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  1. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up the I am going to be starting a presale of my personal v2 trackable geocoin within the next week or so. I should be receiving the sample photos in a couple days. I have not decided on which metals I will be using and will wait until the samples come in to decide. All the specs on the coin can be found here: Crop Circle Geocoin. When the coin becomes available you will also be able to order from the same page.


  2. Cute idea! I wonder if you could put the Geocaching logo on each square of tp??




    How about this? There's still some blank space on the back side? Does anyone have any ideas I could use for that?


    EDIT: I'm not sure if Groundspeak would allow the image to be skewed like those are...


    I'm currently working on a new coin with a skewed logo and they approved it with no problems. As long as the ‘circle r’ trademark symbol is there it should be fine.

  3. Now if I were REALLY fancy, I'd draw some objects in a 3D CAD program so I can rotate in XYZ before rendering the 2D vectors.  :grin:

    I'm a Mechanical Designer and that is exactly how I designed my coin. I used a 3D Modeling program called SolidWorks to create my coin. It is so much cooler to see what your coin will look like in 3D before you have it minted.


    The 3D program I use allows you to take the design and translate it so anybody can open it. It is a .EXE self executable file. If anybody would like to download it and check it out here is the link. Crop Circle 3D You should be able to click on the link and it should bring up the download box, if not then right mouse click on it and click "Save Target As". It is in a ZIP file so you will need to Unzip it before opening. Warning!! File is just over 5 Megs so if you have a slow connection it will take a while.

  4. Received my Crop Circle today, missing the green



    I contacted the minter of the coin and he sent me this to give you. He said to just print it out, cut it out, and glue it onto your coin and you will be all set. :D



  5. I stayed up late last night and packaged all the coins to be shipped out. I dropped them off at the Post Office this morning and they should be on there way! Also watch your packages because I randomly dropped 8 L.E. Antique Gold Coins in the packages so you may have a suprise waiting for you. Thanks to everyone who ordered or traded coins.

  6. My personal Crop Circle GeoCoins have arrived. For those who ordered or traded coins with me they will be shipping out early next week.


    EDIT: Coins have shipped.


    Antique Silver



    L.E. Antique Gold


  7. Everyone that ordered a coin should of recieved an invoice by now. I still do have a few coins left for trading. If you would like to be put on the waiting list in case there are any left over email me and let me know. Thanks to everyone who order or traded my Crop Circle GeoCoin.

  8. Crop Circle GeoCoin Pre-Sale





    LE Antique Gold Version


    This is my personal Geocoin. They are being minted as we speak and should be arriving at my door the first week of January. The coin is 1.5” diameter. There are 300 total coins being produced. They are numbered but they are NOT trackable. #001-#275 are finished in antique silver and #276-#300 finished in antique gold.


    The following number of coins will be sold or traded:


    100 - Antique Silver for sale. $7.50 each, Includes shipping to U.S. Addresses. (Limit 2 per person/group)

    50 – Antique Silver for trade.


    To purchase or trade my coin, send an email to:

    geocropcircle "at" comcast.net <--- You know the drill.


    To Purchase – Email Subject: Purchase (#) Crop Circle Geocoin. Replace the # symbol with the number of coins you would like(1 or 2). Include your geonick, real name, shipping address, and paypal email address.


    To Trade – Email Subject: Trade Crop Circle Geocoin. Include your geonick, real name, shipping address, and a picture or link to your geocoin. I will e-mail you back with my info if I accept the trade.


    As a Bonus I will chose 5 people at random who ordered the Antique Silver coin and throw in a LE Antique Gold coin for free. Also 3 random people I have set up trades with will recieve a LE Antique Gold Coin along with the Antique Silver Coin.


    The other 125 Antique Silvers coins will be put into caches. Also maybe a few lucky caches will receive the Antique Gold coins or they will be used for unique trades. Of course I will be keeping a few of both finishes for myself.


    I will be sending out PayPal invoices within the next fews days following the requests. Orders will be taken in the order they are received. Payment must be received within (3) days after the invoice is sent or the coin will go to the next person on the list.




    Edit: I should of been more clear. The LE Antique Gold are currently not for sale or trade. The 100 Antique Silver for sale and 50 Antique Silver for trade is all that is available right now.


    EDIT: As of 3:45pm EST everyone who E-mailed me is in.


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