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  1. Taking orders, yes.... However the 60CS delays don't give me confidence in an on time 76C/CS delivery... You would think things would speed up: 1) they've done the 60C. 2) they've done barameters and electronic compass's before, so the 60CS should be fast in coming right? 3) Once the 60C and 60CS are shipped the 76CS is comprised of components in production either in the 60series or the existing 76 series, so it should come to market expediantly, right? Anyway, these things are likely coming over on a boat which takes time and you never know what customs will do sometimes and working for a large multinational, I've learned what mfrg' abroad can be like.... FWIW...I do have a 76CS order placed with TVNav and will be GPS'less until that time as I sold my much beloved 76s to my brother.
  2. Canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Backcountry snowmobiling & skiing Ice Fishing spots Aviation Autoroute in the Car Biking
  3. It is done..... I mailed my 76s to my brother today. I am officially GPS'less. I agreed to sell it to him when I placed an order for the 60cs, then promptly cancelled that order for the 76CS. Let's hope Garmin ships early for once..... oh wait, I must be dreaming
  4. My wife keeps telling me that one day someone's gonna wake up and beat Garmin at their own game, these delays are frustrating! I know others may claim Magellen this or that, but I just don't like the feel of the display and menus. What I am talking about is another company that comes in with "Garmin" like feel and beats them at their own game because they execute faster/better. I love Garmin products and support, but their NPI process could use some improvement!
  5. I agree with all the previous posts to date, especially related to geocaching names. I will add that I like to categorize my waypoint names so they are sorted better when i search by name on the gps. Eg: CG-LakeV for Lake View Campgruond CG-Spruce for spruce hill campground, etc.
  6. Bumping.... still looking for more info... I have City Select v4.xx How much newer is the map and POI data in City Select v5? Are there other features worth the $75 upgrade? Will the 60c/cs and 76c/cs route on CS v4.xx?
  7. Looks like much better info than at GPScity, thanks. Yes and No... The 76Cx press release had the screen size wrong as well, so we'll just have to wait and see when these things get produced. I am wishing (not hoping) that once the 60cs' start shipping that the 76c/cs will come out soon thereafer and hoping that each successive release will come faster as their experience producing the new hardware will have increased. Is it me or does it seem that Garmin supply lines waiting for subcomponents is often the critical link in this chain of supply leading to my doorstep?
  8. At this point some of Garmins info seems out of sync. I really belive the batter life might be similar. If you go to the links I posted above, it shows both 60cs and 76cs as having "Up to 20 hours battery life". The 76c and the 60c both have "Up to 30 hours battery life". The baro and magnetic compass on the cs versions eat more battery. So: The screen size and the battery life for the 60 and 76 models are exactly the same. So the deciding factors should be Memory size Unit size Ergonomics The Marine point database in the 76, and not the 60 Did I miss anything? And.... the 76 series floats...
  9. I've never owned anything but a 76s and carry it in my shirt pocket, clipped to my pack/belt or inside a small fanny pack all the time. Maybe it's because I'm 6'3" 195lbs, but he size seems perfect.
  10. THCRI, you'll have to decide that one.... YMMV, but I sold mine 76s and am willing to wait for the 76cs, twice the memory of the 60CS!!! (I know, I know, it'll be less than a year they'll likely be out with double that or even standard memory cards, but for now, that's 5 times the memory of my 76s and autorouting!)
  11. I gotta admit, Garmin didn't exactly spell it out for everyone in their features description (after all they initially listed the screen over a 1/4 of an inch too narrow).... Anyway, think of this logic... Has there ever been a gps that autorouted on the basemap, but not on CitySelect for which Garmin says the 76C/CS is compatible? The post above that says he got it straight from the horse's mouth that it does autoroute. This has to be correct as it would be ass_stounding if it autorouted on the basemap, loaded CitySelect maps and amazingly did NOT autoroute with CitySelect..... (follow all that?) Rest easy.... this dog will hunt (and Autoroute)...
  12. Well, I made it official last week and cancelled my order for a 60CS and replaced the order with the 76CS all at the same vendor. Only trouble now is, I've sold my 76s to my brother who would like me to mail it to him right away. Oh well, he and his kids love geocaching and this will be there 1st gps. Until now the nephews had to wait for me to trave through to go out geocaching. Now they'll have their own. Deciding factors for me going to the 76CS (from the 76s and 60CS): 1) Memory 115Mb (double that of 60CS and 4.8 times 76s) 2) Autorouting (as compared to 76S) 3) Color Screen (as compared to 76s) 4) Floats (as compared to 60CS), important since I canoe with mine. 5) Familiar case (as compared to my current 76s) Now if April were only here and let's all hope Garmin keeps a prompt delivery schedule !!!! How many others have ordered a 76C/CS? How many have cancelled their 60C/CS order in favor of the 76C/CS?
  13. I have used my 76s in below 0degF conditions and the screen does not work well. The screen was light and very slow to upgrade. I would/had to use mine inside my coat and pull out for readings only. I was wearing chopper mittens and put the gps in my mittens for quicker access and warmth. That is what I recommend and would get a $20 GPSgeek antenna to tether outside my coat if I wanted continuous readings.
  14. In case you're wondering what's under the case, here's link to an older thread with pictures of What's under the hood of a GPSMAP 76s I imagine the layout of the new 76CS is very similar... NOTE: The link is to 76s NOT 76CS insides...
  15. 76s spec reads: 180x240 res. 1.6x2.2" size for the screen 76CS spec reads: 160x240 res. 1.2x2.2" size Autorouting, 115Mb, floats.... and according to one vendor, $35 higher than 60cs.... seems like a good price for double the memory! As of this posting, Garmin updated their webpage for the 76CS and the screen size now listed is updated to read: (1.5" W x 2.2" H; 2.6" diagonally) or same as new 60C/CS Now I'm happy...
  16. I am hijacking this previous post to add a more definative subject line..... sorry previously started discussion under "New 76s" Garmin announces new GPSMAP 76C / 76CS
  17. EDIT: deleted erroneous refernce to smaller screen. Screen is same as 76x and 60x... Autorouting, 115Mb, floats.... and according to one vendor, $35 higher than 60cs.... seems like a good price for double the memory!
  18. Hmmm???.... May have to get one of these! EDIT
  19. I'd echo the sentiment that you need to put a Meridian in your hand next to a Garmin V, 60c/cs, 76s and see what you like. I would poo-poo any talk of superior reception, both are very good and I've seen both do better than the other (slightly) under different terrains. For me, the map detail and resolution on the Garmin's was so much better than the cruder resolution of the Magellens and that was a deal breaker for me. I also liked the interface on the Garmins better. I thought the Garmin mapping products were better. I thought the Garmin customer service reputation was better. Just my opinions, YMMV. I am glad I chose Garmin instead of choosing SD memory which is really the choice you're making. And, with the USB interface of the 60 series, downloading maps will be a snap and 56Mb will more than suffice for my travels. So, until YOU personally get your hands on the gpsr's you won't know what your gut' feel is for the Meri-Garmin debate. Good Luck, BTW.... I've got the 60CS on order and have sold my 76s
  20. they, can! also. be, removed-for/ punctuation? too- huh?
  21. What? Buy a Map60c and a 60cs? One for car one for geocaching? WHY?!?!? They can be removed from the car you know!
  22. Yes, it still has the four pin serial/power port for use with your old serial cable and 12v power cord...
  23. Discussion between the mailman and me (and yes, he is a man).... Me: Is it here yet? Mailman: No, not yet. Me: Is it here yet? Mailman: No, still not here. Me: Is it here yet? Mailman No. Me: Is it here yet? Mailman: NO! Me: Is it here yet? Mailman: Get a life, Garmin said 2/27/04, LEAVE ME ALONE...
  24. You might want to consider (depending upon batteries used) that the cold temps while skiing will dramatically affect batter life, say nothing to the responsiveness of the LCD. my choice would be to keep the gpsr in my coat pocket and thread and external antenna out the back of my jacket and attach to my coat, had, goggles, etc. (and if I didn't have an external antenna jack, I'd sell my gps and buy a 60c/cs ) I've been caching in severe cold with NiMH batteries and they die very quickly in the cold!
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