, I have been Geocaching for a while now on and off and have also been collecting geocoins as-well. I was wondering if there is a site to use to track your coins and inventory that you are willing to trade.
  2. I would guess depart on august 13th at 7:35 pm For ideas I would say if you are coming in the summer be sure to bring a camel pack or something like that for water. You don't realize how dehydration can sneak up on you when you are standing in line all day.
  3. Since almost all of my caching is done with my 3 year old she realy enjoys taking some of the little cheap toys that get left. We started leaving a "Survival Bracelet" in all the caches she takes something from. I know it isn't anything someone is going to see and say OMG I have to have that but I figure it is better than a sticker or a peice of trash. I figure it is also something a child or an adult could use and enjoy. They are cheap for us to make and lets us trade up (atleast in our minds) for what our daughter takes.
  4. Hello all. Me and the wife are still new to the Geocoins and we just came across the GeoJellis. The problem i am having is the wife fell in love with them. We have tried looking online to find some with very little progress. I was wondering if anyone had any of them they would be willing to sell since we don't realy have any coins to trade with yet. we can be reached at our email Cook71881@yahoo.com Thanks in advance.
  5. We just got some coins from howlingmoon. She was great fast shipping and awesome quality. Thanks again
  6. I would also be interested in a good book of this type.
  7. So about a year ago i bought my wife a stary night geocoin (actualy i bought 2) We activated on and put him in a cach with a gole and never heard another thing about it. Since it was our first coin and we lost it without it even traveling one cache we were realy disapointed. Actualy we have not bought or let one lose since. Actualy we were so disapointed we didn't even go geocaching again till 2 days ago (almost a year since we lost it.) Atleast we went back out because we realy love the search and hunt of finding the caches and when we find a coin we will move it on as the user wants so hopefuly they can enjoy watching the travels. I may try to buy the wife one more and let it lose but if it goes missing with out atleast traveling from one cache i think i will be done with the coins
  8. Hello i am still very new and a few days ago i found somewhere that showed all the upcomeing events and the most recent hiden caches, but i can't seem to find that page again. any help would be greatly appreciated. p.s. sorry my spelling sucks.
  9. I have based my logs on most the ones i have read. Most of them are one or 2 liners. I just figured the cache owners didn't like the long posts. I would much rather discribe my hunt and finds. Most time i am searching with my wife and 3 year old daughter. I am glad this post was put up because now i will not feel bad leaving a long post.
  10. Hello. Me and the wife found our first Geocoin the other day and are moving him to his next home. My wife realy wants to get a copy of the coin we found to start her collection. It was a Red crab and I have looked all over for one with no luck. when i found one and contacted the person he told me that he hasn't minted them in a few years now. I was hoping to have some luck here. I would love to be able to surprise her with it. Since this will be our first coin i don't have anything to trade for him but would be more than willing to pay for him.
  11. Question kinda on the topic. We go as a family alot and my daughter is only 2 well will be 3 in september. She ends up wanting to take one of the toys alot and i have been caught with out any toys to leave but i always take some old change with me when i go out to leave (like a 1882 pennie, steel pennies that kind of change. Is that an ok exchange or are old coins like that not good cach stuff)?
  12. Hello we are James and Jamie Cook. We are from Presque Isle Mi. and have just got started with this wonderful hobby. I (james) am realy into the hunt and searching for the caches and she (jamie) is realy into the finding them and the Geocoins. We are up to 10 finds and loving it. looking forward to getting to know some of you on the forums.
  13. I know this is a very old post but me and my wife just started geocaching and we agreed that to start our coin colection we would start by buying only the coins we find in caches. Well we just found one of these in red and was wondering if anyone had one they would be willing to sell.
  14. Good luck. so did you find it? we just started out aswell and we are at 50% we have found 3 and looked for 6. we are using our cell phone right not to and it is ok but we want a GPSR and will be looking at some today. Well hope you found it.
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